Stephen Wong Gets Recognition After 18 years in the Entertainment Industry

TVB drama, The Man Who Kills Troubles <解決師> is gaining attention for its suspenseful triad-themed plot combined with a school setting. Since the broadcast, viewers are intrigued by Stephen Wong’s (黃嘉樂) character as triad leader Eric Li‘s (李天翔) right-hand man. Though Stephen has been in the entertainment industry for 18 years, Stephen’s handsome looks remain and his acting has become more mature.

Character has Ambiguous Relationship?

In the drama, Stephen’s character Siu Fong is Tai Bong’s (Eric Li’s) loyal assistant with a close relationship. Sharp-eyed viewers noticed that when Siu Fong looks at Tai Bong, Siu Fong gives off an ambiguous expression and they questioned if there is more to their relationship.

Stephen clarified, “They are just good brothers. When I first received instructions, there was a version like that. As the plot evolved, it wasn’t like that. It’s not as you guys think. When I look at it, I also thought it was weird.”

Asked if the script was clear about the direction of the character or if he made his own interpretation, Stephen shared, “Because I am slow, I misunderstood the production joke and I thought it was real. After I asked, ‘Why is the script like this? Did I make a mistake?’”

Stephen revealed that the plot will later explain more about the relationship between the two characters and why their brotherhood is so strong. Stephen explained some of the dialogues in the dramas hinted that Siu Fong was brought up by Tong Bong and they fought together. Viewers will soon find out why Siu Fong will risk his life for Tong Bong.

Long Career with TVB

In recent years, many experienced TVB artistes have declined to renew their contract and many newcomers suddenly find themselves taking more prominent acting roles.  Though Stephen signed with TVB in 2001, he admitted his recent contract has more favorable terms that offer more opportunities and growth.

Taking many years before his career gained traction, Stephen didn’t consider leaving TVB, “My mother is getting old and I want to be by her side. Besides, the company keeps giving me work and I know I have a lot of room for improvement.”

With a new contract, fans are curious if Stephen will be heavily promoted soon. In reply, Stephen said, “I just finished filming and the roles are not bad. I feel like it is okay. As to whether I think I will be heavily promoted? I don’t think it is convenient for me to answer.”

Source: HK01

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    1. @m0m0 True but TVB sucks at promoting people. lol… I did notice this guy looks way cuter all rough and bad asszzz than his previous roles. He’s the kind that actually looks better w/age and he still looks youthful too.

  1. Stephen Wong is a very handsome guy. Some guys look handsome but also a bit feminine (face and voice), such as Matthew Ho Kwong-Pui. However, Stephen looks good as a man.

    I noticed him a long time ago, but his acting was not that good in the past. If he wants to shine, he needs to work harder on this acting skills. He surely has lots of potential as he maintains a youthful good look.

    Moreover, TVB had never given him any good roles to shine in the past. Hopefully he will get some as he is now more mature in his look and acting skills.

    Good luck, Stephen Wong!

  2. Stephen looks much better and hotter now compared to his younger days. He really plays his role well in this drama and so does Eric Li. Both of them really complement each other well in this drama.

  3. This sounds like a rehash of that one series with Bosco and Sammy something. Both were triad and loyal to one another with hint of more than bromance. TVB needs to just make a stance, if it’s bromance keep it that way. If it’s romantic, just come out of the closet with it. This wishy washy for promo is annoying af. This is their new “omg female leads got rape” stunt/scene lol.

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