Stephen Wong Stars in Jinny Ng’s New Music Video

Jinny Ng (吳若希) recently released the music video for TVB drama Wonder Women’s <多功能老婆> sub-theme song, entitled “Each Love Relationship is Wrong” <每段愛還是錯>. She had flown to Taiwan to film the music video and invited her drama co-star Stephen Wong (黃嘉樂) to be the star.

“I had a great time filming with Stephen. We have great chemistry and it doesn’t hurt that he’s tall and handsome too! I told my boss early on that I wanted to invite him to be the star in my music video. Stephen was busy filming a drama but took one day off to fly to Taiwan to help me out. I’m very grateful for his help! It was very busy during filming so we didn’t have a chance to speak but the next morning I prepared a huge breakfast for him!”

Jinny also joked, “The character is a great fit for Stephen. Other than being a great model, he has a lot of potential to become a wonderful photographer especially since he has his girlfriend as a private tutor. The best is his eyes are electrifying; every time I have to look at him, I feel his charisma!”

The music video’s storyline follows the love story of Jinny as a famous model and Stephen as a photographer’s assistant. Stephen is ashamed and feels that his status in society is not on par with Jinny so he does not dare confess his love. He works hard at his career and eventually becomes a photographer and has a happy ending with Jinny. This song expresses Jinny’s character in Wonder Women’s attitude towards love, “She is stubborn in love and believes that love is priceless, so there is no need to compare between two partners.”


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    1. @jimmyszeto LOL hahhhaa….All she sees is probably $$$$ they don’t care about looks. lol …and what a boring song. Best thing is the TVB guy. He’s underrated.

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