Steven Cheung is Finding Work Online

BOYZ member Steven Cheung (張致恆) is working many jobs to earn a living for his growing family.

The 35-year-old was virtually kicked out of the entertainment industry following his cheating scandal last year, in which he was exposed for having dated several women at the same time. Now settled down with wife Au Yin-man (區燕雯) with a son and another child on the way, Steven is willing to take on any odd job to provide for his family. He was spotted working as a kitchen assistant at a hotel, for example.

Yesterday, Steven asked his Instagram followers if any of them were interested in selling or purchasing cars and/or apartments. It appears that Steven has taken up another job as a resell manager.

“I’ve always been working,” said Steven in a phone interview. “I’ve taken up other part-time jobs as well. In a time like this, it’s really hard to tell how the future will look like. It’s important to hold onto any opportunity to make money, not only for myself but also for my family, and our kids’ future. My son is already at the age where we should start searching for preschools. And we have another on the way.”

Steven denied sharing what part-time jobs he has taken up. “I won’t say what, but I’ll do anything I can. I hope to let go of what happened in the past and work towards the future. Better myself, and be responsible for my family.”

His two online productions, the period drama The Enchanting Phantom <倩女幽魂> and the film The Love of Immortal <仙書奇譚>, have both aired in mainland China last month to good reviews. Steven said, “Because of [the scandal], my work was affected. It’s good to know that viewers are enjoying them. I’ve never filmed costume dramas before. I had a great time doing them, and I hope to have more opportunities like those in the future.”


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Steven Cheung’s Messy Private Life: Multiple Women Expose Him for Cheating

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  1. he’s lucky that he still has drama to film in china after this scandal. they probably didn’t post his name in the drama b/c china would block him

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