Steven Ma Tackles Playwriting in New Stage Play

It’s been a busy several months for Steven Ma (馬浚偉). The 44-year-old actor and singer, who has just returned from a series of concert performances in the United States, has been working on the script for his new stage play, By Chance: Xu Zhimo <偶然·徐志摩>. The play, produced by the Aggressive Art Company, is self-written, self-directed, and self-acted by Steven.

The former TVB actor spent nearly half a year writing the rough draft of Xu Zhimo. When he finished it, Steven said he couldn’t help but to cry. “I started writing the script in November 2015. During the process I once questioned myself if I would be able to finish it, so when I completed the last act of the play, I cried!” Currently in the process of editing his draft, Steven shared that the play will open in November.

Will Steven award himself after completing the script? He laughed and said he may award himself with a new set of trainers and some new stationery.

Xu Zhimo was an early 20th-century Chinese poet from the eastern Zhejiang province. His alma maters included colleges in Shanghai, Beijing, Massachusetts, New York, London, and Cambridge. He’s been in well-known love affairs with three women—Zhang Youyi, Lin Huiyin, and Lu Xiaoman.

Steven said the actress for Lin Huiyin will be selected from casting auditions. As for Zhang Youyi and Lin Huiyin, Steven expressed his wish to keep their portrayers a secret for the time-being. However, he hinted, “They will be portrayed by actresses we all love. They are very talented!”

Stage actors Rensen Chan (陳文剛) and Wong Ka-wai (黃嘉威) have joined the production. Xu Zhimo will hold a press conference in July.

Source: Oriental Daily

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