Sunny Chan: “I Regret Not Pursuing Jessica Hsuan”

Currently seen in ViuTV’s new drama Till Death Do Us Part <婚內情>, which examines infidelity in marriage, Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻) believes that one choice leads to another, resulting in certain outcomes in relationships. While discussing his perspective in relationships, Sunny revealed that he was once attracted to co-star Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) and regrets not pursuing her.

Why Sunny Didn’t Pursue Jessica

Married to his wife Ada To since 2004, Sunny has had zero romantic rumors. Sunny grew up in a family full of women as his father passed away when he was young. His mother always taught him that he should be serious in love. If he holds hands with the girl it would mean that they are at the stage of marriage.

“Though I feel that when you start dating, you should not automatically aim for the end goal of marriage. On the outside, some girls do not seem suitable as a life partner but after awhile, you’ll realize that she possesses a lot of these qualities. Due to my mother’s influence, I missed out on a lot of opportunities to pursue girls that I was interested in,” the 52-year-old actor said.

Sunny made a confession that he was once attracted to Jessica Hsuan (宣萱). “When we were filming Secret of the Heart <天地豪情>, I thought Jessica was pretty and had a great personality. The only problem was that she spoke English and appeared to be very westernized. I am a very traditional man and I was afraid to pursue her. Afterwards, we collaborated again and I realized that she had another side to her, but I already had a girlfriend [my current wife] and I can’t leave her just because I feel that there is someone who could be better.”

He joked that if he had dated more maybe Ada would not be his current wife! However, in the end, he would always choose her.

Sunny’s Views on Cheating

When asked about his views on cheating, Sunny indicated that in love, it is hard to determine what is right and wrong. When the relationship between two people change, you can just break up or divorce.

Marriage is not a lock but rather a confirmation of a relationship. You should not break up because of a third party, which is why it is important to take your time finding the right person. Once you have found him/her, you need to treasure the relationship.

At any age, you will always encounter people that you will be attracted to. Even when you have a partner, you may encounter people that you feel would be more suitable. Sunny said, “If I felt the need to start a relationship with everyone, I would be very tired!”

To prevent becoming a negative role model to his 12-year-old son who has autism, Sunny has rejected  roles such as drug dealers and murderers. However, in Till Death Do Us Part, Sunny portrays a married man who has countless affairs. Sunny accepted this role because he wants to teach his son that you do not need to be too serious in relationships and that you need to allow yourself to have many choices. For Valentines Day, Sunny even helped his son prepare several gifts for different female classmates.

On Working with Sheren Tang

Sunny has always acted as the good boyfriend or good husband in dramas, so portraying a cheating husband in Till Death Do Us Part was a new experience for him. He has never collaborated with ViuTV before, but filming with Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) gave him a boost in confidence. “Sheren is very smart and hardworking. If she decided to accept, then this can’t be a bad opportunity!”

Working with Sheren for the first time, Sunny discovered they are polar opposites in their work styles. Sheren likes complete control over the process and watches playbacks after each scene to provide suggestions. Whereas Sunny never watches playbacks as long as the director said everything is fine.

“Early in my career, I received advice from a director who said that television actors constantly watch playbacks. We end up being used to the production format and start unintentionally adjusting to camera placements. He suggested that the only way to improve is to stop watching playbacks and this advice has worked well for me over the past 20 years. I told Sheren to relax and since we were working with a new director, we need to be open to change and be flexible. If we rely on our old methods, we might as well go back to TVB.” Over time, Sheren accepted Sunny’s advice and placed more trust in the team.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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  1. “If we rely on our old methods, we might as well go back to TVB” quite like his way of thinking and his open-mindedness

  2. I don’t think Jessica Husan was the right type of woman for Sunny Chan. Jessica is pretty westernized, and Sunny is a very traditional Chinese.

  3. Sunny is very traditional, but he does seem open-minded, I felt like he and Jessica could find a nice balance.

    Being with someone with different lifestyles can open you to new experience (which can be good or bad). They are both intelligent and reasonable people.

    1. @eleven not sure if they would have made it as a couple if Sunny did make the move on her but I thought she looked absolutely gorgeous in Secrets of the Heart. Loved her pixie cut (which inspired me to don that hairstyle at one time. Still love her pairing with Louis in DIF4.

      1. @nigel yes she was pretty in this, and she also looked particular pretty in Cold Blood Warm Heart and DIF4. Anyway, I thought Sunny was the man in DIF4. His coolest character and one of his best performances. He definitely suits the role of the cool and calm head of police force.

      2. @longhair84 yes yes she looked good in all those dramas you mentioned but I hate her character in Cold Blood. Quite sad. Agreed that Sunny was a handsome man back then he looked great in his character except I didn’t like Charmaine so don’t quite enjoy the pairing as compared to Jessica & Louis.

      3. @nigel Yea, He was great in DIF4 and I also pitied Sunny. At that time Sunny had to baby sit Lee San San and Charmaine Sheh. Both of them were so bad in the drama, it kinda pull Sunny down. Meanwhile Louis Koo get to partner with Jessica.

      4. @nigel Sunny looked so cool and handsome in Shanghai Bund. I always wonder why Tvb didnt give him more roles like that to him.

  4. I think Sunny it’s a bit shy that time? Yes she’s a bit westernized but it’s not like she can’t speak your language right? If you don’t really know much English then it’s better speaking Cantonese with her unless she’s a picky person at that time. I always find Sunny a very handsome man back in the old day. Too bad they didn’t get to be with each other. I really enjoy watching this drama very interesting. Now he’s a happily married man.

  5. Well, you snooze you lose. He should have at least tried if he was interested rather than ponder the what-ifs in the future.

  6. This interview rubs me the wrong way. I think it’s fine to have crushes and even disclose who you have crushes on, but it’s another thing to announce to the world you regret not pursuing them as they may be a better choice. I would be pissed off if I was his wife.

    1. @coralie
      He would have failed miserably anyway. Sunny is the type of guy who asks his female colleagues to put more clothes on. He’s very traditional and full of principles. He’s a great family man but will not be exciting enough for many women. I think his personality is very similar to his ‘Secret in the Heart’ character…

      1. @jimmyszeto
        ” will not be exciting enough for many women “…Just say BORING? haha LOL…. He and Kenneth Ma give me the same impression. I am sure people love them for being goody goody but really they seem quite boring for most women. That was the reason why I didn’t get how/why that JW was gushing about him when she seems the complete opposite. Oh well, you can say opposites attract I guess. lol… This Jessica H ? I doubt he’s her type.

      2. @jimmyszeto mm it depends. some women could find him attractive depending on how jaded they are or how high the need for security is.

        Jessica is very principled and outspoken, so I wouldn’t say he has no chance. I think if they got along during filming, it means there’s potential there

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