Synopsis of Niki Chow and Michael Tse’s “Sergeant Tabloid”

Niki Chow (周麗淇)  and Michael Tse (謝天華) recently completed filming TVB drama, Sergeant Tabloid 女警愛作戰 (formerly known as Policewoman Love Battlefield). While the drama’s television broadcast in Hong Kong has not been determined yet, the series will be aired on TVBJ in Australia and Astro On Demand in Malaysia on April 2nd. Allegedly, the drama will also be streamed on website, which targets mainland China users, on April 3rd.

Synopsis Revealed

Sergeant Tabloid revolved around the love and tribulations of Emergency Unit Sergeant Lui Fei Hap (Niki Chow), who was over thirty years old and experienced an unstable love life. When she thought that she had met a perfect man, he turned out to be a drug lord! The lovers’ relationship were sensationalized by tabloid reporter, Gordon Nam (Michael Tse).  This resulted in Fei Hap hating Gordon intensely. When Fei Hap falls in love with new police recruit and younger man, Wong Chi Chuen (Matthew Ko), Gordon sabotages the relationship.

Facing pressure from her superior, “Madam Kill” Sze To Kiu (Mandy Wong), Fei Hap’s professional and private life was about to be busted. In the name of love, Fei Hap was forced to strike back and face the battles head on….

Sergeant Tabloid stars Niki Chow, Michael Tse, Mandy Wong (黄智雯), Matthew Ko (高钧贤), William Chak (翟威廉), Koni Lui (吕慧仪), Oceane Chu (朱璇), and Grace Wong (王君馨).

Niki Chow and Michael Tse Unafraid Of Ratings Impact

It was not the first time that TVB dramas were enjoyed by overseas audiences prior to public broadcast in Hong Kong. It was understood that TVB and overseas broadcasting networks possessed confidence in Sergeant Tabloid, thus wished to air it prior to Hong Kong broadcast. Producer Nelson Cheung explained, “Perhaps overseas broadcasting networks have open slots in their programming schedules, thus they wished to air Sergeant Tabloid early. Overseas audience have expectations towards Hong Kong dramas. TVB felt that it was appropriate to release the drama overseas and did not select the choice haphazardly.”

Nelson Cheung felt confident in the quality of Sergeant Tabloid and was not concerned that the drama will become a TVB warehouse series, unable to be broadcast for years. Niki Chow expressed the same sentiment and saw the situation positively. Michael Tse noted, “It’s better than for the drama to become a warehouse series!” While Michael wished to see the drama broadcast sooner in Hong Kong, he was not upset towards TVB’s arrangements. The trio were not concerned that the early overseas broadcast will affect the ratings in Hong Kong.


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Jayne: Sergeant Tabloid features many beautiful actresses as police officers, as well as William Chak and Matthew Ko in prominent supporting roles. This is the best looking police force I’ve seen in a TVB drama in years! With the Hong Kong police looking like a bunch of models, no wonder, tabloid reporter, Michael Tse is interested in chronicling their love lives!

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  1. William Chak, Matthew Ko as police officers, but too bad the series is focusing on policewomen. Pity?

  2. “It was not the first time that TVB dramas were enjoyed by overseas audiences prior to public broadcast in Hong Kong.”

    yeah, like Ten Brothers

    1. lucky i get to see it tonight too!!
      but yeh unfortunate that tvb is gonna warehouse it. so disappointed! was looking forward to it! what are they airing instead in HK?

      1. Do you mean warehouse it as in put it on hold first?

      2. yes. partial warehouse. TVB will eventually air it in HK but could be in 1-2 years time.

      3. disappointed because it may affect ratings and reception of the series. if it does crap in overseas market then they might not even air it in hk

      4. Another warehoused series: The greatness of a hero is on TVB now.

        Not 100% warehoused series will be re-aired on TVB. Maybe never.

      5. Fox,

        Do u remember which warehoused series never aired in hk?

        And why no theme song for this series? They don’t bother for warehouse seres or b/c niki don’t have new music contract? It’s very boring w/ instrumental music only.

      6. Doomed to Oblivion. Was that ever broadcast in HK?

      7. Maybe they think the music instrumental only is suitable for the series. Some others also have it and the effect is quite good, for example Healing Hands.

    2. It’s good that i get to see it 1st here in Australia but it’s may affect the rating when they broadcast in the next couple years in HK.

      The Greatest Hero (was produced in 2008)was in the warehouse for a couple of year and now they started to broadcast in HK.

  3. Niki doesn’t looks like she’s in her 30s. Thanks to her good skin. Niki and Michael Tse pairing seems to be refreshing and really looking for their collaboration.

    Thanksfully that Fala chen’s series is over, it just sux so bad.. and Sharon’s performance in Queen of Diamond whatsoever sux bad too, not a good 1st line material, she needs to practise more.

    1. i think niki’s pretty.

      Queens didn’t do too well this time. not much talk in forums, and not many news or promotional activities. too many exaggerated acting. Even Roger didn’t shine that much – he always play the same type of weird dumb characters. The only different one was Wax & Wane – where Roger played a rather normal charming emotional person.

      Sharon isn’t experienced enough to lead a series yet. I know she’s good at these characters but she needs to branch out and stop doing these sl*tty, promiscuous roles!!! Don’t want her to turn into an Irene Wan Bik Ha… sexy but hated by the audience for the sl*tty portrayals.

      Fala didn’t really improve on her acting either. The character didn’t do it for me. Chung Mo Yim just didn’t suit Fala. Fala still can’t lead by herself yet – as in she can’t lead over a male lead. She only suits leads under the male lead. I felt Queens was more of putting Fala in the lead position above Roger, but it just didn’t work out for her. Not off to a good start this year. She may not have any other series to air this year (taking time off work coz she’s sick) and TITS2 might not make it this year.

      1. Lol, if goodie roles only, ppl will say that she is conservative. If sexy roles = sl*tty,promiscuous. Then wat do you want Sharon to do?

        Fala can’t lead a series, yup, but who else in TVB now can among the 5 fadans?

  4. Too bad it’s warehoused I wanted to watch this !

  5. Maybe Michael will go undercover… reporter this time.

  6. Oh my Niki!
    She looks like a million in the trailer.
    Will Singapore gets to see it?

  7. i cant wait for this! finally after all these years, i get to see more of matthew ko!

  8. well at least we download it 🙂

    stupid if TVB warehouse this for too long ..

      1. Hmm, possible.

        Will this series where Laughing offering his professional services like Castle?

  9. Frankly I don’t get the storyline.

    And TVB has many series that has yet to see the light in HK so I am not surprised at the warehousing because the plot itself seems rather boring.

  10. Just saw the first episode. Niki’s acting is really under par. Why did TVB let her lead this drama? The producer must have been desperate.

      1. You are wrong.
        Niki is always the main female lead in TVB production except for the 1st one”Hard fate” where Flora was the main lead.

    1. “Just saw the first episode” and you are already rattling away abt Niki’s acting.
      Be patient and save your comments till later.
      Niki put in lots of effort and brave the dangers for this drama. I have confidence in her. YES NIKI!

      1. All the effort in the world does not make her a good actress. It just makes her diligent.

      2. The acting is so false and wooden in this first episode. Every actress puts in effort but her acting really needs improving. U must be joking about her ‘braving the danger’!!!!

      3. I remembered Niki being criticised for her role as Choi Sum in BP but I found her engaging and natural. And she even clinched top place for 2 categories in the Jaynestar poll.
        Everyone has different yardsticks and preferences.
        To me, Niki is good.

      4. And i have no time to joke with you…
        She was serious abt the drama and refused the stand-in for explosion and fire scenes.

      5. If Niki is considered a good actress, then TVB is damned! She must be one of the weakest link. She won the Jayne Stars post probably cause the drama was fresh at that time and she has fans like you who prob. voted 1000 times. No way in hell she can win a real poll.

      6. U sound ridiculously absurd and make it look like only Niki has her fans here.
        In fact, Niki’s fans are way less than Tavia and Moyolie as one can see from the poll.And you sound no way in hell abrupt and damned squeaky

      7. I have not seen ST but I have confidence in Niki. Regardless of extreme and negative comments, I reserve my own opinion.
        Please respect Jaynestars poll even though it was not a “real” one.

      8. Pearline,
        “Please respect Jaynestars poll even though it was not a “real” one.”

        Why is JayneStars’ poll not considered to be a “real” poll? If it took place and readers participated, then the poll represented the sampled populations’ opinions.

      9. agreed. It could be that while TY and Myolie fans are busy lashing at each other, Niki fans quietly support LOL

      10. Jayne,
        Perhaps I am not articulate in my message.
        Please refer to Den1’s post regarding Niki “no way in hell can win a real poll”.
        That annoys me because Den1 don’t respect the poll.

      11. I’ve one question: There are 2 pearlines or two using one username?

    2. hey Niki has her charm. Golden producer Lee tim Sing also love her and always want her to lead his series.

      1. Exactly, Tim gor wants Niki in his last production “Detective c” but she can’t make it.
        Niki really has her special charisma and I don’t care how others undermine her

      2. She was chosen by LTS cause he could not find any other actresses at that time, he said in his interviews. As for the Jayne polls, it is only for english readers of the website and does not represent the majority of HK drama viewers. If you like Niki, fair enough, but her acting is not very good, that is a FACT!

      3. @den1: So what do you think that will represent for the majority of HK drama viewers?

      4. Obviously all the other chinese speaking people who watches tvb dramas! Not everyone have access to the internet.

      5. @den1: Then they raise their voices through the rating, right?

      6. Pearline was talking about the Jayne poll which I state is only one poll and does not represent the majority of the viewers. As I have said, if she likes Niki”s aciting, that’s fine but for me, I just think she is not a good actress. her acting in ‘SG’ so far is substandard and the storyline is quite boring.

  11. ” This is the best looking police force I’ve seen in a TVB drama in years! “

    They have contenders in 3 others

    FH3: Kate Tsui, Ron Ng, Jess Sum, Sammy Sum, Otto Chan (Mr.HK runner up)

    Gun Metal Grey: Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Vincent Wong, Grace Wong, Nancy Wu

    Every Move You Make: Lai Lok Yi, Jack Hui, Bosco Wong, Lorretta Chow

    1. I disqualify FH3 b/c they seemed like fake poser police, especially Sr. Inspector hot lips.

      Sorry but GMG has 2 over-age cops.

      EMYM is a contender b/c I still find bowie attractive, even as a lame body language expert.

      If we group all The Academy and its sequels/spin-offs together, then that is a young and good-looking bunch.

      If go back further, “split second” w/ Alex fong, Kevin Cheng, and Patrick tam was pretty hot.

      And in DIF4, louis Koo and sunny Chan were slick and smoking hot at the same time.

      1. FH3 was terrible. I also disqualify them.

        Split Second had a bunch of good-looking ones. I agree. The Academy??? Nooooo. I can only remember Ron and Sammul. Sammul too effeminate and Ron looked lazy.

        OMG DIF IV. One of my favourite TVB series of all time.


    2. FH3 don’t know 3 out of the 5 name ROFL

      GMG uncles!

      EMYM who is Jack Hui

    3. Kidd,
      Hehe I maintain the “Sergeant Tabloid” has a better looking police force, although the other series you mentioned are close contenders. 🙂

  12. The supporting cast attracted me more. I like Koni Lui and Matthew Ko, and I’m also beginning to like Oceane Chu. I’m watching Be Home For Dinner and Oceane is cute.

    William Chak and Grace Wong is also good eye-candy. I use to like Mandy Wong, but, there’s too many of her lately.

    1. I’m seeing the name Oceane Zhu everywhere. Who is she? And how do you pronounce her first name? Anyone know?

      a) ocean
      b) oh-shann
      c) oh-see-ann
      d) oh-see-ann-ee
      e) oh-shane
      f) other?

      I am curious!

      1. Bridget,
        My guess is c) oh-see-ann
        That’s how I refer to Oceane in my head. I find her English name to be prettier than the Cantonese phonetic of “Zhu Suen” which sounds like “pig’s lips.”

        Oceane is 2008 Miss Chinese International. She was born in Beijing and I believe, had studied drama in Paris. When she competed in MCI, she was the delegate from France.

        Her biggest project to-date was leading in film, Prince of Tears. She also appeared in a supporting role in “7 Days in Life” but spoke 90% Mandarin in the drama. If her Cantonese were better, she would have more prominent roles.

      2. I called her ‘Ocean-nee’. 😀

        She’s a regular in ‘Be Home For Dinner’ So, you can see her in nearly every episode. She’s cute, feminine and sweet in the series.

        Btw, I cameo in the ending of ‘When Heaven Burns’. She’s Angus’ girlfriend in the alternate storyline.

    2. I used to really like Mandy but after THC I think the fire kinda stopped and I don’t like her as much but she’s still the better actress of her generation.

      1. yeh i agree… she’s in too many series. tvb doesn’t space them out but instead puts her series one after another… doesn’t help at all.

  13. After watcing episode 1 yesterday, I find Niki to have improved alot and her acting is quite natural in this one..not bad.

    1. Veejay, Kidd,

      How is “Sergeant Tabloid” so far? Is it funny?

      I suspect Niki should be able to nail this role of the brash but kind-hearted girl, not too different than her past roles. I think she is best in such romantic comedy roles rather than heavy dramas.

      How is the rest of the supporting cast? How are William Chak and Matthew Ko? I am very curious as to how the male supporting cast is.

      1. I’ve only watch 2 episodes. Episode 1 makes me want to continue watching. Episode 2 makes me want to stop watching.

      2. Update:

        After watching episode 3, I think this series is worth continuing.

  14. Is Vincent Wong going to be a cameo only? I wish he’s the one who played Micheal Tse’s role. He looks matching with Nicki. Plus, I like this actor.

  15. That ‘Ging Bao’ tabloid magazine in the series seems to be referencing Apple Daily’.

  16. lots of supporting stars in this series! very good looking girls and guys.

    Watched the first episode last night. Not bad! Lots of action. Michael Tse was in his Laughing Gor character again hahaa

  17. Michael Tse should be Laughing Gor always in every cop drama.

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