Tavia Yeung Admits Dating Him Law After Caught in His Lap

Apple Daily published shocking photos of Tavia Yeung’s (楊怡) face resting on Him Law’s (羅仲謙) lap yesterday. Reportedly caught in an awkward act, 33-year-old Tavia allegedly laid on 28-year-old Him’s lap for the duration of a 40-minute car ride. When the reporters pounced on the couple, Tavia refused to lift up her head. Tavia was photographed covering her face and appeared to be terribly embarrassed.

Him Picks Up Tavia After Dinner

The night before, Tavia was having dinner with her classmates from the TVB acting class. At around 9 PM, Tavia made a call outside the restaurant. After ten minutes, Him was spotted driving Tavia’s car and arrived at a street near the restaurant, appearing to wait for Tavia. Unaware that Him was waiting for Tavia, Tsui Wing (徐榮) and Matt Yeung (楊明) arranged Tavia to board a taxi at around 1.30 AM. Tavia alighted in a dark lane and quickly boarded Him’s car. The couple drove off after staying in the car for around ten minutes.

Him and Tavia Caught in Awkward Position

The car was sighted cruising at a slow speed of 30 kilometers per hour. After 40 minutes of traveling, Tavia was not spotted within the car. When the vehicle stopped at a garage lot near Tavia’s apartment, the paparazzi immediately flashed their cameras towards the car. They then realized that Tavia was all along present in the car and spotted her awkward submerged position.

Tavia’s head reportedly was tucked in between Him’s legs and refused to lift up her face. Looking shocked and irritated, Him tried to stop the reporters from taking the pictures. Tavia was snapped covering her face with hands and her face was red, looking very embarrassed.

Realizing that he could not shake away the paparazzi, Him drove the car and returned to Tavia’s apartment. Tavia had then already tidied herself and donned a cap. Apple Daily also claimed that Tavia had fluid on her lips and kept wiping her lips.

Tavia Yeung Lashed at the Paparazzi

At 2:07 AM today, Tavia lashed at the paparazzi in her Weibo blog, “As a public figure, we need to reflect on our code of conduct. However, as a reporter, do you have basic ethics? The article becomes remarkable after it is being written this way. Has the Hong Kong media degraded in such a manner? Why did you not report the truth and distort the facts? Where is your conscience?”

Tavia Clarifies Scandal at Press Conference

This afternoon, Tavia and Him clarified the incident at a press conference. The couple appeared to be relaxed and comfortable when facing the media. Tavia revealed that she specifically requested for Him to drive her home as she had too many drinks at the dinner.

“Before I went for the dinner, I already told Him, ‘Why don’t you pick me? I will not be able to drive when I drink. I hope that someone whom I trust will take me home.’ Our group drank a lot and everyone was drunk. When I walked out, he already told me that there were suspicious paparazzi present. I do not like to be in the spotlight and do not like people to tail me. I took a taxi with Meini Cheung (張美妮) and two other classmates. When I reached Meini’s place, I alighted and boarded Him’s car. I already vomited in the taxi and I can’t remember what happened after that.”

Tavia also revealed that she vomited after alighting the taxi and Him even had to hold her to get on the car. “As an artist, we do not wish to be photographed in a drunken state. As he is someone that I trust, I slept on his lap at that moment. There is absolutely no doubt about that, but the situation is not like what the fabricated news said. There is a need to explain why the photos came out this way. When the car drove at my apartment building, Him patted me and said, ‘Hey Hey, Ah Yi, wake up now. There are paparazzi.’ Since this [paparazzi] is a sensitive word to an artist, my first reaction is to cover my face and wear my cap.”

Tavia also disclosed that she vomited several times and thus her lips were wet. Due to the tabloid’s outrageous report, Tavia is considering taking legal action against the publication. Tavia further explained that she and Him were getting to know each other and would inform the public if their relationship advanced to the next stage.

Watch Tavia and Him’s Interview Over the Scandal

[vsw id=”iiLUAP0nVe8″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Sources: On.cc via ihktv.com, Apple Daily via ihktv.com

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  1. Lap is too polite. I think crotch was the correct position from the pics LOL

    1. They want to change from crotch to lap because crotch is the sensitive place and lap is way less sensitive.

      1. But not comfortable for Him Him’s little brother, unless he got used with that.

      2. Himhim looks calm even with TY on him so he’s fine. Or he’s just already used to it. Don’t think they went to Korea for nothing.

      3. Vivien, he went to Korean, not Thailand =)). His little brother can’t end up this way.

    2. isn’t sleeping by laying down on the car seat is more comfortable than bending your back and sleep on the driver’s lap?

      I sense that TY is someone demanding towards her bf. And her “order” to Him, why dont u drive me home after my dinner? It sounds exactly like an order to me rather than a polite way to ask, she even added ” I want someone I trust to send me home” it gives me a feeling it is a MUST for HIM to drive her home. There are many guy friends TY met during the dinner and I believe either one is already very trustworthy to send her home. TY seems like a controlling woman imo.

  2. Yah. A press conference exclusive for TY to clarify why her head is in Himhim’s crotch. Who said 620 don’t love TY? 😛 LOL

  3. I have to admit I find Tavia’s offscreen antics so much more interesting than her acting in dramas.

    1. Thanks to Himhim. Before dating Himhim, she was dead boring and too sparkly clean with exception of nose rumours LOL

      1. If only she could translate that offscreen interest into her acting. Btw how ironic is it that Himhim is the calm, composed one in the photo and Tavia looks totally out of it? Maybe Tavia is just trying to live the ‘wild days’ she never had when she was younger.

      2. I rmb during the woman beater time, Him Him was quite calm. He often let Filmko’s ppl to say more than he himself. Maybe they know that he dun have much experiences in telling lies so they let him calm.

      3. Himhim also didn’t say much during the nude pics scandals too and mostly Filmko issue official statements.

  4. Btw this TY/Himhim and Ron/Toby latest headlines made HK ent latest hot news sound like soft porn. Gross. No wonder LKF2 is selling like hot cake at the cinema LOL.

  5. I noticed Him Law blinked very nervously in his interview with Eileen Cha. Tavia appeared to be much calmer.

    1. but Himhim is much calmer during the incident while TY look more at loss.

      1. Usually Filmko agents help him clarify, but this time he’s up with TY on his own. COme to think of it, why is Filmko quiet today and only 620 come out? Normally Filmko is quick to issue official statement over anything negative about Himhim although might be just lies.

      2. 620 phoned Filmko: This time let me say!

        Filmko: Ok, we can save some money from the ball renting.

      3. Filmko: Ok! We entrusted our golden boy to you! The great PR woman!

      4. 620: Finally someone can understand me. Tonight is my big day. Before, the whole world misunderstood me.

      5. 😆 😆 😆 you could very well submit a script to TVB. they may use it. 😛

    2. Yeah, very true. It seemed like Him was scared that he’d say something wrong. Tavia basically answered everything. I still have a feeling that they are already officially dating. Him Law sounded way too nice of a man to Tavia if he isn’t her boyfriend. “I wanted to take care of her. Her comfort was the most important.”

      1. “I wanted to take care of her. Her comfort was the most important.” – Him Law

        Great declaration! These sentences alone will get Him thousands more female fans fell for Him and envying Tavia haha.

  6. Er why she has to be on Him’s lap?. It looks like she is doing who knows what. She could have bend over to her own lap instead of him’s if want to hide herself.

    1. I dont understand how she can hide for 40 mins? Without doing anything????
      Anyway she is a good talker compare to HIM LAW. Him Law look nervous.

      1. Did you even watch her explanation????… Maybe that’s why you dont undertand a thing.

      2. She was drunk. Resting on his lap for 40 mins seem very normal to me.

  7. How is TY going to sue Apple? She’s in public ground unless car is counted private space?

    1. Apple Daily is ready to provide them the form of lawsuit letter, they have so many. If this small thing can be sued, I bet Bosco can cry out loud because his nude pix couldn’t sue successfully.

      1. Yeah I don’t think there’s a good case for her to sue them. Seriously, celebrities wouldn’t exist without the paparazzi. Sorry but that’s the real truth.

      2. Bosco and his entourage Yoyo&Vincent did file an official complain to some HK authority about Sudden magazine I think, and that was when they come out to do official press conference along with the letter of complain. 620 is faster this time to do official press conference for Tavia maybe because she’s a woman.

      3. So he did sue them? Or they only wrote it, but did’t do anything. Because I heard that they didn’t do anything?

      4. I don’t know what happened later but normally even if the authority takes any action, they will take months or years before results come in and the media won’t report it anymore since it’s an old item.

      5. Or maybe the authority just issued a mere warning letter to the Sudden tabloid since there are no laws again privacy intervention in HK. 😛

      6. Bosco didn’t sue, he only threatened to sue. After that, the breakup covered everything and nobody rmb about Bosco’s nude pix. Everytime they think of Bosco, the breakup is in their mind.

      7. Maybe she means she will sue for libel since they are implying she was giving him a BJ?

    2. Seriously when TY said that she was going to sue, i couldn’t stop laughting. Seriously it is so many other scandal out there that is worst than this. Like you guys already mentioned already Bosco or Ron case is worst hahaha…Poor TY she must be piss because the media took away her clean image.

      I like you Tavia, but for this round, then I must say I find this issue pretty funny.

  8. honestly if tavia just admitted the relationship in the first place, or blocked her face with her hands and cap without burying her head in him’s lap, or sat in the back, all of this could’ve been avoided. why would she even sleep on his lap like that? it looks like an uncomfortable position for her back…

    1. I think Tavia was probably just intoxicated which explains her lack of awareness of what it looks like hiding like that.

  9. hahahaha tavia’s way of paying back himhim for driving her home 😉 jksjks

  10. tavia look so old and him look so fresh. Actually 5 years not a big age gap. But they look like auntie and nephew? dont think t he relationship will hold.

    1. 28 and 33 is not that bad. Tavia just needs to stop growing her nose… and maybe get a fashion consultant. She’s a terrible dresser.

      1. I think her fashion sense has improved a lot. She tries to dress feminine, trendy but I still can’t see her as sexy nor do I believe she and Him Law is real.

      2. Denim on denim is a crime. I don’t think I will ever see her as sexy. I don’t believe they’re real either. Everything screams PR STUNT.

      3. I think she look old due to her sharp and bony nose. Tavia look older than her actual age and Him Law look young

      4. Denim on denim is something only Caucasians can pull. Like those country singers. TY just looks like a dork in them.

      5. Normally I would agree but Tavia looks really mature for her age. Her nose job(s) didn’t help either.

  11. In the photo, Him did not look too irritated.

    There seems to be a glow of satisfaction about him.

  12. No. 1 Don’t get drunk if you don’t want to be photographed drunk

    No. 2 “Why did you not report the truth and distort the facts? Where is your conscience?” Well if you just admi it and no one can write any more outrageously

    No. 3 Is it that bad to be reported perhaps giving some good time to your own boyfriend in his car?

    No. 4 Tavia, all these lashing, all the PR

    No. 5 give it a few days, suddenly no news of any suing.

    1. Most of the time the suing only talk. Only except in Bosco’s case I think where they go to complain and ask justice for real and the result see how this year Next company cook many negative dishes about him. This is perhaps why many celebs only talk but afraid to sue LOL

  13. Hey, anybody think this one is very similar to the case when Gillian’s back is snapped by reporters? She also opened a big press conference (hosted by Txb, too), sued the reporters and did many actions. And a time after that, she was involved in the sex scandal with EDC.

    Boscolie was also broken their privacy by reporters in the nude scandal. After that, we are seeing a noisy breakup now.

    How this one will end up?

    1. Give Himhim and TY blessings. Maybe they can have a shotgun marriage and have kids LOL

    2. Naive Gill wasn’t so naive after all. I bet lots of people feel cheated after her sex pics gate with EDC opened 😛

  14. If she is really that drunk she can just lay her head back on the car seat and sleep. Why choose such an awkward position? She is literally laying face flat on his crotch! Can she even breathe with such “sleeping position”? I mean even if she want to take a “nap” on his lap she could have lay side ways with her cheeks on his lap.

    Besides why is this all suddenly such a big deal? With 620 coming out to clarify, Holding press conference , having interview with Eileen Cha. Seriously?What’s the big fuss about it? It’s not like they’re literally caught having sex in the car.

    1. They want to make TY the BA winner this year. Can’t have her image scarred even just one scratch, can we? 😛

      1. yeah she can just get the BA award this year thank HimHim openly for his support. Half a year later break up. END 🙂

      2. Yeah who knows after the 2011 BA award actresses who win the award every year might just get jinxed somewhat like the oscar curse

      3. If breakup doesn’t matter, now I see even Boscolie matter have cooled down but what if accidentally got kids? Then need to have shotgun wedding LOL

      4. @Vivien
        Chances are slim though. If Myolie is pregnant she wouldn’t be showing off her bikini bod in Sanya recently. It’s been a good 2 months ++ since the boscolie break up.

      5. @violet

        Huh? I was talking about TY and Himhim. Not Boscolie which already history and both already lead different lives. What I meant was what if TY and Himhim got *accident*. LOL then they might be stuck to each other in a shotgun wedding.

      6. @violet

        Sorry to lead you wrong. I wasn’t talking about Myolie. Boscolie is old news. Yawn. TY/Himhim are the hot news now 😀

      7. @Vivien
        Opss sorry! I must have read it wrongly. lol anyway himhim and tavia shot gun marriage?Where? Korea? So she can get things done perfectly for their wedding?You know every girl wants to look PRETTY on their wedding day! HAHA 😛

      1. At least Gillian had some “juicy” pics published with EDC but Him Him and Tavia?Women laying face flat on men crotch with his zipper up. Nothing scandalous.

      2. Before EDC’s pix, Naive Gillian even covered her eyes when seeing kiss scenes. So comparing the bore, nobody can compete her.

      3. Naive Gill Gill cried like the world is ending when some tabloids plant a camera to take pics of her in a bra. In a bra. And later pics of her spreading her legs and showing her v region comes out. Gosh.

    2. she can even lower and flaten her seat and sleep nicely but why she choose such an awkward position???
      I am sure she will not sleep comfortable in such position where the news reported she lay her face between Him Law legs for 40 mins. Guess this is the way to win a young man heart.

  15. Damn! Me who wanted TY to be with Ron, so she could calm down his playboy image with her clean image. I guess it won’t ever happend, but more now that her clean image is over because of the rumour with him him.

    1. lol the only SOLE survivor now with the so called clean image in TVB first line is LINDA CHUNG hands down 🙂

      1. Linda has a bf now. She has to dump him before starting with Ronnie or her jade girl image will end, too.

    2. Ron’s playboy status revealed this year only. Before nobody know of this, so he dun need anyone to clean for him.

      And keep it in your mind: Ron belongs to LF, lolz.

    3. I was thinking Himhim should get together with Ron, then at least he would make Ron hit the gym.

      But then we all know Ron belongs to Ray. Too bad they don’t know it yet.

      1. They knew! But I don’t know why the signs are too clear like that but the reporters still liked Ronmul more.

        Now, it’s all over :(. Sammul went to China, LF also half goes to China. Ron is lonely in HK and maybe he’ll come to see HimHim.

      2. I’m afraid Ron will make Himhim leave the gym instead and both become fat. Nonono.

      3. I’ll pay Ron cash for making HimHim fat if not at least like Ron’s body would be pretty alright too I guess 😛

      4. But but what if it ends up Him Him helps Ron? You know the only thing Ron can do now to get back his fame is 1. Surprise people with good acting or 2. Get back his good body;)

      5. Ronnie is quite lazy. Not like his friends dun go to gym. One of his friend Joel Ho, oh sorry, Chan, owns a gym and he never came to visit.

      6. That’s probably because Ron is busy being a couch potato at home OCCASIONALLY with his mobile phone sending text messages and “sexy” pictures of himself to girls around Asia.Preferably Malaysia and China 😀

      7. Maybe Ron needs Viann more than she needs him. At least by giving him the runaround he had some exercise.

      8. Ron is not lazy, he just fully occupied with many other activities with girls around Asia through his electronic gadgets, including SMS, chats and sending topless pics 😀

  16. Wow. What an awkward position, lol It’s quite obvious that Him and Tavia are dating. Their relationship reminds me of Boscolie. Deny, deny, deny, and then caught by the pappas. Well, alcohol does lead to sexual desires. And, it’s perfectly normal for couples to behave that way.

    Let’s see how 620 saves them!

    1. How 620 saves TY:
      -press conference
      -Eileen Cha interview
      -620 coming along to support Hihmhim and TY

  17. I guess Flimco and TVB might frozen Him Law. Him Law is so popular now due to the drama Divas in Distress pairing as sweet couple with Mandy Wong and Flying Tigers, and suddenly such negative news appear. Too Bad. Poor HIM HIM
    Tavia might not be affected so much as she is already a leading actress.
    She is such sweet talker

    1. LOL wrong Himhim’s image actually got much better after this incident. Why? Because the world see how attentive and caring he is to TY. It’s TY’s image that take a downhill journey because who got overdrunk? TY. Who put her face in someone’s crotch? TY. Look how TY need 620 to open press conference and EIleen Cha interview to help her 😛

      1. TY very good in explanation and answer question. Very different from Him Law. TY look more like a big sister and Him Law get protected as younger brother.

    2. No way Filmko and Txb will frozen Him Him. The press conference is the proof.

      And the one who get the real fame from Diva is So Gay Koo Ming Wah.

      1. So HimHim is jealous and requested gf to do a scandal, but she slept for real and slowly moved from his lap (as planned) to crotch. Oops, accidentally.

    3. If beating his former girlfiend didn’t end his career I don’t see how this will.

      1. It didn;’t end his career. It ended his ex girlfriend’s career. This “incident” is meant to enhance his career. It won’t kill Tavia. If our imagination is correct, Tavia actually has a life and Him does find her sexy, both which I feel is surprising.

        Let her be! I can understand her frustration even if this screams PR to me.

  18. I seen the full set of photos @ tvbnewsworld.blogspot.com if you look clearly, she was lying on his left lap, not his crotch

  19. They are single adults in their car. What is the big deal about HK reaction to anything sex related.

  20. TY seems to like younger guys, remember when she was caught with Lai Lok yi that handsome guy, she also make up some excuses and dump him not long later.
    She is liar. Poor Lai lok Yi. .luckily he found a sweet girl later.

    1. Hey why need to say poor Lai Lok Yi? He found Nicole after that and Nicole is young, pretty and best of all: rich. He is lucky.

  21. I think I like himhim even more after this incident. Himhim surely brings out the wild side of Tavia. Car s*x is amazing, so is oral.

  22. Big nose, just stop hiding your secrets. Don’t make things so complicated. This is beyond pathetic. She’s going to win Best Actress.

  23. It’s OK Tavia! You were giving your boyfriend a blow job. Totally cool, slightly embarrassing but normal 😉

  24. Him appears to be very considerate of Tavia’s feelings and pays special attention to her needs. He waited almost 5 hours for her. Now, how many guys are honestly willing to wait that long for their girlfriends? He sounds like a very attentive boyfriend from the clip so I don’t understand how such a person could physically abuse Theresa in his past relationship? Unless he’s just putting up an act in front of the camera to conceal his true nature.

    1. Ya true maybe this just the beginning? Maybe he will slowly turn abusive? Cause that’s what I heard how it usually starts.
      That or maybe be he likes Tavia waay more than he liked Theresa

    1. Addy,
      “They need a couple name! HimYi? HimTa? Himvia? TaHim? lololol”

      I like TaHim! Hehehe…cool suggestion, let me ask our FB fans!

      1. tahim’s sounds muslim, himvia sounds like reproductive organ

  25. Why not have Tavia lie on the back seat if she’s so drunk?

    And if Tavia was really doing you-know-what to Him, why would he still look so calm? AND why would he still be driving? Or maybe he got so used to it, he’s a pro now.

    1. Tavia is checking Him out once get home action starts and besides it’s warm and cosy there.

  26. i knew TL is dating this guy. she seems to like hunky pretty boy faces hahaa… after that ex wife beating incident the way she replies clearly shows shes interested in this younger dude.

  27. Aiyo, from the above pix clearly shows Him & Tavia are couples they just refused to admit only. Congrate them , another new couple for paparazzi to look for “Hivia”

  28. why exactly is ths bad news for himhim.. thy hve been hinting tht thy r dating. no biggie.. its nt like we caught thm wthout clothes n doing hokie pokie..

    1. Who say it’s a bad news for Him Him? It’s a good news + PR for Him Him.

      Him Him didn’t hint about the relationship, he denied. Nope, they always denied until they are caught red hands.

      The big deal is the picture of a sensitive pose. Lolz, and they are talking like they are virgins with no sex, no close actions. But don’t be worried, 3 year old kids might blv that they are virgins.

  29. “As he is someone that I trust, I slept on his lap at that moment” really? because it’s safe to sleep on the drivers lap while the car is in motion. could’ve laid down in the back if you really wanted to sleep lol

  30. Well lesson learnt here. Why hide your relationship and playing the cat and mouse game. Its worse now surely. Serve them right!! They should have announce their relationship ages ago.

    1. I agree and regardless of how much you try to hide it, the truth will come out sooner or later. When you are caught red handed like that, you just have to admit it. But it is still sad that some still try to deny it(not in this case but others that we have seen)thinking that the public is blind or stupid…

  31. Eh… Am i the only who thinks they aren’t a match. x__x And now she ruined her image.

    1. I don’t think anyone here thinks they are a match. Him Law seems unstable and hungry for a bit of publicity and Tavia probably enjoys having the upper hand in her relationships.

  32. hahaha LOL, well look on the bright side, now tavia can be herself offscreen and doesn’t have to act all the time LOL.
    well, let see who had tarnish their “pure” image so far, faux tvb queen, sausage nose doesn’t count cuz she never had a pure image to begin w/, neway tai tai, pinocchio nose….maybe jade girl will be next, who knows LOL, i bet that gonna broke many hearts in here since breathless voice seem pretty popular among many jaynestars members.

  33. I actually find it normal, when your very drunk you just fall asleep, it doesn’t matter what pose it is. You just dont feel anything you just wanna sleep and puke. Plus I seriously don’t believe Tavia would do that in a car.
    I’m actually don’t find the hair good on Tavia, it makes her face look long and sharp.

  34. The picture is definitely not flattering towards Tavia but the media’s implications are quite ludicrous. Can’t really blame them for suggesting it though.

  35. Tavia giving Him head in his car? She was asking for it! Don’t blame the paparazzi. What was she thinking?!! As a public figure she should have known better.

  36. Tavia! Why do you have to act so foolishly, don’t you think it’s more embarrasing in that position or was it Him who suggested it!

    1. It’s not like she wanted to. She was drunk. What artist would want pics of being in someone’s lap awkwardly posted through the media?

      1. Ok, she was drunk and Him could have put her in the back seat or reclined her front seat, why didn’t he? Whoever can drive with someone’s head on the thigh, must be an eunuch!
        Him manipulated the whole episode for his own gains, imo.

      2. Tavia must be really drunk, I think she said she forgets some parts of what happened that night.

      3. Whoever can drive with someone’s head on the thigh, must be an eunuch!
        Good thoughts!

        Him Law later admitted that he should have put Tavia on the back seat. Too late. Damage was done!

      4. Whoever can drive with someone’s head on the thigh, must be an eunuch!

        That’s what I wonder as well. He must be a yoga expert.

      1. Whatever, Him should have known better and he dares said he wans to protect her in the interview, amen!

      2. He can’t say anything other than that. Saying that “I’ll present her some punches I learned at my boxing class and consider it as practice for sport?””

  37. tavia is a tough cookie she will get through this same as him.I fully support you two (seeing each other doesn’t mean they are dating yet) Ex say i or any of us went out with the same guy twice or so does that mean we are dating no it doesn’t

    As artistes yes they should all becareful but even if you are careful or not there will alwayz be a bunch of pap/reporters waiting around the corner,in bushes… tavia is a human being she has friends to hang out with we all do

  38. I saw picture of Tavia and 620 linking arms and smiling together happily at this event yesterday.

    1. I wonder what they were thinking as they link arms sweetly. Maybe about PR achieved?

      1. Congratulations to them! If I were them, I’d be happy too. Let’s be realistic here. 😉

      2. But after what happened with Boscolie, let’s see how long this couple will last. I should start a countdown lol

      3. Who know maybe you will see another 8 years relationship and then BOM! It is over. But by then, then I guess it will be after Himahim get his tv king, I bet Tavia will get before that.

      4. Only Myolie has the best actress, Bosco hasn’t had the best actor.

        So HimHim dun need to wait until he grabs the best actor.

      5. Lol so you mean it can be over before that? Like end of this year or next year if TY get it this year?:P

  39. Since she was drunk, hiding for 40min is a pretty normal thing, esp. when there is news of the paparazzi being around. Tavia has always not been so fond of the paparazzi, and she’s probably more sensitive in a half-conscious state.

    I think hiding in Him’s lap was a very bad move for her (esp. when rumors are already milling about), but it’s not like a drunk person could do much at the time. Her explanation sounds pretty reasonable to me. If Tavia decides to take it to court and basically spammed her Weibo blog about the incident, it’s obvious that she feels really upset over it (aka she probably was not lying).

      1. can i ask you a question if you were drunk would you know what you have done? one more thing tavia was drunk shouldnt him be the one helping her to the back of his car??

        She felt dizzy and faintd so i’m pretty sure that not good drinkers would get that kind of sickness or nausea or whatever we call it and things like that happens

      2. If Drunk can just sleep at the back seat or lay nicely on her own seat

      3. @Agnes Tan
        Did you watch the clip? Him said that he knows it was better for Tavia to sleep in the back seat, but because he just wanted Tavia to be comfortable at the time, he didn’t think much about her lying on his leg. After all, they are “very comfortable” with each other. It doesn’t matter what their relationship is. The important thing is that the news is making stuff up about what Tavia was doing with Him.

    1. Now ppl can say No fire no smoke. If the reporters dun say the truth, why they are that serious to open even a press conference? Bosco’s nude pix is a serious case of privacy and he didn’t open a press conference, as well as didn’t sue. Just in case of wanna cover the truth ASAP, an action like press conference is held.

      Going to court and say wat? That the reporters told we seem to have sex because my face is on his crotch? LMAO~, reporters will show the pic and 100% the judges will think: It really looks like that.

      1. Well, just because not everyone decides to take matters to court, it doesn’t mean that anyone ever should. I believe Tavia was very upset over the manner, as I have noticed often from past news that she highly dislikes the paparazzi. I don’t think it’s abnormal for her to open up a press conference if she truly thinks her rights have been violated by the paparazzi & the media.

      2. The press conference is hosted by Txb, lolz. So it’s the decision of Txb to have a press conference for beloved babies, not that whoever want, whoever don’t want. If there is chance, nobody dun want to sue. Have some good noise for free, why not?

        The paps are hated by so many. Lolz, look at these pix, 100% will think of something “funny”, don’t need AppleDaily to write it out.

  40. Okay, TVB’s Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs declared that they will take legal action against Apple Daily for smearing Tavia.

    Meanwhile Filmko manager said they will also discuss to see if they need to take legal action for Him Law and he firmly believe in Him Law.

    1. always sid take legal action but after 3 months nothing happen like the nude pic of Bosco.

    2. Now I sense that the truth is what reporters said, or they won’t immediately want to close the mouth of the reporters this way.

      Look, Ron and Toby dun have one because Toby said that they did wrestling in the pool and reporters said the same thing. So can’t close their mouths.

  41. Any person with some kind of good sense would put a female’s head on his lap while he is driving a car. First, it is too dangerous for both people. Secondly, as both of them are public figures, this kind of approach would create a lot of bad publicity.

    1. Yeah, thanks for pointing out the truth…-.-”

      You’re disgusting and pathetic.

  42. ok…too much explanation tavia! too much ums…but whatever i don’t care. if u like him go for him n stay wif him regardless of what ppl say. i wonder if she is embarrassed because he is much younger than he is. sh should be happy that she has a bf. she don’t wanna get old and then find someone. how come her face looks funny? did she went under the knife?

    1. i know, talks so damn much thats a sign u r covering up. big deal so u r cougar ahahahaa… LOL..but that was an embarrasing pic.

  43. From the interview clip, Tavia seems worried and confused, hangover?
    What ever the truth is hope she be strong and move on.

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