Tavia Yeung Admits Dating Him Law After Caught in His Lap

Apple Daily published shocking photos of Tavia Yeung’s (楊怡) face resting on Him Law’s (羅仲謙) lap yesterday. Reportedly caught in an awkward act, 33-year-old Tavia allegedly laid on 28-year-old Him’s lap for the duration of a 40-minute car ride. When the reporters pounced on the couple, Tavia refused to lift up her head. Tavia was photographed covering her face and appeared to be terribly embarrassed.

Him Picks Up Tavia After Dinner

The night before, Tavia was having dinner with her classmates from the TVB acting class. At around 9 PM, Tavia made a call outside the restaurant. After ten minutes, Him was spotted driving Tavia’s car and arrived at a street near the restaurant, appearing to wait for Tavia. Unaware that Him was waiting for Tavia, Tsui Wing (徐榮) and Matt Yeung (楊明) arranged Tavia to board a taxi at around 1.30 AM. Tavia alighted in a dark lane and quickly boarded Him’s car. The couple drove off after staying in the car for around ten minutes.

Him and Tavia Caught in Awkward Position

The car was sighted cruising at a slow speed of 30 kilometers per hour. After 40 minutes of traveling, Tavia was not spotted within the car. When the vehicle stopped at a garage lot near Tavia’s apartment, the paparazzi immediately flashed their cameras towards the car. They then realized that Tavia was all along present in the car and spotted her awkward submerged position.

Tavia’s head reportedly was tucked in between Him’s legs and refused to lift up her face. Looking shocked and irritated, Him tried to stop the reporters from taking the pictures. Tavia was snapped covering her face with hands and her face was red, looking very embarrassed.

Realizing that he could not shake away the paparazzi, Him drove the car and returned to Tavia’s apartment. Tavia had then already tidied herself and donned a cap. Apple Daily also claimed that Tavia had fluid on her lips and kept wiping her lips.

Tavia Yeung Lashed at the Paparazzi

At 2:07 AM today, Tavia lashed at the paparazzi in her Weibo blog, “As a public figure, we need to reflect on our code of conduct. However, as a reporter, do you have basic ethics? The article becomes remarkable after it is being written this way. Has the Hong Kong media degraded in such a manner? Why did you not report the truth and distort the facts? Where is your conscience?”

Tavia Clarifies Scandal at Press Conference

This afternoon, Tavia and Him clarified the incident at a press conference. The couple appeared to be relaxed and comfortable when facing the media. Tavia revealed that she specifically requested for Him to drive her home as she had too many drinks at the dinner.

“Before I went for the dinner, I already told Him, ‘Why don’t you pick me? I will not be able to drive when I drink. I hope that someone whom I trust will take me home.’ Our group drank a lot and everyone was drunk. When I walked out, he already told me that there were suspicious paparazzi present. I do not like to be in the spotlight and do not like people to tail me. I took a taxi with Meini Cheung (張美妮) and two other classmates. When I reached Meini’s place, I alighted and boarded Him’s car. I already vomited in the taxi and I can’t remember what happened after that.”

Tavia also revealed that she vomited after alighting the taxi and Him even had to hold her to get on the car. “As an artist, we do not wish to be photographed in a drunken state. As he is someone that I trust, I slept on his lap at that moment. There is absolutely no doubt about that, but the situation is not like what the fabricated news said. There is a need to explain why the photos came out this way. When the car drove at my apartment building, Him patted me and said, ‘Hey Hey, Ah Yi, wake up now. There are paparazzi.’ Since this [paparazzi] is a sensitive word to an artist, my first reaction is to cover my face and wear my cap.”

Tavia also disclosed that she vomited several times and thus her lips were wet. Due to the tabloid’s outrageous report, Tavia is considering taking legal action against the publication. Tavia further explained that she and Him were getting to know each other and would inform the public if their relationship advanced to the next stage.

Watch Tavia and Him’s Interview Over the Scandal

[vsw id=”iiLUAP0nVe8″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Sources: On.cc via ihktv.com, Apple Daily via ihktv.com

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  1. What comes out from the press conference is only half the truth, and what comes out from the Doggie press is only picture truth, the rest are just made up to pieced the story together to make it believable but failed big time.
    I got to hand it to you guys for the debate, for the pure amaturish porn and not even Vivid quality, pun intended.
    Perhaps this is good story line for “The Other Truth 3” if indeed it goes to court, staring Roco n Tavia and of course Him.

      1. It will be “The Other Truth 2” only, not “The Other Truth 3”.

    1. The lightning quick press conference shows how much TVB loves Tavia. Therefore her fans can’t attack other artistes now if 620 help them because see how she help Tavia and they casually link arms?

      1. Why didn’t 620 help Ron Ng and Toby Leung in her “hugging and wrestling” incident in the pool?

      2. I doubt for such thing. If the winner of Best actress this year is Kate for example, you will see how 620 is bashed.

  2. I will have problem driving if any TVB young FaDan were to do a “Tavia” on me.

    If this happens, I would pull the car aside and let her finish the job.

  3. I will definitely have a problem of concentration in driving if someone is putting her head on my lap even if both of us are females.

    1. Totally agree!! How can one drive with someone laying ones head on your lap even with an automatic car!! If drunk surely she ought to go and lay in the back seat. Hasnt she broke the law without using the car seat belt, ha ha!!
      Tavia looks more fluent and more at ease in the interview and Him Law definitely appears uncomfortable. Personally there are some truths in the interview and more lies.
      If they were upfront with their relationship, this won’t happen to cause them both huge embarrassement.

      1. Unless in HK you drive with your left leg, clearly she was on his left lap, leaving his right free to maneuver the brake/gas, uncomfortable, maybe and one should be able to drive with a little discomfort/inconvenience. Besides, they know they are being follow, so unless she enjoys being risque and drag her name, reputation and career through the mud, even when drunk and not thinking clearly, no one in their right mind with would “service” her man like that. Besides, do you need a little head space? Give Tavia a benefit of a doubt. I am sure if that was your sister, friend, cousin, you would quick to come to her defense, not make fun of an embarrassing situation.

    2. I’m sure Him was enjoying the moment Tavia lays her head on his lap, I bet he must felt something triggering while driving LOL. TY is such a teaser, bad girl lol.

    3. It’s actually very incovenient for the driver to have a person sleeping on the lap while driving and can be dangerous to both too. It’s also will cause back discomfort for Tavia who has to crouch like that to sleep on Him’s lap. Yes Tavia should be breaking the seatbelt law too. lol.

    4. Have to disagree with you. From the pictures TY was resting her head on Him’s left lap.I don’t think it will make driving difficult since majority use only right foot to press the pedals, provided it’s an automatic car.

    5. I only accidentally put the bag on my friend’s left leg when she was driving in an automatic car and she scold me a lot as it can lead to dangerous situation :(. Why my friend isn’t like HimHim who can accept even a head on his lap to crotch :(.

  4. i stll thunk its hilarious… hahahh ty on crotch.. why cant thy just say i out loud. i am blowing himhim.. so wht.. hk ppl r so uptight

  5. Now we can replace “doing a blow-job” with “doing a Tavia”.

    1. Critics, I like this ‘doing a Tavia’!!! Thinbk you have started something

  6. Why is him law always look very “stiff” when he talks.even in movie and also in the above interview.

    1. Because he is uncomfortable, not good with talking, not exceedingly smart, not pr savvy.

  7. She thinks we r all children – believing such rubbish lies. Wasn’t it obvious wat she was doing ? Really just lying there? Wouldn’t him law stop the car and lift her head up?

    1. agree.. thts why i said ty should just admit it. its nt a big deal. drunk pls we r nt children.

  8. I don’t get it. What is it with HK media and catching artists dating? They’re humans too! They have all the rights to be happy and love. Geez, if you’re dating so be it. Leave them alone. =.=

  9. By the way, Jayne. I think you should re-do the title. In the interview, Tavia Yeung never admitted to dating Him Law. All she said was, “We’re just at a stage where we’re trying to understand each other more. He pours a lot of love and attention to me.”

    It’s quite a misleading title.

  10. I strongly believe Tavia is laying on Him’s leg, my daughter always laying and sleep on my left leg while I’m driving… it won’t cause driving difficult ..but you will feel comfortable as your love one is so near with you :p

    1. I’m not sure about child safety laws, but isn’t illegal to not have child not seat belted? It is not very safe especiall on the front seat. What if you get front ended. You could kill your child. You are lucky you have not got a traffic ticket from the police. Remember all the trouble Britney Spears got for having her baby on her lap. Your alot worse and a bad parent!!!!

    2. That can be dangerous for your child had something going on the road like emergency break and shouldn’t a child be buckled on the seatbelt just like an adult should? Or do you come from a country where seatbelt isn’t mandatory?

    3. This is so wrong. Child below 12 should sit at back seat, and no one – child or adult should lie on the driver’s lap while driving.

  11. If she was up to hanky panky, would this be an offense of the HK laws? I doubt a car would be considered a private place. So doesn’t this mean that they should be investigated as well?

  12. Wasn’t there another article on the site here about this incident?

    And you know…after looking at the photos more… I can’t really tell what she was doing. It doesnt look so innocent in some shots. Most people when tired are going to put the seat back and sleep – not bend over awkwardly onto the lap on someone driving. I notice she also isn’t in her seat belt….

  13. HK paparazzi are indeed scary! They invade celebrities’ personal life till such extent. TY won’t be so dumb to jeopardize her career in such manner. Well! We are off nobody to judge them too.

    1. lol Tavia if you gonna sue, why didn’t you just bring with you your long time good friend Ron and make him sue the media with you too.

  14. Jayne, what is your take on this incident?

    Also, I would like to comment that I love it when you leave feedbacks at the end articles. Such as the ones you use to write. It gives the reader a piece of your opinion which is interesting! You should consider doing that for every artile published! thanks 🙂

    1. Holly,
      Based on the photos, I don’t think Tavia did anything sexual with Him in the car. Him did not exactly look embarrassed when the paparazzi took the photos. He looked calm, but he did put up his hand to shield the paparazzi.

      Given Tavia was drunk, maybe she indeed wished to be near Him and not sit in the back. As a guy, maybe Him didn’t mind her laying on his lap. There may have been some details left untold as to what happened in the car, but I don’t think it was oral sex.

      He did not look annoyed when the paparazzi stopped them. Also driving so slowly at 30 kilometers (or 18 miles per hour) indicates that he may have been distracted. This is one point I don’t truly understand. There must have been some distraction inside the car.

      The photographs look compromising and Tavia did blush red. However, her blush could be due to her caught in such a position and knowing there is no way to shake off the proof that they are indeed dating.

      And if Apple Daily staff really had seen something sexual, they would have filmed it in a video clip version.

      As to Tavia wiping her mouth, it could have been drool or spit. Anyhow, her embarrassment when photographed is understandable, given she looked disheveled, was drunk, caught dating boyfriend (HK celebrities act so guilty when that happens), and laid in his lap. This is more than enough for her embarrassed reaction, but not necessarily an indication that there was oral sex.

      Overall, Tavia and Him’s responses do address the points raised in the issue. I just think that both Tavia and Him did not have the best judgement in the situation (their positions in the car), leading to the scandalous report.

  15. lol. A great role model. Girls everywhere should be learning from her. A guys lap is very comfortable…especially face down! Way to go Him! You are my new idol!

      1. She got overdrunk and broke the seatbelt law. Definitely unfit to good role model.

    1. I can’t believe this shock news bring lot of internet traffic. It is translated into many languages to catch million of readers in the world. Bad night for Tavia.

  16. So naive it is actually a little sad….I find this is actually a bit insulting to our intelligence. She’s 32 with over 10 years in the entertainment industry. Are you seriously saying that she thought that hiding in some guys lap was the best place for the reporters?

    Another point to note, if she puked, it would have been before that 40min car ride. Now are you saying that for some reason,she had some super sonic puke that just stayed on her face (still wet) while she laying on his lap for 40+ minutes…and for some reason, his pants repelled all this puke? Must be some quality pants!

      1. Tavia is 33. I recalled Chris Lai said when she got drunk, she was quiet & sleep. Why she was still alert? Plus she still walked to call Him to pick up & looked like not to drink. Plus why not bend down the seat & sleep as she was used to? Huhm ….
        I applaused Him for not…. If a girl puts face on laps 🙂 lie!

    1. Uhm, in the interview Tavia said that she woke up and puked again. She never puked on his pants.

  17. I don’t understand how her fans can still believe such lies. As a girl, if i were to do that kinda thing in the car and get caught, yes i would be like her too…and bury my face because if I were to get up, it will be obvious I was doing something bad down there. So covering face in the same position would save some embarassment.

      1. Tavia isn’t a pure and simple girl. She lied about her nose multiple times.
        And giving a blow job in the car is nothing wrong you know.

      2. She wouldn’t do it when she knew there is paps around them already.

      3. “I already vomited in the taxi and I can’t remember what happened after that.””
        She may not know there’s reporters after them since she’s drunk? And if she’s drunk she may do some things that lacks caution.

      4. I can’t remember what happened after that. If she can’t remember, how can she be sure of everything that happened? 😛

      5. Haha! I understand now! Clearly her so called “clear-water” is never that clean.

  18. Lol, obviously the instant noodles part are scripted. They took the whole day to script it.

    They even have a press conference to describe so detailed? Overkill. Obviously it’s a PR move to boost TY and Him. They should have just issued an official statement.

    1. I agree with sehseh. This is PR for Tavia and Him.

      TVB is obviously going all out to save Tavia and Him.

  19. I don’t know how Tavia could do it (putting her head on Him Law’s lap and bending her back so awkwardly) for 40 minutes. She surely felt uncomfortably and hurt her back badly!

    1. Why driving 40 mins in slow speed? Is it on high way or on road? If highway, it is violate law if you drive too slow. If it is on road, where were polices during 40 mins?
      If Tavia sues media, both she & Him might face investigate from police for violate traffic law. I am sure they will be in trouble.

  20. Him Law is one dishy guy, who wouldn’t give him a BJ. I’ll be first in the queue.

  21. I don’t buy it. She tries too hard to cover up step by step. When you’re drunk you are unconscious, her story just doesn’t match up for me and Him is bad at this lying. This is just gross….eww. Look at Him s face he looked like he is tired now and sweaty on one of he pic. Tavia we’re not 3 years old we could sense the lies in between.

  22. Since the whole story began with them trying hard to avoid the Dogs why in hell Him allows Tavia to sleeping in your lap FACING DOWN and driving super slow…it is just too much little pieces that dont fit in the puzzle. They are so immature thinking most audiences will buy it.

  23. Dont pay much attention to Tavia fan forum as only less than 10 of them post comments daily. Look at this web and other web blogs in other countries, you will see many of negative comments in Tavia. Many dont trust or doubt on this incident. I agree with Jay comment that they treat this news in relax mood to make them lie all 🙂
    I watched Tavia’s interview clip on oncall 36 promotion and she tuned me off with joke about muscle and 6 pack of him in front of reporters. No matter it is joke but turn me off. I like Mioyle and Linda Chung’s manner.

    1. I agree. Tavia’s way of joking is a real TURN OFF. She always jokes about money, muscles, etc. which is crude and low class. I think she should probably join super trio hosting or something. Her jokes fit right in with Eric Tsang’s jokes about girls and boobs. LOL

  24. Whatever they were doing, its up to them and no one has the right to pry on their personal lives, leave them alone please, after all what law have they transgressed?

    1. “after all what law have they transgressed?”

      Not wearing seat belt while in the moving car.

      Car shake is also illegal as Tavia herself said.

      1. The seatbelt law is obvious. Tavia also she lied on Him’s lap throughout.

  25. I don’t get what the big deal is other than the potential danger in compromising Him Law’s ability to drive safely.

    The couple is attracted to each other, they’re together, so let them eat each other out for god’s sake. That’s love; reality much?

    1. Not if you’re the person crossing the street and get knocked down because one couple can’t wait to get home. In fact there was such a news I read where a person was knocked down by a couple who was driving and doing the deed.

      1. You can actually drive and do the deed??? I never knew that and cannot even imagine it…

  26. lol… Tavia giving Him a Blow job & getting caught! Embarrassing indeed!

  27. If she did what people have suggested, wouldn’t Him’s pants need to be open/off? Since the paparazzi were close enough to photograph this awkward position and there are photographs of Tavia returning to a sitting position, would they have not been able to photograph Him’s lap? Some people are too easily fooled by the sensationalized media.

  28. She’s not type of people. Do not believe the reporter at all.

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