The Choices Sunny Chan Has to Make in Raising an Autistic Child

Since Sunny Chan‘s (陳錦鴻) son was diagnosed with autism at four years old, the actor scaled back his acting career to become a more involved father. Spending much of his time on advocating autism awareness as well as self-education, Sunny has seen improvement in his son’s condition.

Appearing as a guest on ViuTV’s Good Night Show <Good Night Show 發洩擂台>, Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻) shared recent updates on his son Edgar’s progress. With Edgar about to enter seventh grade soon, Sunny is currently busy trying to help him find a school. The 52-year-old actor, “I asked others to help me look for a school and we’ve helped him practice for interviews already. We looked at many schools but so far there’s been no luck. Since he was eight years old, I wanted to prepare him for these types of obstacles, allow him to adapt to different surroundings, and face any negative emotions.”

Although his son is autistic, Sunny said he and his wife have always faced problems together as a family, including finding tutors to help Edgar with English and Mandarin and attending interviews together.

While his son is still suffering from insomnia and is often anxious during different situations, Sunny explained that Edgar has matured significantly over the last few months, and has mentally grown at least two to three years in age.

While Sunny is looking for a school that fits Edgar, the actor also said he is opened minded about his son’s education. “If he doesn’t want to go to school, then he doesn’t have to go. We can find a less prestigious school and have him attend until he is 15 or 16 and then he can just start working afterwards. I think that’s even better – he doesn’t need to spend the extra money on tutoring. As long as it’s his choice then as parents, we’ll do our best to accommodate.”

Seeing Edgar’s growth over the years has given Sunny immense satisfaction as a parent, much more than his job as an actor has ever provided.


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  1. I’ve always admired Sunny’s dedication to his family and son. Though a child with autism may take up a lot of their time, I wish they had had another child as well. So when they pass, at least there’ll be a sibling who may be able to take care of Edgar.
    All the best to Sunny and his family

  2. Most of the parents of special needs children are exceptionally amazing. They are patient, adaptable, and so loving. They see the big picture instead of focusing on petty details and emotions. I admire the care that Sunny and his wife provide their son. That is beautiful and blessed family picture.

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