Perfect Timing: New ViuTV Drama Sheds New Perspective on Cheating in Marriage

This new ViuTV drama is getting free promotion.

Starring Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻), Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), Alex Lam (林德信), and Hedwig Tam (談善言), new ViuTV drama The Marriage <婚內情> will be premiering on April 29. A new trailer dropped by ViuTV introduces to the viewers the show’s main characters, with the slogan, “How can a marriage only include two people?” Viewers can’t help but to compare the show with the recent cheating scandal involving Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), praising ViuTV’s timing to be impeccable.

The Marriage follows the complicated relationship of a married couple, played by Sunny Chan and Sheren Tang. Sheren allows Sunny to have an extramarital relationship with Hedwig Tam while Sheren also has her own extramarital affair with Alex Lam. Bernice also comes in between Sunny’s relationship with Sheren.

Sunny said in the trailer, “An affair… I wouldn’t call it an affair, but another relationship outside of marriage. People would say, but you’re married. You have romance. The romance of a marriage… it’s a relationship, not romance.”


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  1. I agree that the timing is impeccable. TVB is probably even more pissed now, since their artist indirectly had a hand in giving a rival station’s series free promotion while they themselves have the headache of figuring out what to do with their own series that Jacqueline is in. Yet another bad mark against Jacqueline….

  2. Oh wow, in your face TVB xD

    Joke aside, those snippets really showcased Sheren. Hopefully Sunny shows some range in this series too. He became very dull at TVB.

    1. @mofo
      Not really but if I remember correctly, Sheren fell for Kong Wah back then who is also a married man. But he choose to stay faithful to his wife.

      1. @hetieshou People will forget with time. People forgot what Kong Wah did and wanted him to come back to film but Andy/Jacqueline incident has reminded everyone of all the past cheating artists in Hong Kong again.

      2. @mike
        True and time fades most things. But I guess Kong Wah’s case is different as he did not cheat. Andy and Jacqueline’s case is just very bad as one is married and the other is dating. Plus, they did it in public with the incident being recorded too so there is proof of it all. This scandal will forever be a black mark like Edison Chen’s stuff.

      3. @hetieshou Kong Wah and Sheren had an affair and that’s why Sheren also go frozen after it came into light. He was caught in her apartment many times and Sheren was so in love with him she publicly confessed.
        It was so long ago, I just learned about it after this new cheating scandal came out.

      4. @mike
        Yeh. Kong Wah did cheat. I think kong wah’s wife has mentioned it in interviews many years later. Their husband wife relationship has got a lot stronger over the years since.

      5. @mike She got to play a lead at 2009 Rosy Business? So I guess if this JW hangs around until her 40’s she will get a chance again? lol..haha
        I vaguely remember a clip on utube that the unfaithful dude KW did not regret a thing and was not an ounce apologetic about it and the wife also forgave him over the incident. Go figure!! I guess all these religious women are the same forgiveness is the only solution?

      6. @wm2017
        That’s totally different. Sheren was a lead actress since the mid 1980’s with a great CV to her name. All Jacqueline has is some crap performances to her name and a Miss HK runner up award which should duly get wiped off her record soon…

      7. @sophiej That was before they converted. They both mention it briefly in their testimonies without naming names or too many details of how intimate they had become but both do seem to have sincere remorse and shame about the affair so people have forgiven them as both have moved on as different people.

        JW and AH’s remorse has yet to be seen and their case is a whole lot worse since JW premeditated her double-cheating and AH is a repeat offender.

        It is the same case with Sire Ma in how she planned to steal her friend’s woman. It is more morally unacceptable to steal your friend’s partner and betray that trust and friendship, when compared to cheating with a woman who has no link to the third party.

        It is easier to forget KW/ST’s case since we have only heard about it with not too many details. Whereas the images of JW/AH in the taxi have been imprinted in our memory forever or of Sire Ma dancing in her black lingerie. Visual memory is the hardest to forget.

      8. @mike
        Oh sorry it has been so long that I do not remember the details anymore. Anyways, if Sheren cheated and then can revive her career, maybe Jacqueline has a chance? But then again, maybe not as she cannot compare to Sheren when it comes to career. Sheren was also bold and more straightforward as opposed to the cry baby Jacqueline who is hiding out thinking that age will get off easy as time passes.

  3. Sounds very modern. I hope it is humorous too. I can’t stand too much repetitive angst – these people are all adults, not hormonal teens.

  4. LOL omg Hedwig Tam (談善言) – like Harry Potter’s owl? LOL now we know where the inspiration came from. A massive HP fan i guess?

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