“Tiger Cubs 2” Cast Films Promotional Clip in Blazing Heat

After much anticipation, Tiger Cubs 2 <飛虎II> will finally premiere on October 19. Despite the blazing heat, stars Joe Ma (馬德鐘), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), and Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) were all dressed in their SDU uniforms to film the promotional video

Although the temperatures were heated, Joe expressed that he had a great experience filming with the crew again. Having worked with the same group of actors twice already, Joe developed friendships with his colleagues. Recalling his experience with the heavy SDU costume and the tough filming environment because of the action scenes, Joe joked that TVB should treat the cast to something special.

On the other hand, Benjamin thoroughly enjoyed his time under the bright sun and did not mind wearing the thick uniform. “I quite like it actually. Whenever I wear the uniform, the sun would come out and shine over us. The winter costumes aren’t bad, but the summer ones can help preserve body temperature!”

Having filmed Tiger Cubs 2 last summer, Oscar said the temperatures were not as hot today. Oscar shared the secret to keeping dry amid the sweating. Oscar laughed, “Just bring a couple of extra underwear!”

Source: On.cc; On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Don’t forget the first one was broadcast over the weekend as well.

  1. This is so similar to ROE and it is screened so close to tvb award ceremony. Looks like tvb has something against ruco. Is it me only who feel that tvb has withdrawn opportunities for ruco this year.
    He is no longer given lead roles this year nor invited to sing theme songs?

    1. TVB and their baloney! Their excuse for not airing ROE in 2012 was that it was similar in genre to Tiger Cubs so they thought it was better to reschedule ROE to later. Now they’re going to have TC2 right after Line Walker.
      I think Ruco’s contract is due for renewal very soon. I believe this is TVB tactics to make him renew his contract ie withhold active promotion till he signs his life away with them again.

    2. I just came across this interesting tidbit re Tiger Cubs 1 :”On 30 March 2011, a tourist bus hostage scene inspired by the Manila hostage crisis was filming near Kai Tak Airport…..guest star Kenneth Ma, who portrays the hijacker, said he was afraid the scene would tarnish his public image……On 1 April, TVB executives decided to cancel the scene, stating that the plot was too sensitive and disturbing for the Hong Kong people. They re-filmed the hostage scene from hijacking a tourist bus to hijacking a boat”

      ……then why did they make Ruco film a similar scene in Sky Eye? Won’t it “tarnish” his public image?

  2. Again, too bad they killed of Vincent’s character. They should have killed off Him Law or William Chak instead. Otherwise,looking forward to seeing this

    1. Don’t worry. Vincent’s TWIN brother will show up and die.

      In Tiger Cubs 3, Vincent shows up again as the TRIPLET brother. Ofc, they kill him too.

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