Toby Leung Welcomes First Child!

2019 is ending to a new beginning—36-year-old Toby Leung (梁靖琪) has welcomed her first child with husband, 28-year-old Jonathan Sze (施雋賢).

The former TVB actress gave birth to their son which they named Roman Sze (施睿文) via Cesarean section on December 27, 2019. Their son weighed 8.6 lbs at birth.

Jonathan first shared the news on New Year’s Eve on social media. He wrote, “My son Roman, welcome to the world—I’m so happy to live my life with you! As for everything about you, if it wasn’t for your mother who is an absolute hero, none of this would have happened. Your mother experienced 16 hours of tough labor before we decided to do an emergency Cesarean birth. Never forget what your mother experienced, and when you grow old, remember to love and respect your mother. You were once the pillar of this family. Thank you for your energy, strength, and love. Now, let our family of three begin!”

Toby was not available for interviews, but her close friend Angela Tong (湯盈盈) told the media that Toby has been happy and absolutely ecstatic about welcoming a new baby in the family. “She gave birth to a large and healthy baby boy. She’s finally a mother!”


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  1. Wow.. congratulations she seems real serious about her new husband this time since she’s popping out a baby already good for her. Lol. Maybe she like it young and good looking he reminds me of Fred Cheng maybe?

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