Toby Leung Breaks Into Tears As She Recalls Cambodia Trip

Toby Leung (梁靖琪) attended her first event in Hong Kong since returning from her one-week trip in Cambodia. There, she helped people paint houses and interacted with children.

The 35-year-old actress recalled her meeting with a two-year-old girl, who was sold for a “first night.” Expressing that her heart still felt heavy about their meeting, she shared, “The mothers there would be very happy whenever they give birth to a daughter, because that means they could sell them. I met a 14-year-old girl who was sold, and she spent three nights with a client at a hotel. After coming out of that room, she became worthless. She was then sold to a brothel, and the girl reached out to a charity for help, but in those 22 days she waited, she was raped 198 times. That means nine people per day. I got chills.” Toby’s eyes turned red after telling the story.

After hearing the girls’ stories, Toby confided to her mother and older sister. She expressed that she wants to bring her niece to Cambodia soon, so she too could experience it. Asking if she would go again, Toby said, “I will. At least once a year.”


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  1. It breaks my heart to know that there are so many parts of the world that exploit girls as young as 2 into sexual slavery ans sold into brothels, what make it even more disgusting is that their own parents actually are happy and look forward to sell them out. And these young girls are so helpless and can’t fight back because they are so young and have no voice. I hope society as a whole can stand up for these girls and stop this practice.

    1. @kokomo yes, i totally agree with everything you have said. But do believe the parents don’t actually enjoy and like what they do. But more a way of survival. It is intergenerational and the parents are doing what their parents had done. They may not know any different. If i sell off one child, i can give food for our family of 5 for the next few days. Wrong of course!! But rather than condemning the parents, we need to look at the people who are controlling those countries. They are responsible for allowing this to happen.

      For us who live in developed countries, we can’t understand or believe this.

      For me it’s the bigger picture, the government in power and what they are doing for their people? Are they rolling riches, yet their citizens are begging in the streets or selling off their children?

      Very, very sad situation.

      1. @dramafan Yes, I do agree that it does fall back on their government and what it can do to help these girls, but unfortunately their government is corrupt. Such sad situation.

  2. God bless Toby’s heart for helping these children and bringing sex trafficking to people’s attention.

    Parents who are saying that they are forced to prostitute their children are liars. If the mothers are so desperate to get money, they would have prostituted themselves than to let their own children go through the pain. Not that prostitution is right for either parents or children, but just goes to show that these are excuses. They gave birth to girls to sell them and make a profit out of them. A mother who truly cares about not being able to feed their children would put them up for adoption, not to use them.

    Please raise children and allow them to make an honest living – which doesn’t have to be prostitution. Don’t raise kids just to put them through hell. Otherwise, use birth control or don’t have sex.

  3. A client of mine once remarked, “I thought I knew what poverty was, but it wasn’t until I went to [redacted], that I realized just how great we have it here.” Granted this client’s remarks rubbed me the wrong way for what he said later on & how the conversation went down, but that part of his comment rang true.

    If she goes back, I hope it’s to help the unfortunate rather than to watch & gawk at their misfortunes to remind themselves how great their lives are in comparison. It’s effed up & I know most people don’t do charity for that reason, but this client of mine definitely gave me that vibe.

  4. The world is so beyond cruel. People are so desperate to survive.

    But the worst are these men. Such worthless animals. There is no punishment severe enough for inflicting such pain on innocent children.

  5. I hope this is not some pity tourism. Do something! I don’t know what can be done. People in so much poverty, they willingly sell their on children to earn a few dollars, selling their children cheap and destroying their own soul. I was in cambodia and it i rife with pedophile sex industry. The scenery, the architecture, yes, but single old man there… you can figure it out. I’ve read some go as low as so called adopt them and then have their ways with these children, some as young a infants. I am sickened by it. This is one country receiving donations from world and yet sex trade is rife. It is the mindset. And poverty. But I have seen many very poor people and they don’t go selling children for sex, hiding behind wardrobe or whatever as a pimp.

    1. @funnlim Thanks for sharing your insight. It sounds sickening that little girls are treated this way and and violated so early in life. Non-profits can only do so much by rescuing the girls and putting them up for adoption (presumably overseas adoption since locals aren’t able to support the children), but this is a long and lengthy process. In the end, the government has to enact laws to greater protect these children. Unless international relief puts pressure on the local government, change wouldn’t happen since it’s already become a common practice in society.

      Although Toby didn’t mention it in her interview, it appears that she is involved in supporting nonprofits to help these young girls. And bringing her other female family members to Cambodia so they can help too, whether through monetary donations or raising awareness.

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