Toby Leung’s Shout-out to Boyfriend: “Love Gives You Courage”

Dating rich heir Jon Sze for over a year, 35-year-old Toby Leung (梁靖琪) is grateful he entered her life. She gave a shout-out to him on Instagram to express her appreciation towards their love. She wrote, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, and loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Known for her earlier party image, Toby may finally be settling down. In 2011, she had married rich second generation Aaron Wong (黃敏豪) after dating for several months. But their marriage ended just as quickly a year later. She had described their split, “Now that I think back, we were too quick to decide on marriage. We became engaged and married even though we had known each other for less than a year. We got together before knowing each other well, and are now separated because we know each other too well.”

Although most of her close friends are now married moms, Toby is more carefree in enjoying her dating relationship. Despite being older than Jon by seven years, they get along very well. Especially enjoying outdoor sports, the couple leads an active lifestyle. Taking many trips together, the couple traveled to Thailand and even volunteered in Cambodia last year.

Netizens were happy for Toby in finding love again and sent their blessings to the couple.

Source: Yahoo HK 

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  1. Seven years difference may not seem much when she’s 35 and he’s 28 but if they even last another 5 years and she’s 40 and he’s only 33, his eyes will be on the younger 20-something girls cause there is no way Toby will still look young at that age…………I find that a lot of these “cougar” women seek out younger men with high libidos just to make themselves feel younger and to increase their self-confidence, but they are only cheating themselves………….Once the younger dudes watch their cougar woman reach middle-age, the interest completely dies down.

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