Tony Hung’s Acting is Hilariously Bad in “The Learning Curve of a Warlord”

Dicky Cheung’s (張衛健) comeback TVB drama The Learning Curve of a Warlord <大帥哥> was a long time coming, and when it finally premiered last Monday, the show received overwhelmingly positive reviews, largely due to Dicky’s comfortable performance as the lead character, Tik Kei.

With a strong lead character and a well-written supporting cast, viewers are pleasantly surprised with the show, but one thing that many netizens can’t seem to get over is Tony Hung (洪永城), who plays Tik Kei’s close friend, Ma Tan.

Much like the anime character Tamama, Ma Tan is hotheaded and impulsive. In Monday’s episode Mak Sin-gan (Eddie Pang 彭懷安) seizes and threatens Yuen-yuen (Sisley Choi 蔡思貝), and just as Tik Kei is about to go save her, Ma Tan rushes to her aid. Although he gets shot, Ma Tan manages kills Mak in a frenzy and decapitates him. It was meant to be a heavy scene, but netizens found Tony Hung’s acting so exaggerated that the scene ended up being one of the most hilarious parts of the episode.


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  1. Whilst I was impressed with Vivien Yeo’s crying scene where she was both funny and pitiful, to be fair to Tony, everybody was a miscast. Dicky wasn’t one of the reason, he is the sole reason the series is watchable. The rest are merely trying to catch up and couldn’t. Felt like giving up until Raymond Cho appeared and gave the story heart and some good acting. If only the casting was tighter. Sisley is ok, by herself but she is a snoozefest. I find none of the supporting cast funny or comedic or whatever. Dicky alone is carrying this series. No dicky, I wouldn’t bother.

  2. I never thought Tony Hung can act. I have watched every series that he has been casted in and he has ruined them all!

    1. @moseenaddict I’ve only (fortunately) seen a few of his dramas, and I also thought he was bad in all of them.

      He’s got zero talent or charm. I don’t understand why TVB keeps casting him.

  3. I didn’t find the crazed killing scene acting as bad as what people have said but Tony’s acting is so uncharismatic that they should just focus on the other 2 sworn brothers instead. The script and the cartoonie bad guys is why the series is bad

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