Tony Leung Scared to Watch Himself in “The Duke of Mount Deer”

TVB’s classic 1984 adaptation of Jin Yong’s The Duke of Mount Deer <鹿鼎記> is currently airing on the midnight time slot of TVB Jade. The 40-episode drama, produced by Lee Tim-sing (李添勝), starred the then 22-year-old Tony Leung Chiu-wai (梁朝偉) and 23-year-old Andy Lau (劉德華) in the lead roles.

“I watched a bit of it a few nights ago,” said Tony. “Scared myself! Went straight to sleep!”

On March 22, Project House held a 25th anniversary dinner, attended by film artists such as director Wong Kar-wai (王家衛), Tony Leung, Chang Chen (張震), Sandrine Pinna (張榕容), and more. Wong Kar-wai, who also owns Project House, expressed his bittersweet thoughts at how fast 25 years have gone by, but did say that he is very satisfied with all the films he have made so far. The director is currently working on the comedy-drama film The Ferryman <擺渡人>, which stars Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武). “It’s almost done,” he said. “Takeshi and Tony work so well together. We all had a great time.”

Despite rumors of delayed filming, Tony said he had a great time shooting The Ferryman. “I’m very happy to be able to film a comedy. I want to continue to do more films with positive energy.”

The award-winning actor revealed that he will be shooting Europe Raiders <歐洲攻略>, also a comedy to be directed by Wong Kar-wai, soon after finishing The Ferryman. As Tony took an extended break after shooting 2013’s The Grandmaster <一代宗師>, Tony’s sudden workload is surprising.

“That is the life of a film actor,” said Tony. “Either you never come across a movie you want to do, and wait; or they all come at once, and be very busy.” Joking that Tony would not be able to have time to spend with wife Carina Lau (劉嘉玲), he said, “She’s even busier than me! It’s always been like that.”

Mentioning that TVB is currently broadcasting his 1984 television drama The Duke of Mount Deer, Tony said, “It scared me! I watched a bit a few nights ago, and couldn’t handle it anymore. I went straight to sleep!” The former TVB actor added that he does not save his old television dramas.

Source: Headline Daily, Oriental Daily

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  1. Tony has always been an amazing actor with a very humble and down to earth personality. I love all of his TVB series. I feel he should be proud of them too. I guess maybe he is the type that does not like to watch himself onscreen. I personally would not like watching myself on screen unless I had to.

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      3. @freedalas

        I was not going to waste my time on you but just had to say how stupid you are if you do not even know what is was sayng. I said IF i was an actress, I personally would not want to watch myself on screen because it would be awkward. When the hell did I ever say I was an actress? YOU are the one who does not know what you are saying. I am 1000% sure how everyone feels about you here. You are just too blind and thick skinned to see how much people despise you. How sad is that? Let’s see how much longer you can bash WCL or anyone here before he hires a hitman to murder a xiao ren like you. One day I truly hope that Jayne bans you for good before you continue to pick fights and insult others.

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        Unlike you with your pithy posts about how good/or bad some celebs’ photos were, my intention of participating in this forum is to have fun and not impress anyone? If that were my intention, it would certainly not in an entertainment forum like this and over frivilous exploits by celebs. LOL! There is no reasons for me to devote much of my time and energy to continue debating or discussing stupid celeb exploits with aging fanboys like you

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  2. Tony was great in all his dramas! He was so young back then. Still handsome as always!!! I feel many people wouldn’t like to see themselves act when they were young. Must find it awkward.

  3. Haha..aww, love Tony!  Amazing actor with a humble, down-to-earth personality, and just overall great person!  And he still has that unique sense of humor that I’ve always loved about him!  I also loved all of Tony’s series back when he was with TVB and while I enjoyed most of his movies too, I prefer his older classics, as I kind of feel like his movie roles the past few years haven’t been as interesting and varied as his movie and TV roles from way back when.  Regardless though, still love him and always will!   

    Tony’s version of DOMD is and always will be a classic – a series that I can re-watch a dozen times and still not get tired of it (actually, same thing can be said of many of the classic series from back in the 80s/early 90s period).  And I still feel that the 1984 TVB version of DOMD had the best cast, whether main characters or minor ones….ah, makes me once again miss those old days of TVB – a period where there was such an overflow of talent both in front of the screen (actors and actresses) and behind it (scriptwriters, producers, directors, etc.) that it was relatively easy to find a good, quality series to watch.  Nowadays — let’s just say that I barely pay attention to what’s on TVB anymore….

    1. @llwy12
      Well said and I love the Domd version with Tony and Andy. I have seen the remakes and enjoyed them too,but the classic version is still the most special to me. My mom says no one can be as good as Tony in the role of Wei Xiao bao. I really miss the good old days. I hardly watch any Tvb series these days but luckily I have other options these days.

  4. This is weird. I mean what so scared of? if watching yourself on screen again. It’s just like looking at your old photos that’s it right? I think he should be proud to watch it see how good looking he was back in the old day. Now he still is but can’t compared with his old day. Don’t get me wrong and I do like Tony but in here he is just a joke.

    1. @asian2015

      Many actors don’t like watching their old movies, especially those they filmed many many years ago, because their acting has improved a lot since then and it pained them to watch their old ‘bad’ acting.

      I think no one would say Sheren Tang was a bad actress even in her first few series. But, Sheren Tang herself said she felt her acting was very bad when she rewatched her old series.

      1. @kidd well if I was him I’ll just keep it as for a memory not gonna hurt. Plus it’s been so many years already so he had nothing to worry about and I don’t think everyone is perfect for a new actor just have to keep on trying hard. We all know he’s now a best actor he should be proud.

    2. @asian2015 i think some actors just don’t like watching their own movies. Like Johnny Depp said he never watched any of his movies, so he doesn’t know whether he did well or not. He said he will get stressed out watching himself in the movie because then he will think he should done this and that, but the movie is already out so he can’t change it. While many watched their movies, I think filming can be quite stressful for some as they got into their character too much, and watching it may trigger the unhappy memories from filming. Leehom also said that while filming lust caution, the scene where he had to break the neck was very scary his hand couldn’t stop shaking for two days. During the press con he said he still got the chill everytime he thinks about that scene eventhough its (obviously) not real killing.

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