Traces of Jacqueline Wong Can Still Be Seen in “Forensic Heroes IV”

“Tsui Yee” in Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒IV> was a role originally tailor made for Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎). The character’s mannerisms, vocal tone, and personality were all written with Jacqueline in mind.

But all of that time and effort went down the drain when the 31-year-old actress was caught in a cheating scandal with singer Andy Hui (許志安) last year. With Jacqueline’s image down the drain, TVB had to come up with a quick plan to ensure that Forensic Heroes IV, a show that was originally meant to be 2019’s anniversary drama, would get eventual air-time.

Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) was called in last-minute for the reshoots, replacing Jacqueline as Tsui Yee. She was only given one month to redo all the scenes that took Jacqueline five months to complete. And Roxanne’s efforts can be seen. The actress has been getting massive support for her performance as Tsui Yee, receiving critical acclaim.

Roxanne definitly showed that she did her research before taking on the role of Tsui Yee. From her posture to even vocal tone, Roxanne clearly imitated Jacqueline to the T.

The editing team did a great job replacing Jacqueline’s scenes with Roxanne’s, but sharp-eyed viewers were able to notice that the editors did not completely edit Jacqueline away. Certain scenes that showed only Jacqueline’s back were kept. Roxanne only needed to fill in for the close-up shots. A recent episode featuring Tsui Yee meeting with a newspaper editor played by Jerry Ku (古明華) showed the character wearing heels, but in the following scene, Tsui Yee was seen wearing flats. The scene with Tsui Yee wearing heels was the original shot featuring Jacqueline, and the next scene was a reshoot with Roxanne.

Tsui Yee wearing heels:

Tsui Yee wearing flats:


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  1. This article is exceedingly unfair to say roxanne imitated jacqueline to the T. To roxannes credit, she was a far better actress than Jacqueline with clear anguish, guilt and streetsmart in her performance. Now that i know she only had 1 month, i can see why certain scenes she looked exhausted. Which also explain why raymond looked out of place since he had done the scene before so some scenes he didnt seem to have showed up performance wise. Jacqueline is a decent actress but her always smiling face wouldnt have suited this character so changing actress was a blessing. Whoever said this series was written with jacqueline in mind clearly doesnt know what kind of actress Jacqueline is and tvb never write any series with anyone in mind. Frankly entire series all the professionals are portrayed as so in control of their emotions, roxanne seems to be the only human capable of any emotion in this series.

    1. @funnlim I agree 100%. The issue with TVB series these days is that actors are acting wrong! They believe having full control of their emotions is good acting… So wrong! They just end up being robotic and doesn’t seem real. They need to relearn how to act, because many are unable to bring themselves into their roles and it just looks wooden. Roxanne is probably the only one to show reasonable emotions in her role. The rest… I won’t even bother looking. The series could’ve been better but they made it overly serious. It lacks the comedy/family vibe that the previous series had.

      1. @sugadough
        I agree that “the series could ‘ve been better but they made it overly serious”.

        I tried to watch the drama series in 2 different episodes, and I could not stand it after about 10 to 15 minutes. Raymond Wong’s voice is pretty monotonous, and Shaun Tam’s is even worse ………… just with one tone through out the whole conversations.

        I only watched the whole scene when Timothy Cheng was begging Alice Chan to forgive him and stay. Cannot stay on for other story developments. Pretty boring and too serious.

        However, I did watch the previous series of “Forensic Heroes”.

      2. @sugadough It’s not the actors’ fault. You can see in the scenes & dialogue that theyre supposed to act out a character who is in control of their emotions at all times. I understand that scientists are logical, but they’re humans too & have emotions. Roxanne’s role is made to be emotional, while the rest of the cast arent.

        I agree that FH4 lacks the comedy vibe. Also, all they do is TALK, instead of show.

    2. @funnlim In an interview with the casts, they said Roxanne barely had any NGs, which shows that despite how little time she had, she worked hard in memorizing lines, getting into character, etc. If given as much time as JW had, Roxanne’s performance would probably be even better. TVB also told her to lose 10 lbs in short time

  2. I thought Selena is one of the main actress but even Roxanne has more scenes than her! Poor Raymond, as he needed to reshoot so many scenes with Roxannce..

  3. Selena is the only one of the forensics side of the team who looks the part and has been brilliant. Really like Shaun and his character’s bluntness. Akina Hong absolutely destroying Alice Chan in beauty here. Total mismatch…

  4. Seriously, the more TVB trying to “protect” [I don’t know what should I call it] that shameless Jacqueline despite she has no look and decent acting skill like Ali Lee, the more I think there is “something” between her and TVB management people!

    1. @ancestor Why do you think TVB is protecting her? It costs $ to film each & every scene. I guess it doesnt matter if it’s a scene of her back

  5. I was just talking to someone about FH4 today. If TVB pushed out the other two Jacqueline’s dramas, why did they spend so much money to re-shoot her scenes in FH4? It tires out the actors, uses lots of money, will create inconsistencies etc. From what I’ve heard she’s not a main lead (just in parts here and there), so seems like a waste of money to do all this work if they were fine to broadcast her work anyways…

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