Tracy Chu Talks About Status of Her Long-distance Relationship

Lessening television appearances to focus on her law degree, Tracy Chu (朱千雪) still finds time to attend events to earn money for her tuition.

In a recent event at a racecourse, she appears in a beautiful long white lace dress matched with a uniquely designed white fascinator. Dressing up is a tradition in large racecourse events in England every year, and the ladies pay great attention to their outfits, so Tracy did the same. Stating that the exciting and thrilling atmosphere of the racecourse is infectious, Tracy couldn’t help but join the crowd in cheering for the horses.

Tracy enjoys seeing the horses, as she had to learn how to ride one in Australia for a show. She had only learned the basics of riding and guiding the horse, but already feels closely linked with nature. Although five years have passed since then, she loved the experience and wouldn’t mind trying it again in a drama.

Though Tracy mentioned filming a drama, it seems she won’t have time in the short term. She said, “Since young, I’ve always thought I’m a normal person, and never thought that I’ll have a group of fans supporting and treating me so well. They’ll support anything I do, so just let nature take its course. Right now, I’ve got to focus on completing my degree first!”

With studies currently being her top priority, many are also curious if this affects her relationship with Justin Ng, an interventional radiology doctor currently residing in Australia. Tracy said their relationship is stable and happy, and revealed that he rarely watches dramas. When asked if it’s because he’ll get jealous of seeing her kiss scenes, she laughed, “He understands the real me very well, so there’s no need to monitor my dramas.”

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