TVB Actor Alan Wan Turns Career to Singapore

With the increasing number of artistes leaving TVB, “Muscle Man Alan Wan (溫家偉) has decided not renew his contract and will instead develop his career further in Singapore.

Born in New York, Alan participated in the 2008 Mr. Hong Kong Pageant and signed with TVB with little knowledge of Chinese. Initially working at TVB Pearl due to his fluent English, Alan eventually gained more opportunities to star in variety programs and dramas. Alan’s most recognizable roles were in Young Charioteers <衝線>, Ghost of Relativity <鬼同你OT>, and The Stunt <特技人>.

Although he is ending his 10-year relationship with TVB, Alan thanked the station for all the good memories he had. He wrote on Instagram, “My contract with TVB has officially ended. I want to thank TVB for giving me 10 years of opportunities. Without TVB, there wouldn’t be the Muscle Man.”

Winning an award for his second-male lead role in a Singaporean series in 2017, Alex hopes to expand his career in Singapore. Currently starring in popular Singaporean show, Last Madame, Alan will be doing commercial shoots and promotional work there as well. However, the 32-year-old actor will continue to work in Hong Kong and China should opportunities arise.

“Last Madame” Trailer

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  1. Good for him!! He is pretty cute but totally wasting his time w/TVB. I only remember him in The Stuntman and I never even knew his name until now. haha …Sigh…I just goggled the show on youtube seems interesting.

  2. He’s not bad looking, but his acting is sucky after 10 years. Hope he’ll improve now with new chances and not just a vase. Can’t remember him in any of the series he mentioned.

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