Alan Wan Finds Success in Singapore

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Alan Wan Finds Success in Singapore

After leaving TVB last year, Alan Wan (溫家偉) is making a name for himself in Singapore. Starring in award-winning Singaporean drama Last Madame, Alan is taking on leading roles. The 33-year-old admitted he is making a much better income in Singapore than in Hong Kong.

The native New Yorker made his debut in the entertainment industry after competing in Mr. Hong Kong 2008. When he failed to place in the competition, Alan returned to the United States to finish his studies at Stony Brook University. Retaining his interest in the entertainment industry, Alan signed with TVB one year later.

Though Alan had filmed many TVB dramas and variety shows over the years, he did not have any breakthrough roles to his name. His roles were limited due to lack of fluency in Cantonese. Despite this, Alan was still well liked because of his muscular physique and sunshine personality. In 2019, he decided to leave TVB, his employer of 10 years to pursue a career in Singapore due to his fluency in English.

Starring in Singaporean series, Last Madame, has raised Alan’s international profile. Receiving a record-breaking number of views online, Last Madame also won Best Asian Drama at the 25th Busan International Film Festival.

Catching up with Alan, the actor stated that he has no regrets leaving TVB as there are plenty of opportunities in Singapore.  “I’ve been working at TVB for 10 years. If it weren’t for TVB I wouldn’t be able to film anything else. I learned a lot there, and I am slowly adapting to my new life. The pandemic did affect my workload, but it is starting to return to normal. I am currently filming two dramas and am finding it much easier because I can speak in English! I don’t have to do as much homework because English is my native language. It is easier for me to read and understand scripts as well.”

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TVB Actor Alan Wan Turns Career to Singapore

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  • 6 comments to Alan Wan Finds Success in Singapore

    1. vodka says:

      once again TVB wasted a good looking actor lol, glad he doing much better now.

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    2. bubbles23 says:

      I wonder how his acting is now. I recall he showed up in White War for a scene. Maybe it’s the roles he got at tvb always gave me the impression his acting was exaggerated and one dimensional.

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    3. anon says:

      This roid monkey couldn’t act for a day during his tenure. His acting was highly exaggerated and/or “comedic” because he didn’t know how to speak Cantonese and carried a heavy accent. He would never be given a chance to reach stardom.

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    4. potatochip says:

      He did have a look that made me notice him but I thought his acting wasn’t anything special. Probably because he can’t speak the language which should be a requirement for acting. Hard to be natural otherwise. Glad he found a better fit for himself.

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    5. cutie777 says:

      I think he looks pretty cute! I don’t know if it’s me but I think he looks mixed with India’s? Hispanic? Or some Middle East?

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    6. janet72 says:

      saw him once at a supermarket. he’s good looking!

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