“Sniper Attack 2013” Blessing Ceremony

Since filming Sniper Attack 2013 <神槍狙擊2013>, Eliza Sam (岑麗香) has been attracting admirers on set. At the drama’s blessing ceremony yesterday, the cast agreed that Eliza was very popular, with Kate Tsui saying that she could not outshine her. Among Eliza’s rumored costars, Alan Wan (溫家偉) was the boldest and hinted that he wished to have further developments with her.

Although senior actors such as Eddie Cheung (張兆輝), Kathy Chow (周海媚), and Michael Tse (謝天華), were present at the blessing ceremony, the limelight fell on Eliza’s romantic rumors.

Eliza graciously sidestepped the teasing and said that the male cast took care of her during filming since she was the sole female Special Duties Unit (SDU) officer in the drama. Eliza especially singled out William Chak (翟威廉) since they both belong to the same TVB manager.

While some costars may be interested in pursuing Eliza, the remainder of the male cast acted as regular guys, complete with “guy talk” that may not always be suitable for a woman’s ears. “I chose not to listen to some conversations and step away. Sometimes, I think it’s a blessing to be an overseas born Chinese and not understand the language,” Eliza laughed.

Steven Cheung (張致恒) denied being one of Eliza’s admirers by citing that he is already attached. Alan Wan was less shy to hide his interest and said, “I will not intentionally pursue [her]. If things are meant to happen, then they will.” Alan added that he and Eliza have not met alone for dinner yet.

The cast’s comments hinted that there may indeed have been flirtations exchanged on set. Kate said, “If I were a man, I would pursue Eliza too!” Eddie Cheung quipped, “Let the young one’s pursue one another!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Is TVB must be feeding HK media with all these stories about Eliza and admirers on set? This is Kathy Chow’s comeback series, yet barely any news of her since filming “Sniper Attack 2013”.

    1. How many come back series she has? I thought she is already back?

    2. It must be someone in TVB feeding the media about all her supposed admirers and how Kenneth is pursuing her to make her seem more desirable. lol. I also feel like Kenneth is becoming the go-to guy when they want to push up a female newbie by linking them to him.

      1. AC,
        It’s working! I’m curious to see who Eliza will actually chose to date at TVB. I do think she may fall for one of her costars. Her warm personality seems very attractive to the cast, judging by photos snapped during filming.

        Kenneth likely finds Eliza to be too young and green. Based on snippets of interviews, I feel that Kenneth had a crush on Rebecca Zhu instead. He seems vulnerable in falling for costars although he’s been in the industry for more than one decade.

      2. Jayne- I’m kinda hoping he ends up with Selena Li based on their interactions and how they joked about dating in 5 years.
        I think Kenneth will end up falling for a costar too, but only because he seems to only go to work or the soccer field so there’s no opportunities for him to meet a girl elsewhere. lol

      3. AC,
        I think Selena has long pegged Kenneth as a friend only. Kenneth had a crush on her while she was dating Patrick Tang. She seems to be the type that knows exactly what she wants, while Kenneth is the opposite. He seems to wear his heart on his sleeve.

        I sense undercurrent vibes that Kenneth has for Rebecca. Will see how this plays out.

  2. kathy chow is so beautiful in the ’80 and ’90,like eliza today a lot of admirers want to pursue her including leon lai.

    1. Well, i don’t think so. Kathy Chow at young age is much more beautiful than Eliza.

      She becomes TVB pets. LOLz, a lot of news instead Kathy Chow or Kate

      1. Actually many in the past said Kathy was “fake” beauty which isn’t demeaning, but rather what it means is one look, very pretty but the more you see the less pretty she is. And to me I agree with that sentiment.

        Eliza is cute.

      2. Personal preference (including my sisters), Kathy Chow is not pretty especially her mouth… Eyes are squinting too during acting… not a top notch actress in my opinion.

      3. The ‘the more I look, the uglier you are’ is a true wisdom, the more we look, the more we find flaw, we are all born with flaws. Also, you will get bored after a while, that’s why love based on beauty is a feeble thing. I would say everyone has fake beauty, the beauty don’t last, or not every minute and every second for the whole of one’s life. If you think about it, we see these ppls as beautiful for only the moments that got capture onscreen and on photo.
        It’s also true that Kathy isn’t pretty around the mouth, yet she is still stunningly beautiful. You don’t know how many time I look at her mouth and wonder what it’s doing on that face, yet, it give her the uniqueness, I still found her beautiful.
        I don’t find Eliza is beautiful, she’s not bad, but it’s meh -.-

      4. I think stunningly beautiful is an overused and overabused word. Pretty, attractive, beautiful perhaps but stunningly beautiful is rather rare unless one is being nice or politically correct. Also ugly is also an overabused word. Unattractive, not pretty, are not the same as ugly.

        Kathy has her admirers and fans and since beauty is subjective, I do concur some sees her as stunningly beautiful but I am sure there are some who laughs at that description of her.

        Ok, not even Eliza is stunningly beautiful. She is cute though. Cute covers a lot of ground.

  3. Kathy Chow can still give Eliza Sam a run for her money. She was in the Yang Saga in 1985 when she was only 19. She’s 47 now, I say she still looks pretty damn good. I think the attention is on Eliza Sam because TVB needs to promote some new fadans for when Myolie and Tavia et al. leave TVB to migrate to China.

    1. Kathy Chow is a veteran and acting probably half time so to speak. Eliza is at the beginning of her career and perhaps 2 decades of difference in age and experience between them. Each is in a category of their own. Kathy can’t certainly take young girls roles anymore and Eliza is too young to be the mother of a teenage. So to me nothing to compare.

  4. Kathy chow is soooo beautiful.

    I cant be easily imagined how much “placenta” she has injected into her body throughout her lifespan..

  5. Eddie Cheung still looks pretty good still. Kathy Chow, she actually does not look as pretty as should be perhaps it’s her hairstyle but still looks good for her age thou.

  6. Eliza is not really pretty… she is just at most, cute. but oh well, her youthfulness & smile must have attracted many hot bees!

  7. That is a very bad picture or make up for Kathy because she is a pretty actress.

  8. Dang, Kathy Chow looks young for her age. Almost didn’t recognize her there.

  9. Kathy Chow looks young in the above photo only, but she does not look that young and pretty any more. If you see her close-up, you will see that she has aged a lot around her eye areas.

    To judge a person if he/she has aged a lot, the easiest places to check out are the eye areas and then the figure.

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