TVB Cuts Shirley Yeung’s Salary Due to Single Mom Status

While some actresses’ commercial value have gone up after motherhood, such as Ada Choi (蔡少芬) and Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), the same cannot be said for single mother, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦). Due to Shirley’s scandalous past and declining public image as a single mom, TVB wants to cut her fees by 33 percent in an upcoming artiste contract.

After winning the 2001 Miss Hong Kong pageant, Shirley was heavily promoted by TVB. However, her messy love life ruined her career in 2011.  It was reported that Shirley had cheated on boyfriend of nine years, Gregory Lee (李泳豪), with swimmer Andy Ng (吳帥). Although Shirley considered getting married with Andy, she decided to raise their daughter Krystal Yeung (楊卓穎) on her own when it was discovered that Andy was unreliable and straddled with financial debts.

Giving birth in Los Angeles in 2012, Shirley returned to Hong Kong and braved the negative press. Demoted and assigned to hosting variety programs at TVB, Shirley often performed at Mainland Chinese venues to earn side income.

After missing in action from TVB dramas for two years, Shirley was re-assigned to work in the drama department due to recent exodus of stars. Shirley portrays Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) adulterous stepmother in All That is Bitter is Sweet <大藥坊>. Aside from the unflattering role, her screen time has been significantly cut down.

TVB Lowers Shirley’s Salary

Shirley’s management contract with TVB will expire in July. Discussions of the terms of her new contract were handled by TVB Artist Manager, Ho Kei Wing (何其穎). An insider revealed that as an aging, single mom, the 35-year-old actress will be able to command less money: “Ho Kei Wing told Shirley, ‘We can’t sell you as a maternal figure. Neither can we promote you as a young girl. You don’t have a lot of aired dramas. Your position is really awkward!’” As a result, Shirley’s remuneration will be reduced from $3,000 to $2,000 RMB per show.

Shirley does not seem to have a choice in the type of jobs she has to accept. After giving birth to Krystal, her endorsement deals and fees decreased. For her appearance in the movie, Black Comedy <黑色喜劇>, she was only paid $6000 HKD per day of work.

Asked about her decreased fees in show appearances, Shirley said, “[All the organizers] want to have a cheaper fee. I’m not sure of the prices. The company takes care of this.” Asked if she is bent on leaving TVB for Mainland China, Shirley said, “I love TVB. Of course, Mainland China has good opportunities, but I will consider TVB [first].”

Aside from Shirley, other single mothers in the Hong Kong entertainment industry do not have it easy either. Candy Law (羅霖) and Mia Chan (陳靜儀) survived due to their willingness for steamy scenes. While 48-year-old Candy had to film many bed scenes in Enthralled <愛.尋.迷>, 25-year-old Mia had to bare her body for Lan Kwai Fong 2 <喜愛夜蒲 2>.


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    1. Yeah, totally agree with you…… is not discrimination………it is reality.

      She screwed herself good when she went to cheat on Gregory for another guy that was even more of a loser…… make things worse, she chose to be a single mom.

      Asian society does not look favourably on single moms………that’s a fact she has to live with.

    2. Pls watch your word, dear. By calling others dummy reflect you are the real dummy.

    3. What did Shirley do wrong as a single mom that makes TVB thinks that he rpast is scandalous?
      Blame her unkind cheating boyfriend, not her.
      TVB is so irrational. Virginia Lok is like the empress dowager and we all know where she ended up!!

  1. What is wrong being a single mom? At least she is brave to come back to entertainment industry, she deserves better support. Everyone has a past and do mistakes, why can’t this people look to the future and give people opportunity?
    Some people are just pushing people to dead end.

    1. TOTAL AGREE WITH Dodo. Everyone deserve a
      Second chance.

    2. Also agree with Dodo. Ther is nothing wrong with being single mom. Sure a picture perfect family would be great but that’s not an option in her case.

      The only thing she did wrong is her bad taste in men. Even if she sticked with Gregory the first place, I don’t perceive him as a dependable man. As for Andy, no need to discuss.

      She made a wrong choice then, but she managed to limit the damaged born by that choice.

      Sure she can’t be sold as a young girl nor a traditional maternal figure. She sure can be sold as an independent hard working woman in present Hong Kong society. They just need to brush up her image and market her like this. I hope someone sees this potential in her.

      1. I agree with u Elle. I think Shirley is brave, strong and independent. TVB needs to market her in this same light to increase her popularity. Her past is in the past. Clearly she is trying to move on.

  2. Don’t know why the HK media always give her a hard time. She choose the wrong man, can the media just move on?

    1. Double standard right there. Men cheat all the time without repercussion.

      Crush those double standards.

    2. Men have special benefits and rights that women don’t have………it is not an equal world…….

    3. Well Amigo cheated on Natalie, and he seems heading nowhere. Joey Leung cheated on Margaret Chung with Queenie Chu and he’s gone. Joel Chan got dumped by the new love; his fate back at TVB still unknown.

    4. Her ex hubby Quaid cheated on her for over FIVE YEARS – and cheated repeatedly on his current wife as well – and you think she was the one who cheated? Plz get real and check your facts next time instead of repeating untrue gossip. DOUBLE STANDARD much?

    5. It’s really strange right, a lot of ppl openly criticised ppl over affairs etc. But a lot of ppl did it, just because these ppl are public figures and they’ve to be penalies more?

    6. Meg Ryan’s career went into the dumps not so much because of her affair, it was the fact that she messed up her face in a blotched plastic surgery. How can she expect to star in movies anymore when it is painful for audiences to look at her ruined face? Even Nicole Kidman went too far with her botox treatments, making her immovable face a point of ridicule with film critics. Sadly, many of these Hollywood stars do not know what aging gracefully is.

    7. Yes, she really went down after all since she was kind of an american sweetheart figure as well but never came back up. But also, b/c of her ugly botox or PS face that probably couldnt get her parts as well. She just simply horrifying right now, WTH will cast someone like that and she’s not getting any younger.
      Julia Roberts wasnt any better but her status didn’t seem to affect her as much i mean at least she still get parts now and then.

    8. @Antigossip

      You are right. There are lots of shameful women as well and i see below link on hollywood shamefuls. haha LOL…I didn’t even know about most of them until now.
      Double Standard will always be there thou just like they think men should bring home the bacon? haha LOL…Like son over daughters? You know what i mean, like that will always more like 51% or 49%? haha LOL..

      1. I question some of the cases listed. For example, Princess Diana? Give me a break.

      2. @MW
        I think she did admit it and she did died along w/the lover no? WHY kidding? You don’t it cuz she was the perfect PRINCESS? haha LOL

      3. Due to Camilla, Princess Diana said there was “never” just her and Charles in the marriage (from Day 1). Princess Diana was neglected and lonely.

  3. Shirley, just say “no, thanks” to any “lowered” paying contract offers. Don’t burn any bridges. And, keep your eyes open to other opportunities (in mainland).

    1. She’s all tied up with responsibilities to her child and the questionable parents. Times spent with her daughter is far more important than a fat paycheck. Bite the bullet and make the best of it.

    2. unlikely for mainland unless she has relatives to look after the baby 4 her in mainland. mainland= polluuted, corrupted

      1. Can’t be too picky (regarding pollution, etc.). She can travel from location to location with the baby and mom/nanny.

    3. How can’t she burn nay bridges while say “no tks” to some contracts?

      1. People can leave on good terms (like Yoyo Mung). Declining a contract offer does not necessarily have to be done in a hostile manner. It happens all the time.

    4. If she is already struggling so much in TVB, then she will be struggling even more in mainland China where the competition and market are way more competitive and bigger. I think at this point, when you are a single mom, the big paycheck is really important because you are the only bread winner with no one else to rely on. Having financial resources is the foundation of it all. When you are married and have a husband that makes a lot of money, you may take that for granted. But if you are a single mom that must bring home the bacon, it is a different situation.

    5. People are knocking on Shirley’s door according to the following article…
      Shirley found more jobs in mainland China, which became one of her main sources for “milk money.”

      So, TVB is “definitely” just making excuses to be cheap.

      Shirley, since mainland China is the main source of income, go there instead of taking a lowered salary.

  4. I think single mom status is just an excuse. Real reason is she is no longer in demand and not filming much.

    1. If Shirley is being offered a contract, they want her. They’re just finding an excuse to be cheap.

      1. And, not giving her better opportunities because there may be politics at play (like from Gregory Lee’s father).

    2. Was she ever in demand though?

      I almost feel a little sorry for Shirley these days even though she did everything upon herself, but honestly even with TVB’s declining actors, I’ve always felt that Shirley is replaceable.

    3. real reason is tvb think they will keep the monopoly status,since hktv could not start their tv station,hence they think ppl cant go anywhere and so will accept the lower wages.

    4. I agree with you. I doubt TVB even cares if Shirley leaves. The media is just trying to make the situation seem more controversial than it actually is. When was the last time the audience showed a preference for Shirley anyway? It’s a take it or leave it situation. Shirley is in no position to bargain.

    5. I wonder if she was ever really in demand?? I have seen many series of her, but she did not shine in any of them. I feel bad for her but wonder if this business is really her forte?? Maybe she should try to earn as much as possible, retire and start a business or something. Maybe that will be better for her and her daughter?

  5. why don’t promote her as an independent, strong women? like all single moms are!

  6. Itz very dark in TVB if your popular in the viewers eyes your on the top list if not then they treat u like dirt itz all i could say

    1. not just in the entertainment industry it overall everything that’s how the world is i guest

      1. Totally Agree. That’s how the economy is functioned in capitalism.

        She needs TVB more than TVB needs her, so she has to accept their rule.

        If she was Tavia, Myolie, Linda, Charmaine…, the story would be different. TVB would try to change their rule to hold her back.

      2. “She needs TVB more than TVB needs her, so she has to accept their rule.”

        Disagree, TVB needs talented artists. And, Shirley is more talented than many newbies.

      3. If they need talented artists, many green-leaf and supporting artists have not been leaving the company. All they need are artists that can produce golden eggs for them (high popularity and high market value).

      4. “She needs TVB more than TVB needs her, so she has to accept their rule.”
        Agreed! She’s in no position to burn bridges. She has many mouth to feed.

      5. Good point and that is how it is always is in this world.. NOt just in the e circle, but tougher in the e circle because you have many many eyes of strangers staring at you.

  7. becus she has a child now and needs more income to support her baby tvb cuts her pay?

    wow no wonder so many people are leaving this stupid company…tvb is so lucky they are the only tv company thats allowed to make shows…if there were other companys tvb would have no actors or actresses working for them

    1. Yup…and that’s one of the reasons why TVB has been fighting tooth and nail to hold on to their monopoly over the HK television industry. They know full well how crappy they treat their artists but at the same time, they know that they can get away with it because they have no competition in HK for one, and two, depending on the artists’ situation, the artists don’t have much of a choice except to put up with their antics (plus they have their 46 year history and alot of loyal fans to back then up). I feel sorry for the artists in HK…

      1. Wrong! It was her stupidity that led to her downfall.

      2. I feel bad for the artists and the other workers too. It is no wonder so many artists leave after they get popular and all.. TVB knows that they can get away with all of the bad things they do, so they continue to do so.

  8. i don’t think she was ever heavily promoted. she’s been getting minor roles since 2008. look up her filmography she hasn’t really gotten that much screen time these years. they should give her more opportunities, she is a good actress.

    1. Shirley was heavily promoted. She was one of the favored MHK. I think when her relationship with Gregory went public, TVB stopped promoting her. She was already a fadan, but was dating a kelefare. I guess TVB didn’t approve like Moses and Aimee.

      Anyway, an artist’s image pretty much reflects their demand esp if you’re just starting out. Look at Christine Kuo. Due to negative publicity, she had to hide out. As for Shirley, TVB just wanna take advantage since she’s in a bad light. Shirley just gotta hang in there and the opportunity might come again.

  9. I thought candy law married a rich man and have birth to a few sons and was living in a luxurious life.

    1. That’s my thought as well. She hardly did series i think back in the days but a bit chubby ok looking face lighting fast married a rich dude and popped out some kids. Wow, probably divorced now if she had to come back out to showbiz. But usually married once to a rich man do not to work ever. oh well… nothing lasts forever then.

      1. Apparently she and her husband separated sometime in 2012, so marriage of 16 yrs.

      2. Why did Candy Law and her rich husband separate? Did he cheat on her?

      3. I think that is what many actresses dream of doing, marrying a rich man, having some kids and living a luxurious life. But sadly, that does not always last a lifetime so it is always better to rely on yourself.

  10. Shame on TVB for bullying a single mother!This is discrimination.Big bullies taking advantage on a single mother!She has a child depending on her.TVB, You can do better.

  11. Simply unacceptable. There is no shame in being a single mum. In fact I feel that single mums deserve a lot of respect because they could have chosen to have an abortion but instead chose to give birth to the baby and raise it no matter how hard it may be. TVB, I’m very very disappointed in you.

  12. I don’t think it has anything to do with her single mom status the truth is she’s no longer in demand nor was she ever in demand. Her career halted years ago, the last good role she had was in The Brink Of Law; that aired in the beginning of 2007. Before that none of her roles were quite memorable. That was her only hit in my opinion but that series aired way too early in the year for other people to recognized that. She’s not that great of an actress but she’s not completely horrible. She just never shined in the industry like the rest of her peers despite getting some lead roles.

    1. It is correct that Shirley Yeung did not have any memorable roles in TVB. However, TVB did not promote their actresses like the way they do now. It is also true that Shirely’s career got jeopardized after her dating with kelefe Gregory Lee got publicized. TVB was not that open-minded at that time.

      However, if TVB does not give Shirley more screen time, how can she regain her acceptance by the audience?

      Shirley did make mistakes in having 2 men at the same time and got pregnant with one of them. But everyone would make mistakes. If TVB does not give her lead roles, at least they should let her do more supporting roles. I hope TVB will make up the cut in Shirley’s show/hourly rate by giving her more shows and drama series.

      1. The situation was on her hands at the time and she screwed it up. Shirley has herself to blame.

      2. I am sure Shirley knows her mistakes, but who doesn’t make mistake in her life. Shirley does not ask for 1st lead roles anyway, all she asks now is to have more jobs to do.

      3. Honestly I don’t really care what she did in her personal life and I don’t think that’s the reason why TVB demoted her even before that scandal happened her screen time was getting less and less. She’s been in the industry and on screen long enough for us to determine whether or not she has that ability to do well. In her case, maybe but so far during her long years of being in the industry there’s not much improvement acting wise.

      4. Watching her in the cooking show, May姐有請/Cook Away Lady May, Shirley can think on her feet, speaks Cantonese fluently, can sing quite well and is a MHK title holder. All of this does not deserve a 30% pay cut.

        Shirley, better “seriously” shop around for non-TVB opportunities ASAP before your contract expires.

      5. Agree. Shirley can sing. I heard that she has done (or agreed to do) a musical. Rather than waiting for opportunities from TVB, she should look actively for more opportunities herself. She does not have to stay with TVB all her life, especially if she is going to have a 30% cut in her pay cheque.

    2. Well said Jstorch! I think that is why she is still struggling. Also, after her whole scandal and all, her image plummeted even more… Now TVB does this to her. I find that so sad and mean of TVB to do so.

      1. It does sound cruel isn’t it? But I bet the real reason is really because her value to the company is lower. Hence the paycut. I don’t think it is so small minded like single mom status. I think it is worse reason; that she is of no value to the company. But I do think it is because she has lesser responsibilities?

        I don’t think she was that famous even before she messed up her own life. Good thing is win the audience she will in the end win back her money. So stay strong, work hard, work well and keep on smiling/swimming.

  13. wonder how true this news is. deserves our respect.

  14. Cut? Does it mean now they’re paying her in pennies?

  15. Awe, if this report is true, this is disappointing to know. But I’m sure that those that are fans of Shirley or those who appreciate Shirley’s efforts would continue to support her. (: I always loved her acting, especially in Always Ready and Price of Greed (i think that’s what it was called).

    I admire her courage and strength to raise a child on her own. 🙂

  16. I feel bad for her :\ but she looks pretty in the above picture LOL .

  17. “Due to Shirley’s scandalous past and declining public image as a single mom, TVB wants to cut her fees by 33 percent in an upcoming artiste contract.”

    They are just taking advantage of a desperate mother. They know Shirley need her job for her family, and will take whatever offer, so, they cut her pay.

    1. TVB is always mean to any artist who does not seem to be of any great value to them.

    2. I am not shocked IF this is true since this is TVB here. They are cheap and have mistreated many artists in the past, so this is not the first time. However, the reason for it seems really discriminatory.

  18. Talent has never been a problem if you want to succeed at tvb. All you need is to play the politics and suck up to the right people. Otherwise alot of the older veterans would not have left and we would not have people like Mrs Moses Chan being leads.

    I agree with the commments above. Shirley has never been terrible, but also never truely shined. This is just a way for tvb to be more cheapskate.

    This just shows how badly tvb needs to lose its monopoly so that the industry can improve

  19. I actually doubt they’re cutting her TVB salary, since it’s more likely that they’re cutting her appearance fee to try and get more people to hire her since she’s not in demand anymore.

    I’m surprised people don’t think she’s been promoted. She’s had plenty of leading/big roles and won Most Improved AND Best Supporting Actress before. After her big scandal, she didn’t get many acting gigs but I do remember her hosting various shows. She also got a chance to compete on The Voice of Stars which helped boost many other’s status. It’s just that the general HK public seems harder to forgive females than males for past mistakes.

    1. I agree! her VOS performance was pretty good. I didn’t know that she won Most Improved and Best Supporting Actress awards before! (:

  20. I thought 620 was all up in arms welcoming her back. I’m surprised if this is true that htey’d cut her salary given how much they defended her honor and even seemed to welcome her back shortly after she gave birth. I noticed she didn’t star in anymore series after that.

  21. It’s prolly an excuse for how they are treating her. Shirley isn’t jobless but face the reality, she isn’t well-demanded now.

    But where is her good sister when she needs her?

  22. TVB is cheap ching, they know she will take any jobs because she’s desperate for a job and needed money so of course TVB see her weakness. This can save TVB some money. THis is called “bully”, that’s all not b/c of her status.

  23. That’s life. It happens everywhere. U guys make it sound like tvb is the only one. Please open your eyes. It happens right where u work everyday. If u don’t see it then you are the lucky ones. Managers promoting people they like is so common! If u are desperate then companies try to hire u for less pay. It’s not new lol

    1. Yup very true JCLL!! In so many cases, I see a more skilled person versus a lesser skilled person, but the one with the weaker skills get hired because they are just more well liked… Favoritism exists everywhere in the world and in every profession, not just the e circle.

      1. Or Asian person vs a westerner. Westerner gets the top job plus perks such as free house, free car, more allowance and payment in USD. Asian person who is probably more qualified and way cheaper is not given the top job.

        This is reality. They come here and they’re called expatriates. We go there and we are called foreign workers/jumping plane.

      2. Yup, I must say that many companies say that they do not discriminate against race,sex,etc.. But they DO! However, they do it in a more covert way or else they will get into trouble.

      3. “This is reality. They come here and they’re called expatriates. We go there and we are called foreign workers/jumping plane.” That’s right nothing wrong with that. They come for experience you go there for help because your country is third world.

      4. kiwi, that is a very prejudiced and if it is about race, a racist remark. But since this is about country, I assume you’re from so called first world country.

        Or are you saying this simply because I posted this? Either way your statement is extremely insensitive. I am sure someone else will post something about me being the insensitive one.

      5. ” They come for experience”

        Ahhhhh and to think the first world needs to come to third world for experience. Perhaps we can teach them a thing or two yet. And we are not going there for help, we are going there to help.

      6. “Ahhhhh and to think the first world needs to come to third world for experience. Perhaps we can teach them a thing or two yet” Putting yourself down.

      1. Yup, the girl brought upon herself and others. What about Gregory Lee? The jilted boyfriend, the victim.

  24. I’m very disappointed disgusted with TVB’s lack of compassion in the treatment of Shirley if the report is true. After all she has been a faithful and long time employee of the company and if her acting hadn’t been satisfactory wouldn’t they have dismissed her? To have her salary cut because of her scandals is a joke. Who doesn’t make mistakes? In fact she is paying for it by having the baby and having to bring her up all by herself. She has also been brave enough to go back to work amidst all the sneering sand criticisms, not an easy thing to do. And for all that is that the way the great TVB is treating her? Come on, TVB, have some compassion!

    1. This is TVB way of saving budget and just want the public to think that they have a good reason to cut her salary b/c of single mom status but it’s not the case. You are right TVB could have dismissed her but they know Shirley has some skill in acting and that she will take any jobs offer. Bottom line is that the company just trying to cheat her and save every penny

      1. TVB treats many of actors/actress as a low class, not that surprising. Its job security these days

  25. just don’t understand why penalize a single mother!

  26. I heard that she was doing movies too. Part of the reason why people succeed in this business is due to connections which may be something that Shirley lacks now. Edison and all of the other actresses involved that scandal seem to be doing well in spite of it. But of course that shadow still casts above them… However, they are doing better than Shirley. I guess luck and connections seem to be more important than other factors not just in this field but others as well.

  27. Hmmmm. They can reduce her income if her popularity decrease but just because of her status as a Single Mom and scandals…and cut her salary is considered: Discriminate. TVB juiced out the the poor one( much need help) and give back to the one that already Wealthy(I guess they don’t mind get a few more $$$ in their pocket). Is that what the Elder usually said: Big fishes eat Small fishes.

    1. yup the company can see through shirley weaknesses that’s why. If Shirley could turn down the offer then maybe that will make TVB to reconsider… but we all know Shirley is in need of income

      TVB is a big fish trying to eat the small fish shirley =)

  28. I think it is just supply and demand. TVB is a business they don’t have to be compassionate. I think Shirley Yeung is talented but I have never been very impressed with her roles – she is always “too cute” and she probably aged out of “cute” after 28 (let alone that she is already 35).

    1. True, Shirley has more talent than some of the newbies TVB is pushing, but she never had any really memorable roles to endear the HK audience to her. That’s why she is not popular, and popularity matters more than talent in showbiz. Couple that with Shirley’s recent scandal, TVB has an convenient excuse to devalue her as TVB knows Shirley is desperate for jobs. I don’t think she should be punished for being a single mom – her personal life decisions and mistakes don’t affect others – but this is conservative HK where idols prosper by keeping up an unrealustic ‘jade girl’ image because their fans eat it all up.

      Bottomline, Shirley has no bargaining chips with TVB. Either she takes their offer or leaves and tries to make it in the mainland market. It is very competitive in the mainland too.

  29. What a shame! I think Shirley should leave TVB to pursue acting career in Mainland China when her contract is expired. She needs to move on with it & have better life.

  30. It’s kinda sad that TVB cast her aside. I am not aware of her scandals, so i am not going to comment, but speaking in general sense, she chose to keep the baby and raise it alone, kudos to her!! The way TVB and HK netizens acted as if she had committed the most horrendous crime. If to save her career she aborted the baby, the outcry and lack of support from the public would have tarnish her image even more. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. Her worth should be her talent, how well she can do her job. she’s not in demand because of her single mom status, but to throw that in her face and her age as a factor, that’s a damn shame!!!

    1. You should be aware of the scandals, thats where the problems occur then. It has happen to other actors and actress at her popularity status.

  31. tvb = typical chinese thinking + bad treatment to staff!!

  32. its sad that this is happening, but this is reality. hope that shirley is able to find opportunities elsewhere while not offending tvb

  33. Very sad. TVB should be more ‘supportive’ by giving her a better deal & more chances. Cold cold company without much heart:(

  34. Idk, I may be the minority in here but I never thought Shirley could act. Even in her best role back in Brink of Law, I found her still rather mediocre. If her face was more mature, then maybe she could pull off her acting better. But she has SUCH a babyface. It’s hard to take her seriously.

    And I’m sure Shirley knows this too. Before her scandal broke out, she didn’t rely on TVB dramas to support herself. She relied on sponsors and ads and commercials. She WAS an ad queen. That’s where majority of her pay came from.

    With all that said, no I don’t think it’s right for TVB to cut her pay, if that’s the case. I mean, it’s bad enough she lost all her sponsors, but to take another hit from her managing company when she barely has any job offers — that’s harsh.

  35. Shirley is very brave to bring up her kid alone & I respect her for that.
    TVB shame on you, should be supporting your loyal employee not stab them in the back!!

  36. Feel bad for Shirley. Maybe she should consider going mainland for opportunities.

    1. You need to have a certain popular factor in order to be invited to the mainland I think. Like that snake woman, kevin cheng, among others. Even Kenneth Ma doesnt have a mainland market yet right? How can this now Shirley Yeung has any sort of market there while she’s not even in demand in cheap HK? sigh… TVB sucks what can you say. You see all those kalefe’s in series but they never get promoted to even a supporting cast, what does that tell you. All need connections or some other sort. It’s a -s-h-i-t-t-y- but realistic world we live in.

      1. Windy, who is that snake woman you’re refering to? Do you mean Charmaine Sheh? Ah Seh? Lol.

  37. Be fair to her. But her absence, acting skills, likeability and fans club will affect the over all pay package.

  38. I don’t think people should be blaming TVB really… I agree that it’s a shame that something like this has happened, but TVB is looking at the economics of the situation.

    If Shirley’s isn’t in demand now, and if fewer people are requester her to appear or are requesting a lower fee, then it is only natural that TVB will lower the fees paid to her.

    Those blaming TVB should instead look at the culture that exists in Hong Kong in regard single mothers or Shirley’s situation and try to change the reasons behind why some companies/advertisers no longer ask for her, or why people no longer want to watch/support her.

  39. The sad reality is that society especially Hong Kong is very unforgiving towards single mothers, aging women, single females, the overweight, big boned and “leftover” women. Maybe she should switch careers because I do not foresee that TVB will promote her again and her marketability in China is slim. There is no demand for her in China. Her lift went downhill since dating that loser Gregory Lee.

  40. “I love TVB. Of course, Mainland China has good opportunities, but I will consider TVB [first].”

    If TVB plans to lower the pay by 33%, better consider those mainland China opportunities “first” instead, Shirley.

    BTW, Ruco Chan and Shirley Yeung are in ICAC Investigators 2014, a crime drama which starts this Saturday. There’s only 5 episodes. Why not more episodes?

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