TVB Director Knocks Jenny Lau’s Head in a Fit of Rage

The director of TVB drama, Heart Road GPS <心路GPS>Cheung Wing Ho (張永豪), is currently under fire for his maltreatment of a cast member. After supporting actress, Jenny Lau (劉蔚萱), had numerous outtakes, Director Cheung flew into a fit of rage, even forcibly knocking her head against a door. Two video clips of the incident have been uploaded online.

Cheung Wing Ho’s fiery temper and coarse treatment of actors are well known.  Scolding Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) with profanities when she was a newcomer, Cheung had also treated Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) roughly as well. Since Cheung Wing Ho is a relative of TVB executive, Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), his rough behavior has been overlooked. He was even promoted from Assistant Director to Director in recent years. Cheung has worked with top producers and directed A Great Way to Care <仁心解碼> and Love Exceeds the Coastline <情越海岸線>.

Cheung Wing Ho Knocks Jenny’s Head Roughly

Twenty-four-year-old Jenny Lau participated in last year’s Miss Hong Kong pageant. After failing to be placed, the Canadian native was spotted by producer Wilson Chin (錢國偉) and cast in variety program, What the Face <變身男女Chok Chok Chok>. Due to her willingness to display her good figure onscreen, Jenny got along well with TVB producers.

Portraying the daughter-in-law of Louise Lee (李司棋) in Heart Road GPS, Jenny Lau’s character was threatened by loan sharks who demanded repayment. The scene involved the loan sharks dumping a bag of frogs over her head as a scare tactic.

As Jenny practiced the scene with costar, Yeung Chiu Ho (楊潮凱), Director Cheung rushed forward and roughly pulled the bag–which reeked of the smell of frogs–over her head. Possessing a deep fear of frogs, Jenny struggled and cried, while Cheung knocked her head against the door. When Cheung asked for the scene to be re-shot, Jenny slumped to the floor and cried, “No, no, please don’t! I beg you!”

Two video clips of Cheung’s controversial treatment of Jenny was uploaded online. Regardless, TVB has passed down a gag order, forbidding cast and crew to speak about the incident to the press in a negative light.

Yeung Chiu Ho was asked to comment on the incident, “Jenny Lau truly is very afraid of frogs. The director was trying out the scene with her and could not hold back his force. His tone was also very rough; he could have been more gentle with a woman.”

Cheung Wing Ho Admits Impatience

Cheung Wing Ho noted that frogs were not utilized for the scene. “I admit that I am impatient and my tone was a bit angry. Afterward, I apologized to the actress.” Cheung indicated that producer Lee Yim Fong (李艷芳) was also present at the time.

Jenny Lau did not wish to recount the details of the incident. As to whether she felt at mercy to Cheung Wing Ho’s directing style, Jenny said, “I will not respond to that question. Each person has his way of handling matters.” Jenny indicated that she has already accepted his apology, as she did not wish to magnify the incident.

Ruco Chan Dives into the Sea

Heart Road GPS stars Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and former i-Cable anchor, Priscilla Wong (黃翠如). Ruco is torn by his love for his biological mother, Rebecca Chan (陳秀珠), and his foster mother, Louise Lee. As Louise amassed large gambling debts in the drama, she threatened to commit suicide by jumping into the harbor.

In their struggle, Rebecca got knocked into the sea instead. Ruco immediately dove into the water to rescue her, while forgetting his tensions with her. Although the scene was completed by a stunt double for Rebecca yesterday, Ruco had to dive into the water himself. “Although the jump was completed from the pier, it’s difficult to assess how deep the water is.” Fortunately, the scene was completed smoothly in one take.

Video Clip of Cheung Wing Ho Shoving Jenny Lau

[vsw id=”Em5RNTb1zjs” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


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  1. Don’t any of these people: Jenny Lau, Priscilla Wong, Yeung Chiu Ho. Won’t watch this.

    1. Yeung Chiu Hoi played young Moses in ‘When Heaven Burns’. He was also in ‘Be Home For Dinner’ and ‘No Good Either Way’. He was one of the A4 in ‘No Good’.

  2. That’s nasty. Just because he’s Catherine Tsang’s relative it doesn’t mean his anger management can be left uncontrolled and hurt the cast and crews!

    1. Agree. It is not fair to all TVB artistes, especially those newcomers. If a director or producer cannot tolerate with someone who cannot act, don’t cast any newbie then.

    2. Yes agree. Now everyone just let him be because they don’t want to offend Catherine. This is wrong. He should know his limits.

    3. This can be a police case. I mean if she wants justice, we can take it to court. She is just too nice, or maybe someone is shutting her mouth by throwing in some nice promises. Maybe a main supporting role in the next drama? Let’s see

  3. Anyone else think it’s only a matter of time before TVB folds? You can only get away with mistreating employees for so long.

  4. Who is Jenny Lau, another Canadian native? Never heard of her name in the past as I did not watch all current TVB drama series/programs. Which city was she from?

    1. She’s been one of the TVB “Angels” in shows like Chok Chok Chok…

  5. Of course Jenny Lau had to accept the apology from director Cheung Wing Ho if she did not want to be blacklisted by TVB. She is only a newbie and cannot do anything about it, especially Cheung Wing Ho is a relative of Catherine Tsang.

  6. Oh TVB, you are priceless. The reason why I actually watch ATV dramas, although they don’t have really good times slots, it is because they really know where their talents are. TVB is like high school. Looks, looks, and looks. TVB you are nothing but looks. KEEP UP THAT FACADE AND SEE WHERE IT GETS YOU. By the way, you just lost Yuen Wah?! Your former decisions were dumb, this one tops the charts.

  7. Netizens should call for a boycott of this pig’s series. Yes, he should be fired! Obviously, he has a habit of doing this; it’s just that this time, it was caught on camera!

    TVB’s hush hush attitude is tarnishing their image even more. They need to have a zero tolerance for such terrible treatment! Jenny Lau should have the right to raise hell over what happened!

    1. That’s right! This shouldn’t be tolerated. This guy has an incredibly low EQ, better fire him before he injures someone heavily. If he can be so rough to females, I can’t imagine what he will do to males.

      1. He is a coward. He ran off right after he shoved her head to the door! From what he said in the video clip, he had no sense of remorse and didn’t own up to what he did at all. Ugh!

  8. Does anyone have the video clips? Please post the links for us to view them. It would be interesting to watch them.

    1. I keep trying to post the link but I think that causes it to screen my comment?
      Click on the source and scroll to the bottom of the article. There’s a link to the video.

      1. AC
        I was able to copy the link, but once I posted it here, I was not able to submit my comments.

        Thanks anyway. I watched the video clip as suggested by you.

      2. Without the link, I was able to submit my comments. I tried to submit it at least 5 to 6 times with the link, but I failed.

      3. From the apple video, I get the impression that this is a scene for the series and the director is showing how the scene should be done.

        From what the director said, they have been filming that scene for 2 hours. Maybe the actress keep getting it wrong, and unable to complete the scene. So, the director, getting, impatient, how the actors himself how the scene should be done to get the correct effect.

      4. Kidd-Showing HOW the scene should be done correctly or effectively does not require such realistic violence, especially when he literally walked up to her from behind, shoved the bag over her head and pushed her against the door then stormed away without a word of discussion. That is NOT the way to show an actor how she/he should do their scene in reheasal.

        EVEN IF the actress got it wrong many times, although i have no film directing experience so wont know how big of the pressure or frustration it is when things arent done the way they are planned, I definitely know that that is never the way to treat actors during film, or even any other normal human being. He is just one disrespectful bastard who should be well and truly fired. Just because one is a director, it does not mean he has the right to treat everyone carelessly. Without actors they will get nowhere.

      5. @ Kandie

        Actually, the actress herself knew the director will come from behind and shove the bag over her head. You see the subtitle below write ‘Ready 1, 2, 3’.

        I agree that the director was too rough and used too much force in demonstrating that scene. But, it’s not like what the article said where the director rush over and rough her up for no reason.

        See the next scene where Yeung Chiu Hoi tried to put the bag over her head again? I believe that the ‘bag over head and push’ was part of the scene that need to be filmed. The fault of the director was using too much force in demonstrating the scene due to his frustration/anger.

      6. Thanks for the link! Finally saw it. I believe her on the floor is the next scene. Her crying after the shove was a natural reaction; I think she was very shocked and must have hurt like hell. He didn’t bang her head but by shoving her so hard, she knocked her shoulder and a little by the side of her head. It ws demonstration scene but the director was clearly too rough. In fact I am sure when you see this scene on screen the actor as the loan shark who does the shoving probably wouldn’t have shoved that hard. She was clearly in shock which means the director never explained he was going for realism although she knows what this scene entails. In other words, the director owes the actress an apology.

      7. Thanks for the video! I agree it looks like a rehearsal session for a scene but agree too that the director is too rough pushing her. Maybe he’s frustrated with the actors not achieving what he wanted but it doesn’t give an excuse to exert too much force to the point of violence.

      8. The director seem to have issues on rough behaviour at women and inability to control his anger and frustration. I wonder if he has wife and kids and how does he treat them in stressful situation.

  9. She participated in 2011 mhk? Are you sure? She is no where to be found. Unless you are talking about preliminaries, which shouldn’t even count as having participated, since she wasn’t even selected, if she even tried out at all.

  10. Now i know the name of the abusive director which Charmaine talked about. He should be reprimanded. Poor girl.

      1. Nothing much. She didn’t name names, she just said she forgot her script and this particular, not sure the rank but production crew kept following behind her and cursing her and she held her tears until she went back into the van and cried. Now I know who she was talking about because she did mention this particular jerk had a promotion the time she was interviewed by stephen chan.

      2. She didn’t bring the script because she only have one line “Thank you Mummy” for that scene.

        He didn’t only followed her and screamed profanities, he actually sent the script flying toward her, luckily it hit the wall instead.

      3. Does he treat male cast the same or does he only do that to female cast who really can’t fight back?

  11. If TVB tries to cover this up without putting any action for respect to 劉蔚萱, it will just make the situation look even worse.TVB-wakethe hell up, this is a matter of human rights >:|!!

    1. It’s not like it’d be easier for her to speak up for herself only without the Company doing anything about it…the reasons why she’d reluctantly accept his apology is because 1.She still wants opportunities to be given to her in acting (considering the ties that he has with Catherine..) 2.She might be afraid that the public may think she’s trying to seek out attention from this incident 3.If she is to continue with filming, she’d have to face him daily until filming to prevent awkwardness, why wouldnt she accept his apology..

      Come on TVB, your actors are your money makers, respect them or regret it.

  12. Probably Cheung Wing Ho never started as a new junior member in TVB. He got his Assistant Director’s title, as soon as he joined TVB, through Catherine Tsang.

  13. I’m not saying it’s right to mistreat your colleagues but Jenny Lau can only be patient if she wants to be in this industry. Worse things can and will happen.

    1. I think it is a bit too much to fiercely knock her head against the door. Jenny could get brain injury which will ruin her life in future.

      Verbal insults happen all the time, but I don’t think artistes should take physical injuries.

      1. I didn’t see him knock her head against the wall. I see him pushing her roughly against the wall which hurt her shoulder (not head).

    2. I saw the video clip. He put the plastic bag over her head and then pushed her head against the wall with quite a bit of force. How can she tolerate this kind of behavior? The director needs to either be more patient or requests to change actress.

  14. LOL, I was thinking of the cartoon version of this when I read the headline 🙂

    Wonder if this is normal procedure in TVB i.e if you can’t deliver you will get yr head knocked into the door e.g 1 NG = 5 knocks, 2 NG = 15 knocks etc, haha.

    Seriously this coward should be fired already, bc his actions could’ve seriously injured this girl i.e brain damage.

    Furthermore, why didn’t someone e.g castmembers and other staff stop this moron by beating him up for treating a girl like this? This again support that this is normal in TVB world.

    1. Other staff and castmates might be afraid that they might suffer consequences too. He’s a relative to a high level executive.

      Only this time someone stepped up and record it.

  15. Because he is relative to Catherine Tsang, he thinks he can do anything? Uhm… he will get wat he did.

    1. Oh I still think of Him Him as a woman beater and wide range of taste on woman. No change.

    2. Everybody moved on. Until and unless Tavia shows up black and blue, I will say it was a passionate retaliation on the part of Him (wasn;t the woman beating his chest, etc?) and one time only. Which means he was a cheat, a jerk but hardly a woman basher. If one time and with little injury and he is a woman basher, then every man is a basher since at least once they must have slapped/shoved/punched someone.

      1. Every man has slapped/shoved/punched a woman? Do you believe that? If so, that’s a really depressing statement to read. Would hate to think of the men you’ve have to deal with in your life.

      2. Yes I do. At least once, for a variety of reasons. It doesn’t mean full on slap, or a full on shove. If you haven’t met anyone who faced tat situation before at least once, then congratulations, you’re in utopia.

      3. I was always taught that a man never strikes a women when growing up. Doesn’t matter if she slaps you, punches you or whatever, you remain stoic.

    3. I read on another site where Catherine Tsang said that they aren’t relatives.

  16. Why is respect such a hard word for TVB to learn?
    1. Perhaps TVB made a poor casting choice.
    2. Even so, if an actor/actress does not perform well, a good director should be able to accommodate that and try to draw out the best in them. They need to respect the people around them.

    Whether or not the guy was simply demonstrating/trying out the scene, his behaviour should not be tolerated. His track record isn’t sterling either… Who knows what else he has done, since TVB is so keen to sweep everything under the carpet?

    1. Since none of the Miss HK we know are dead when he was director, we can all safely assume none reached the murder level yet.

      That is the price of being an actress. I have read even worse sort of demonstration, especially those very intimate revealing scene. Doesn’t mean you can tolerate but I can understand why many tolerates; you;re not famous enough to complain and when you’re famous enough you won’t, just to keep up with appearances of working with the crew well, moreover someone as connected as that.

  17. Jenny should have been more professional. How could she just sat and cried ? So she expected everyone including the director to accommodate her just because she cried and be treated like a queen ?

    1. I think that was the next scene. The tears of course is of shock and pain.

      1. i don’t think she even saw this aggressive behaviour coming. if she were truly unprofessional, she would’ve just walked out.

  18. He should go on TVB and apologize, cry like a woman for doing that. If you go out at a bar and do that, I’m sure the men would drop him. Luckily TVB is fully controlled and politicalize. Poor girl!!!

  19. No matter what your purpose it was, no way! man can treat woman like this! Being cover up by a bag from the back ang bang at that speed.. Can imagine how scary it was. And looks like Jenny did get hurt!

  20. As a male, I do not condone this ignorant and sadistic person’s habitual temperamental anger fits. This young actress is trying her best as we all know. All artists like herself would want to get it right on one take. But it’s life that not everything would go smoothly. I am surprised that senior and more established TVB actors and actresses such as Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan, Myolie Wu or Fala Chen, Eric Tsang or Liza Wang did not protest/boycott TVB until they replace/fire this director. Is it because they condone this person’s actions? What happen to “righteousness” or “helping out” young aspiring artists that these seasoned professionals proclaim in their frequent interviews? It must be all talk and no action while each is busily acquiring fame and making money for themselves…

    1. The entertainment biz is a cutthroat world. You can’t expect the tops such as the five so called fadans to risk their relationship with a higher up to boycott against a higher up relative. Everyone need to fend for themselves. LOL

    2. Cheung Wing Ho will surely not do it to veterans, especially Liza Wang who has a high status in TVB. He is a coward who will only do it to newbies. Moreover, veterans don’t usually have that many NGs.

    3. Risking your own career to help a newcomer, I don’t think they would ever do that. it Is easier said than done. You know the entertainment world is a corrupt world. or at least in TVB

    4. They wouldn’t do that. Because everyone is protecting his or her own rice bowl.

  21. Woah.. That must have hurt..

    Even if it was a demo, does he need to slam her against the door so hard? Then when its the real thing and if she NGs so many times, would she be brain damaged and in a comatose state? Is that professionalism or stupidism (cos she let the director do what he liked)

  22. Sammie says:

    September 10, 2012 at 6:52 am

    In response to the blogger who stated “Jenny should have been more professional. How could she just sat and cried ? So she expected everyone including the director to accommodate her just because she cried and be treated like a queen ?” If the video clip is accurate, she was blindsided by this sadistic person’s action. Jenny’s nerves were probably frail due to the many takes and scared due to the director’s verbal tirades before this incident. As she is a newcomer, she is taking a lot of “punishment” learning the ropes. A true director will work and nurture newcomers and the results will be more professional as the set is more relaxed and more conducive to learning and achieving the desired results. Shouting and yelling expletives will just cause everyone to stress out and be on edge. TVB is turning a blind-eye and allowing this to go on. TVB is operating like a sweatshop in a penal institution.

    1. Well he’s related to a ‘higher up’ that’s why he’s free to reign around all these years hurling insults and abuses at new artistes LOL but with this video leaked let’s see if TVB will still turn a blind eye. Catherine Tsang relative or not he’s still a damn abuser 😛

    2. that’s why I don’t know if I should call him proffesional LOL, he can’t even control him temper -.-

  23. Beauty Pageant Bimbo vs fiery demanding director with connection to higher up.

    What a powder keg this has become.

  24. Omg, this director got illness problem. Poor girl should leave this tvb.

  25. Imagine the girl’s parents feeling when watching the video. Obviously, their daughter is abused.

  26. A director is not supposed to treat a lady in a rude manner. A simple individual with normal attitude surely won’t behave aggressively. That director must have anger issue. He got to improve his anger management!

  27. Catherine Tsang and the producer did an interview to explain the situation. The background noise was very loud so I couldn’t really hear clearly, but I think Catherine said that he’s not her relative. They were trying to say that it was part of the scene and that he was trying to demonstrate/teach what was going to happen, and that the clip does not fully explain what was happening. Now, they want to find out who put the clip online and what the motive is because they think it’s unfair to the director. They also said that they don’t want other directors to be afraid to be hands-on in the future? because a lot of times they are just teaching the actors. Although they do mention that he might have used a little too much force, they’re saying it’s just his job.

    I think that there’s a difference between being hands-on and scaring a poor girl and pushing her against a wall!

    There’s a video clip online but posting links doesn’t seem to work for me…

    1. Instead of finding out who put the clip online, why not reveal the whole footage of the incident if they said it’s not the full story? Looks like they wanna punish the whistleblower, and defend the abusive director.

      1. Exactly! No wonder people don’t speak up. They know nothing will happen.

      2. I’m not surprised at the way TVB responded to the incident, as this is the typical “denial / washing of hands” type response that they regularly give. What really ticked me off though was the producer defending the director’s actions as “appropriate” during the press conference…WTH??? Goes to show the type of “culture” that TVB has fostered all these years! And like someone said earlier — this type of stuff is actually quite common behind TVB’s closed doors….it’s just that in the past, very little of it got leaked to the press…but with the precarious situation that TVB has been in the past 2 years or so (all the controversies + poaching of staff + former employees speaking out + their messed up internal policies publicly aired for all to see during the Stephen Chan trial), I wouldn’t be surprised if more and more of this stuff comes out in the near future….

    2. That is such bs! It’s very obvious what happened; there is no mistaking that this director crossed the limits big time. Tvb has really gone too far with their bs. There’s no way they should be getting away with this!

      1. Honestly, they should have at least pretended to apologize for his behavior and said he crossed a line and it wouldn’t happen again. Instead, they excuse him and don’t punish him because they claim they are afraid other directors would be scared to be hands-on! That’s lame.

    3. After watching the press conference clip, I’m even more ticked off! I actually used to have a little bit of respect for Catherine Tsang and felt that she was one of the more ‘decent’ executives at TVB — well, now any ounce of respect that I had for her just went down the toilet!!! For her to say that she doesn’t see what the ‘big deal’ is with the situation and that Jenny appeared ‘fine’ after that shot (she said she didn’t see Jenny suffering any pain from it) and then also trying to twist things around to make it seem like it’s Jenny’s fault (pretty much she implied that Jenny “welcomed” the abuse) — such abhorrent and disgusting things to say, especially “knowing” that the bastard has a track record of abusing artists!! Oh and to add insult to injury, at an event later on, producer Leung Choi Yuen “defends” the director’s behavior as merely ‘an artist’s temper’??? WTH? Man, TVB definitely has issues!!

      Alot of artists are speaking out about the issue and many of them bring up very good points. Cheung Wing Ho may be trying to hide behind the ‘good intention’ of trying to make the scene more “realistic” by ‘forcing the best’ out of the actress, but that’s totally the wrong way to go about it! With director Cheung’s way of thinking, does this mean that if an artist needs to film a murder scene, it’s ok to stab that person with a knife to get a ‘real’ reaction out of him/her? Or if they need to film a reaction scene to being burned by fire, then it’s ok to really set the person on fire so that he/she can give a ‘true’ reaction to being burned? Or maybe something less extreme — if a child actor needs to film a crying scene and for some reason can’t squeeze the tears out, then it’s ok to beat him until he cries so that they can get a ‘real’ reaction from him? Wow, if that’s the “TVB way” of doing things, then I definitely feel sorry for any artist who works for them!

      1. My “ounce of respect” for Catherine Tsang also went down the toilet as well. I thought that she would be a better executive in TVB, but I guess she is even worse than Virginia Lok in many respects.

      2. I like Chapman To’s response to the situation….he revealed that he had worked with this particular director back when he (the director) was only a PA at ATV and even back then, he was already “crazy” and “termpermental” (I read in a different article that Cheung was actually ‘forced’ to resign from ATV because of his fiery temper and attitude).  Chapman said that if Jenny wasn’t a newbie, see if the director “dares” to treat her that way — if the director can’t be patient when teaching newbies, he shouldn’t be a director!  Chapman also said that if it was his wife (Kristal Tin) being mis-treated like that, he would personally “kill” the director (Chapman is a good man– see, REAL men treat women with respect!)

      3. I, too, thought that Catherine Tsang had some decency to her! But this incident has proven that TVB and their higher execs have no class and no compassion. How do they sleep at night?

        On top of it all, here are two WOMEN excusing the disgusting behavior of this director. How can they blatantly state the opposite of what is so evident in the video clip? TVB really must think very lowly of their audience!

      4. Agree. Those two women (female artistes) were Charmaine Sheh and Yoyo Mung when they were newbies. I doubt that Mr. Cheung would dare do same to them now.

      5. Wow, Chapman To had the guts to talk about Mr. Cheung Wing Ho. Proud of him being a decent human being!

      6. “producer Leung Choi Yuen “defends” the director’s behavior as merely ‘an artist’s temper’???”

        Hi llwy12. Can you show me the article where Leung Choi Yuen said this? I was shocked because I quite like this producer.
        The subsequent news article all state the producer of the series to be Lee Yim Fong.

  28. Don’t think about pulling that **** with Charmaine anymore!

    Just because Jen is a newcomer doesn’t give him or anymore the entitlement to be disrespectful or insensitive.

  29. Not saying I’m condoning this bad behavior, however, we have so many **** actress that can’t act, and lots of ppls feel angry just watching them. And not saying she’s deserved it, but if you want to be fame hungry and got no talent, what do you expect lol =_= and we don’t know how hard she tried really.

    Again, not saying this guy did the right thing, but maybe he got Charmaine actually act better, who knows. And I don’t think yoyo mung was a good actress either.

    So yea, he should tune it down a bit, but maybe she deserve it ~_~? Not that badly, but still if you know what I mean. Guess I’m just tired of shit actress who can’t act popping up like mushroom -.-

    1. No, she DOES NOT deserve it.

      You know who you should blame for artists that can’t act? TVB! It’s them who are recruiting and signing these people, giving them roles without making sure they have the proper training or talent. If tvb had some sense to invest some time training these new artists, they would have te experience to fall back on. Acting is not an easy thing and tvb cannot expect someone to just know what to do and how to do it.

  30. Poor young woman who has to learn it the hard way. I feel sorry too for whoever upload the video. This is why so many people in schools or workplace afraid to stand up and help others who are bullied or wronged, because in the end the ‘helpers’ will also be ‘punished’.

  31. what a coward!!!. Dissappointed @catherine. If i am Jenny lau i probably will stand out and bring him down with me, yat chai sei!!. Rather leave entertainment circle than have to see this jerk walk around freely and his behavior being justified.

  32. Just watched the clip. Seriously?!!!! TVB?!!! Are you for real???!!! Catherine Tsang: “I don’t see what the big deal is!” I guess by your standards it is okay to do that to your employees. I don’t think you can blow something out of proportion when there is hard evidence Ms Tsang. BYE BYE TVB.

  33. Oh that poor actress making easy money and appearing on national television is crying over frogs being put on her head. Although I don’t agree with her getting the **** beat out of her, still, you’re an actress – deal with it.
    Do what you signed up to do.

  34. My hubby went to high school with this dumb director and he told me that this guy was an arrogant person with I am all that attitude. He is not surprised that this person would pull a violent stunt like that. Shame on this person and TVB for allowing such behavior!

  35. If I was the victim in this scenario, I would definitely have cried too! Out of shock, but not out of fear. In fact, I believe that most women would have cried too. Men would have probably punched him or something.

  36. disgusting.
    as director, you can yell at her, make her practise her lines more, give her the cold shoulder, diss her, whatever.
    but you should never. ever. use physical force on her.

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