TVB Hopes to Promote Rising Star for TV Queen Title

Following the 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant held on August 26th, the next highly anticipated TVB show is the TVB Anniversary celebration. Every year, the battle of who will be crowned TV King and Queen grab the audience’s imagination. Since many of the seasoned TVB actors and actresses did not continue their contract with TVB, this year’s race for the TV Queen is between the rising fadaans against three veteran actresses!

Below are the actresses who will likely be nominated and their chances of taking the highly coveted title:

Myolie Wu

Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) TV Queen win last year automatically puts her at a favorable position in the running this year, however her repeat character in Ghetto Justice 2 (怒火街頭2)  did not provide much of a challenging role, and the other two series which aired earlier this year, Wish and Switch (換樂無窮) and House of Harmony and Vengeance (耀舞長安), also did not receive high remarks. Even Myolie admitted that her chances are slim this year.

Tavia Yeung

Being in the entertainment industry for 12 years makes Tavia Yeung (楊怡) one of the more experienced actresses amongst the fadans in the race for TV Queen. While her improved acting has received praise and recognition, Tavia seems to lack fate with the TV Queen Award in the recent years.

However, with good reviews and high ratings on The Hippomatic Crush <On Call 36小時> and Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國>, Tavia has a very high chance of sweeping the title at the awards ceremony. TVB will also release Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles  <名媛望族> later this year, which places Tavia amongst the ranks of a respected cast, including Damian Lau (劉松仁) and Idy Chan  (陳玉蓮).

Linda Chung

Out of all the fadans, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) had the most screen time in broadcast dramas year-to-date, including House of Harmony and Vengeance <耀舞長安) , Witness Insecurity <護花危情> and Daddy Good Deeds <當旺爸爸>. However, none of these characters were as memorable as her portrayal of Miss Koo in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir <點解阿Sir係阿Sir > last year. With that said, her chance of winning is also slim.

Fala Chen

There is no doubt that Fala Chen (陳法拉)is one of the actresses that TVB is trying to promote heavily.  While her character in Queens of Diamonds and Hearts <東西宮略> was well-regarded, her acting still lacks the edge that will place her as a favorite to win.

Kate Tsui

Kate Tsui (徐子珊) is hoping that her soon-to-be-released series Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> will earn her a spot on the nominees list. Since she has not had as much screen time as the others including Tavia and Linda, she is at a disadvantage since Highs and Lows will not be airing until later and it is the only series she stars in this year.

Michelle Yim, Liza Wang, and Gigi Wong 

In terms of acting experience, obviously the fadans cannot compare to the veteran actresses such as Michelle Yim (米雪), Liza Wang (汪明荃) and Gigi Wong (黃淑儀) who will most likely be recognized for their roles in The Confidant <大太監> and Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽> respectively.

However, since Michelle and Liza won the award previously, it is highly unlikely that TVB will give it to them again. This year, TVB appears to wish to promote their rising stars of tomorrow! Which actress will be able to win the coveted TV Queen award?

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    1. idy chan was popular. But that was sooooo “the past”. Kate’s off the list for sure, Myolie got hers in 2011, so what’s left is linda and Tavia.
      We all need to also keep an eye out on Mandy Wong…I think she’s getting there

    2. did you see her in her last tvb series? she’s a bit rusty dont’ you think. sure respect the veterans, but if they stopped acting for what 20 years or so… can’t guarantee their acting is as good as before. just saying…

  1. My vote goes to Ella Koon!!! I hope she gets nominate… :))

    1. Ella Koon? Out of the blue… Hmmm.. she’s nice but not there yet..

  2. Tavia Yeung (:
    She have been in the industry for a long time. She worked from the bottom to the top. she worked her way, unlike some other artists. So I think Tavia should deserve the winning title off TV Queen .

    1. Probably Tavia Yeung will get the “Best Actress” award this year due to her seniority, i.e. length of service in TVB, similar to what Myolie Wu did in 2011. Perhaps the name of the award should be changed to “Seniority Award”, instead of “Best Actress” award.

      1. @Sandcherry,
        But her acting skills are definitely better than other fadans, no doubt.

      2. her acting skills are better, but not really “best actress” worthy. none of the fadans’ acting can compare to recent past winners such as sheren tang and louise lee.

      3. we each have our own opinion & hot favourites.. but i guess Tavia has her own capabilities in acting.
        she does have her fair share of fans & her viewers’ ratings are quite high too. so i hope she will win the Best Actress award. 🙂

      4. Perhaps the name of the award should be changed to “Seniority Award”, instead of “Best Actress” award.

        TVB’s Cow award :P.

  3. I used to hate Kate Tsui because she tried way too hard to be cute..But now, she’s improved a lot! I love her now.

    Theres something about Linda that I just never liked….I don’t know what it is though. I just don’t like her.

    Tavia isn’t that photogenic.

    I love Myolie Wu. But none of her shows this year were that great. Ghetto Justice was a big flop for me.

    As for Fala Chen, she can’t speak chinese properly! She does have the looks though. TVB needs to seriously find new people that can actually speak proper cantonese…. (Christine Kuo is a wonderful example of someone not to pick)

    1. kate has not improved since. She still deliberatly pouts her lips in every episode she’s in

    2. I also used to hate her acting in Brick of Law but she bought me with her bright personality. She always has a sunshine smile in her mouth. It’s natural lovable personality I saw in her. Although her acting is still bad now, she is working hard to improve herself.

    3. I never like kate, i find her very annoying in every series. She haven’t improve much at all.

      1. I hated her until Lives of Omission I think….and then there was Wax and wane…and then Forensic Heroes…..maybe I got used to her? but I like her now

  4. I believe Tavia should get it this year, since even Myolie got it already (no offence, but I think in terms of acting, Tavia is way better). Kate Tsui’s acting isn’t bad either, but her drama isn’t even out yet, and she would have to be exceptionally well in it to et best actress. Fala Chen’s acting is definitely not on par with the other fadans, and Myolie doesn’t seem to have a promising year. Linda Chung is well received by the audience, but I somehow feel she isn’t ready for best actress either.

    1. I think Fala is very lazy because she doesn’t want to act in more series to train and show the improvement of her acting to the audience. That’s why she’s the weakest fadan now to compare with others.

    2. I agree with Moon. I think Fala is not demonstrating a passion for acting. I consider her acting satisfactory to good but definitely not great but she’s already turning down roles left and right like some big sister. It feels like she’s more interested in singing.

      1. I liked Fala in MR, and after that, I never watched any of her series. People complained about her accent and crticized her role in Lives of Omission. That drama won the best drama award, and yet she did not win best actress. That says something about her acting. Well, I know that the best actor/actress doesn’t have to come from the best drama, but that is usually the case.

    3. sure-lee says: I believe Tavia should get it this year, since even Myolie got it already (no offence, but I think in terms of acting, Tavia is way better)
      disagreed, Tavia n Myolie are on the same level. I don’t see Tavia is any better than Myolie.

  5. Tavia__ can act but lacking charisma

    Linda__ still young, room for improvement glory years ahead

    Myolie__ predictable acting

    Kate__ more of an eye candy

    Fala__ speech deficiency, resulting in lack of emotions in acting

    Somehow, there could be a tie for TV queen title. Don’t expect too much, observe it as the annual TVB Ball.

  6. yeung yi 4sure. She beats fala, linda, kate and myolie by:

    1. best looking (ok, her nose probably is a problem)
    2. best at acting (esp. in Hippocratic crush and Realms of Conscience)
    3. most charisma
    4. is able to take on different roles (Myolie made an attempt to copy Yi by making a transition from her kind-hearted character to a villainous role in “Curse of the Royal Harem”. Didn’t work out well)
    5. most experienced (older than Linda)
    6. aware of limits (doesn’t strip off her top like Fala in Stew of life;doesn’t make a love scene with Bosco in Lives of Omission

    1. LMAO~, such a funny comment.

      1. Best looking – won’t argue because it’s your eyes and you can say an owl is beautiful, no point to argue.

      2. Acting – also won’t argue with you because you can think William Hung can sing :P.

      3. Charisma – also can’t argue because it’s your opinions, you can think a duck has more charisma than a swan

      4. Different roles – ok, this point is able to discuss:

      Fala: She did many types of roles, from the villainous ones like the one in AJCL or the sexy ones like in her early roles. She also can take innocent roles like in MR. She did professional roles as well.

      Kate: From evil to sweet to professional to sexy to mysterious, all she did.

      Linda: She has arrogant, spoiled, sweet, etc. roles.

      Myolie: Tragedy, comedy, family, professional, etc., which one she’s missed?

      The only left one in top 5 took less types of roles, it’s a fact.

      Copy? Haha, it’s one of the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Myolie needs to do so? Oh well, if she hears you say this, she’ll just give you a smile with some pitiful feeling. You are so depressed.

      5. Experience: Ok, if it’s an award for a cow then maybe LOLz. To say about experience, as a fan of Lee Heung Kam, I’m questioning the Best supporting award! Lee Heung Kam has more experience and is a more solid actress but TVB was unfair to give it to an undeserved unexperience actress. Protest! Lolz.

      6. Aware of limits: Show that someone is very unprofessional! Don’t dare to fulfill the requirement of the director! What kind of artist is that? If can’t do the required scenes, quit job! Even Juk Lui image like Linda did do intimate scenes, what is the point for a non Juk Lui to refuse. Unprofessional and lack the respects to the director.

      No doubt why everyone is more interesting :P.

      1. Hummm… it’s true, a lot of this is a matter of opinion, no need and cannot argue…

        I personally think Kate has the most diverse portfolio and Linda the least. Although I consider Linda’s acting skills better than Kate. TVB roles, in general, are very typical. Most actors that have been in the industry for a few years would have done all the “different” roles.

        I also don’t think Myolie copied Tavia but that could be just a matter of choice of words.

        I do, however, disagree that Tavia is unprofessional. From everything I’ve heard, she seems very hardworking and professional. Just because she has not had any intimate scenes recently doesn’t mean she refused to do them. She has definitely done them before. At some point in an actors career, they are respected enough so that their opinion is valued. Chow Yun Fat discusses things with producers, script writers and directors all the time. I don’t think anyone considers him unprofessional. I think it’s fine to not like an actor/actress but she deserves credit where it’s due and I definitely don’t think she’s a diva or unprofessional.

      2. Geez, fox. Fans for different idols have different opinions.

        All of your comments are absolutely disgusting, and keep talking. I always yawn when I’m interested.

        Tavia is no doubt the best, and many people on this page agree with me too. If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person alive.

        Calling me depressed, huh?? Well, maybe I should call you Amazon- You`re so wide at the mouth.

      3. seems like it’s so true no one can oppose to it

      4. No, call me Google instead, lolz.

        Lolz, about the happiness person in the world, you are right. Im one. You are unhappy? Oh I wish you all the bestd. Dun be depressed :). Maybe you should be more open to make yourself happier.

      5. Have you gone hiding again, fox?

        I dont see any reply from you…Seems like Tavia is no doubt the best, and that Ive managed to make you one of Tavia’s fans, right???

      6. @Fox lolz… look like someone want try to screw you up. Maybe she bored and wan a have fun day.

      7. Fox, you have lots of spelling mistakes in your previous comment.
        Nothing you say could offend me. I only get offended by things that make sense.

      8. Ah Im not that free recently. I have a job to do and a love life to enjoy. Sorry if you are waiting for me, you have to wait :D.

        Nope, Im only fan of anyone who can treat fans well and value fans. I may like many but becoming fan of some with real talents + well behavior to fans. So sorry for making you sad.

      9. Typing on cellphone, so it can cause to typos.

        I dont intend to offense you, I only discuss with you in some points that the facts are totally different to your imagination, lolz. If you are hurt, Im so sorry.

      10. Hold on…YOU have a love life??
        Geez,Je suis désolé pour votre petite amie
        (translation, in case you don’t “understand”: I feel sorry for your partner, and that she/he has to suffer being with you)

      11. Oh well, I have a B2 for French so I don’t need your “translation”. Wanna notice you that your translation isn’t correct at all :P. Next time you can try harder. Good luck.

    2. Sentence 6 made me wanna puke, if an artiste is so aware of one’s limits in acting better packed up and leave show biz.

      1. even so, artists are allowed to pick which roles they want to play in. They arent forced into any roles/dramas, so being aware of one’s limits is necessary

      2. Your way of thinking is too…I cant describe it. All I can tell you is that there is no vaccine against stupidity.

      3. Yup. No vaccine for it. No doubt why you are still seeking one for yourself as well.

        Unprofessional is unprofessional, even in the form of “awareness of limits”. A person who denies to get out of his safe self wont never go far.

        @fox2: not everyone in Txb can pick the roles. All of 5 Fas now have to do any role assigned to them. In other words, they are acting under the management of Txb.

      4. Actually, I’m seeking a vaccine against stubborn “foxes”. If I were you, I would go through my comments to check that they’re “grammatically correct” b4 I’d submit them.

        When they were distributing brains, you probably got there too late and they ran out

      5. @fox: Plz put a stop to this once. Live peacefully and stop disagreeing with others. If you were a girl, I wouldn’t mind having this sort of debate with you. Girl fight-I think it helps you with debating.

        But if you were a guy, I would definitely wonder if you were once a transsexual.

        That’s all I’m saying. Whatever you say back, I dont care, as long as you don’t post it on this page and offend other “Yeung for Life” fans like me.

      6. You are biting your tongue, dearest. Hope you won’t hurt yourself too much.

        If every Yeung for life is like you, then you can know why ppl like to tease you guys.

        Oh well, since I’m not that free, maybe I should let you play with yourself alone and won’t bother you anymore :). Cheers.

  7. Strange …… I never liked Tavia Yeung’s acting. I don’t think she has any charisma or a pretty face. She has not improved a bit in the last two years though she may have over 10 years of acting experience in addition to her artistes’ training course.

    1. I never did know Tavia went thru artistes’ training course, who else from these selected 5?

      1. Myolie did a training course as well, not the one opened for public to join but an internal one for ppl from MHK. Not sure if Linda, Fala and Kate joined these classes or not.

      2. I did not know that Myolie has taken the training course, her acting is good sometimes in the past but I haven’t seen any good role of hers at the moment, what a pity, I used to like her playing that fat girl in series (forgot the name). Even though I like Tavia in general but I don’t have any impression of her at all in any series. Linda keeps her cutie-naïve looking for so long, just getting so bored. I was so happy for Fala when she got the main role but I need to see something more from her, her acting is similar everywhere. I love Kate in speech of silence and her acting is not that good but I still like her somehow. Some series like Forensic heroes III, I’m so disappointed that her acting is so so and I have a feeling that she didn’t take it seriously. She could climb up if she really tries.

      3. Tavia Yeung graduated from the 13th TVB Artistes Training Course in 1998, which was a full-length course (something like 9 months). She started her 1st drama series in 1997, about 15 years ago. Her acting should be pretty good by now. Maggie Cheung Ho Yee started her 1st drama series in 1995, 2 years before Tavia Yeung did, and her acting is very very solid. Maggie got her TV Queen award in 2003.

      4. You serious, Maggie is much much older than Tavia and she started the show biz that late, I thought she should be around Sheren Tang’s time even though her acting is far worse than Sheren’s.

      5. As per Wikipedia:
        Maggie Cheung Ho Yee was born in 1969, she competed in TVB’s 1994 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, reaching the final five but not placing. However she did gain a special award for best “potential artist” (最具演藝潛質獎) and was signed to the channel soon afterwards.

        Her career spun off to a whirlwind of a start, as she was offered a leading role. However, she wanted to start from the bottom up and hence declined the role, only to accept a subsidiary role in another series. Many will say that her career kicked off with the well accepted Old Time Buddy, but some others say it is with her primary leading role in One Good Turn Deserves Another.”

        Maggie started her acting career after her participation in Miss Hong Kong Pageant Show in 2004. It was logical for her to start her first drama series in TVB in 2005.

        Sheren Tang started her TVB Artistes’ Training Course in 1985 when she was 18. There was a 10 years’ difference between their acting careers.

        Moreover, Sheren Tang’s acting talents are excellent. How many veterans can beat her, including Liza Wang, Gigi Wong, Angie Chiu? The only one whom I think highly of is Louise Lee Sze Kee. Her acting is as good as Sheren’s.

      6. Usually Chinese Wikipedia gives a more comprehensive background for HK artistes.

        張可頤中一畢業於嘉諾撒聖瑪利書院;1989年,從13歲被送到英國寄宿學校讀書,修讀理科並於Edgehill College, Devonshire 預科畢業,取得曼徹斯特大學(University of Manchester)學位後,她返港放暑假,期間卻在街上被徐克和鍾珍發掘,還未滿21歲的她,開始第一次参與電影工作(英雄本色3),之後給音樂人鄭敬基發掘,以PP Gals 組合出過唱片,於1992年退出。[1]

        So she started acting in 1989.

      7. Tavia__so much knowledge and training and still waiting for this title, instead was honored the best performance of the year 2009. Not a hot favorite of TVB?

        Myolie been much promoted and popular after WOIL.

        80% depends on an artiste’ luck?

    2. I agree that Tavia lacks charisma, and she’s not beautiful either. But she can act.

    3. never was a fan of Tavia but i don’t hate her.

      Maggie is always my fav actress!

    1. lol I agree with you here Fox, give it to her, so the media can make alittlebit more drama, and people to bash alittlebit more 😛

      1. Yup, then we can have some funs to enjoy. Rather than the predictable ending.

    2. The TVB Queen award is nothing to joke about. You cant just give it to a newmcomer to give people “some fun”!?

      1. Why cant joke about it? What is so precious of it now? Lolz.

        If I can give it to anyone, I would give it to a person that can make the whole show interesting, haha.

  8. I think its Tavia’s year out of all the potential nominees.

    She will get it for Oncall 36 Hours , unless she very good in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles

    This years been weak for Fadan’s as not really outstanding roles.

  9. I Support Tavia and Kate.

    Tavia – great subdued performance in THC
    Kate – I hope she lives up to the great character. She has presence
    Myolie – bad and OTT acting in GJ2
    Linda – a normal year
    Fala – no representative work

  10. Linda!

    But I don’t really hate any of the current “5 fa-dans”. I sure wish some other people got promoted and then we would have the “1o fa-dans”

    1. Actually tvb is promoting more actresses to first line.
      Top 10 would be Tavia, Myolie, Linda, Kate, Fala, Nancy, Sharon, Selena, Natalie, Aimee.

    2. yeah..I sort of have to agree with you despite being one of Tavia’s many “Yeung for Life” fans.

      I mean, Linda was born in America, which is an English-speaking country. And being an Australian, I have no choice but to accept her as Tavia’s next coming rival for the TVB Queen title

      1. Linda is CBC, canadian. Not ABC. She was born in Canada and lived there.

      2. OMG. I made a mistake **sarcasm*

        at least I speak proper “English” and actually make sense in my words. Go back to your mother language. Stop talking in a language you don’t fully understand.

  11. I give up on this, now I just want to wait on TVB announcement of the best actress awards. I believe that everybody has their own oppinion of who they think is “best” (TVB should just give it to one of the veterans, then it wont be any dissapointing)At the end it is TVB’s choice.

  12. I believe the only year there was no controversy on the winner was when Sheren Tang was crowned, and also another year when Lee Shee Kay won for “Ga Ho Yuet Yen” as “Hoh Ma”. Their acting was lightyears beyond the fadaans we see today.

    1. Agree. Both Sheren Tang and Louise Lee Sze Kee were super good actresses with sold acting.

    2. Mi Xue won for Moonight Reasonance. Not Lee Shee Kay who won for Heart of Greed.

  13. Again for MYOLIE WU, TV Queen 2012! Why not? Here’s to you, Myolie Wu!!!

  14. Tavia is alway so dramatic in the latest return to the past.. Forgot thẻ name. However she always had the same role. Too emotion and weak.

    MYOLIe is should get it again. She can act with skills!

  15. I support tavia,maggie cheung,and michelle i read somewhere that says TC airs this year (TGE)

  16. TVB’s newest gimmick seems to be “one person, one vote.” Maybe the coveted TVB Anniversary Awards winners will be determined by popular vote this year?

    1. It is a good idea. TVB can prove to the public that their computer system will work this time!

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