TVB to Produce “The Confidant” Spin-Off?

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Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) revealed in an interview with Commercial Radio Hong Kong that TVB may have plans to produce a spin-off to The Confidant <大太監> rather than a sequel as reported earlier.

On December 24, Wayne accepted an interview with Commercial Radio Hong Kong. He exclaimed that his last pay raise was in 2009, when he won TVB’s Best Actor for the first time. “I will be performing on some shows during the holidays, and these were offered to me a long time ago. I haven’t had a pay raise in several years! Of course I need one! I want to get a 20 to 30 percent increase on my salary. At least I’ll be able to catch up with the inflation.”

“The Confidant” May Get Spin-Off

It was earlier reported that TVB had plans to produce a sequel to The Confidant, in which the Li Lianying biopic will touch upon historical events such as Emperor Guangxu’s ascension, reformation, coup, and Empress Dowager Cixi’s death. Contrary to previous tabloid reports, Wayne expressed that no one has ever approached him about filming a sequel, but he has heard that TVB intends to produce a spin-off, The Great Five Eunuchs <太監五虎>, with Wayne, Raymond Cho (曹永廉), Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Power Chan (曹永廉), and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), reprising their roles from The Confidant.

Wayne Exchanged His Son For Award?

Although Wayne has yet to get a pay raise for his third Best Actor win, he did reveal that he was given more open job offers. Several mainland Chinese production companies are offering Wayne some roles, and although Wayne is very interested, his schedule with TVB is completely booked until July 2013. “I guess I’ll have to leave that to fate,” Wayne sighed.

Wayne also expressed that he hopes to have a chance to work with different directors, producers, screenwriters, and actors in the coming future. He hopes to consistently find breakthroughs in his acting. He avoids performing in the same role twice, admitting that he does not want the audience to stereotype him into a particular character.

Earlier sources claim that Wayne was willing to exchange his son for the TVB Best Actor award. Wayne, who renewed his TVB contract for another two years earlier this year, exclaimed that there was no truth in the reports at all, and laughed, “I am not very valuable to the company. Moses Chan (陳豪) earns a lot of money through endorsements, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) earns a lot from his mainland dramas, and Raymond Lam (林峯) is a three-of-a-kind. The money he earns in six months is more than what I earn in three years! The report that mentioned that I traded my son for an award is very problematic. If the company really wants to sign my son, it is me giving money to them, not the company giving me an award.”

Wayne also refuted reports which claimed that he is planning to have another daughter, “I am too old now. I’ve given up that plan a lot time ago.”

Wayne Hopes Oscar Leung and Kenny Wee Will Find Peace

When a fight broke out between Eric Tsang (曾志偉) and Kenny Wee (黃浩) at a wedding banquet, Oscar Leung(梁烈唯), who was also a guest, supported Eric. Kenny decided to sue Oscar for defamation.  Wayne sighed, “When it comes to gossip like this, I hope everyone will be able to be more forgiving and have more empathy. I hope everyone will be able to spend time happily and peacefully on Christmas.”


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  • 20 comments to TVB to Produce “The Confidant” Spin-Off?

    1. cloud9 says:

      During the 80’s TVB created Five Tiger Generals of TVB – Michael Miu (“Big Tiger”), Kent Tong (“Second Tiger”), Felix Wong (“Third Tiger”), Andy Lau (“Fourth Tiger”), and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (“Small Tiger”).,

      Now 30 years later TVB going to crete “The Confidant Five Tigers” or “The Five Eunuchs ” (Wayne, Raymond Wong, Power Chan, Edwin Siu and Raymond Cho)..hahahaha

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      • shu replied:

        the five great gaylo’s…hahaha

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    2. Heather says:

      His eyebrows in that picture are so perfect. They’re prettier than mine!!!

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      • 9394967 replied:

        Oh ! So Gay !

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        • hcfoo replied:

          Don’t be ridiculous. Nowadays guys take care of their eyebrows. It’s actually a trend.

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    3. Charbydis says:

      If I had to chose between a spin-off and a sequel, I would choose the sequel as there can be more development from it despite no An De Hai.

      The problem with a spbin-off is that we already know how it begins and how it ends for the 5 tigers and all twists revealed. At least with a sequel, TVB can play around with historically good characters turning bad.

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    4. H says:


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      • 9394967 replied:

        Ok than you dance Line Dance instead Break Dance!

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    5. Funn Lim says:

      I am a bit confused whenever TVB says sequel or spin off. Spin off is a new term in the case of TVB speak. I mean when they say sequel, it is almost never a direct sequel. So a spin off is… same characters, different timeline or same actors, totally different everything? Because An Dehai is so dead. So how to actually spin off this character?

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    6. Djojs says:

      I’d rather a spin off and stories focused on characters other than eunuchs.. cause if it’s going to be like the original.. i’m gonna fall asleep again.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Djojs
    7. foshy says:

      I would want a spin off of these 5 tigers but in a different backdrop, a modern comedy drama will be good. And I hope they will keep Nancy Wu too if they are going ahead.
      Agreed that there is nothing much to do for the same characters because the start and ending are already known.
      Not really keen on direct sequel due to the way TC was done.

      Login or Register before you can reply to foshy
    8. Tegan says:

      太監五虎 sounds like the five eunuchs are forming a boyband.

      Anyway, what caught my eye in this article was Wayne expressing an interest in filming mainland dramas. This is the first time I recall him saying that. From what I remember, in previous interviews he always brushed off the idea. So now he’s just waiting for the right time and opportunity?

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    9. Ric says:

      I never know what TVB means with the terms sequel and spinoff. They mean the same thing to me. Witness Insecuirty was suppose to be a spinoff of Miss Koo but it was not related at all. No Regrets and Moonlight Resonance were called sequels but they were obviously not. I’m assuming TVB just wants to make a show with the 5 actors from the Confidant. Not necessarily any relation to the show or original characters at all. I think I’ll be interested in a new show with the 5 of them than any direct or indirect sequel.

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    10. miriamfanz says:

      I’d rather see sequel going into Guangxu era. I believe when TVB says spinoff, it’s like using the same cast, like Beyond the realm of conscience and Can’t buy me love.

      Misc. Historical Facts in The Confidant

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    11. RAYLEILAFAN says:

      Why not a sequel?

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      • jayne replied:

        Maybe they can’t get Michelle Yim to star in a sequel. She would be the most difficult star to secure in a sequel.

        Login or Register before you can reply to jayne
        • RAYLEILAFAN replied:

          Could be why, and maybe they also can’t find an actor and actress of enough calibre and at right age to be Guangxu and Zhenfei.

          Let me list potential suitable candidates who may be capable of the roles:

          Bosco – too busy.
          Ray- too busy.
          Raymond Wong – already a eunuch.
          Steven Ma – too old to be Guangxu. Out of TVB.
          Ngo Ka Nin – overused as an emperor.
          Oscar Leung – already Tongzhi. Look too kiddish.

          Tavia – too mature looking since the sales presentation 3 years ago.
          Fala – might be ok but can she handle the intelligence and tragicness of Zhenfei?
          Christine – pretty and look intelligent but lacks depth in acting.

          Login or Register before you can reply to RAYLEILAFAN
        • RAYLEILAFAN replied:

          There are also difficulties to find suitable actors for all the reformists that were up in arms with Guangxu and the storyline might be too political and heavy for TVB to bear.

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    12. Kidd says:

      So, it won’t be a sequel but a prequel?

      I hope TVB will just use back the 5 actors to make a wuxia series instead.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Kidd
    13. LyNN says:

      A spin-off is much better than a sequel! I want to see more of Raymond Cho as An Dehai please!!!

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