Viann Zhang Releases Statement on Breakup with Li Chen

After confirming her breakup with mainland Chinese actor Li Chen (李晨) on her Weibo blog, Viann Zhang (張馨予) suffered backlash from netizens. Li Chen’s popularity helped boost the exposure rate of Viann during their dating relationship, but at the price of damaging rumors over Viann’s past.

On September 8, Viann uploaded a photo of herself in tears on her Weibo, writing, “There will be a day when the pain you have suffered will end up assisting you. Life will never deliberately owe anyone. It gives you a shadow, but this shadow will definitely cast rays of sunlight nearby. I am a heroine. Aside from rats, I am not afraid of anything.”

The post attracted over 33,500 comments. Though Viann’s fans were very vocal about offering her their support, many netizens declared that they did not feel sorry for Viann at all. Some called her fake; others expressed their sorrow for Li Chen, claiming that Viann only used the Saving General Yang <忠烈楊家將> actor for publicity. One netizen wrote, “Whatever, just don’t go back to Ron Ng (吳卓羲)!”

A Weibo tag, titled “Viann Zhang Get Out of the Entertainment Industry” also attracted over 10,183 supporters.

On September 10, Viann released a statement to the press, in response to the uproar over her breakup with Li Chen:

“I am unreasonable, immature, and my drive for independence is strong. At this stage I have also placed all of my efforts into my work. I did not even have plans for marriage in the past two years. But he is mature; his career is stable, yet he always tolerated me. He was very good to me. Everything he did for me was out of caring for me. He was there for me when I was going through the lowest point of my life. When we were together, I had a shoulder I could rest on. I am thankful to have walked every step with him. Sometimes, I would feel that he was too tolerant of me; he had suffered, and I can no longer bear the weight of his greatness. I cannot give him a marriage. Love takes two people. If we cannot continue our journey together, we can choose to break up. Do not deceive and waste time. Like what was said earlier: I am a bad woman. He is a good man, and I do not deserve him. Everything was my fault. Please, only scold me. Do not implicate those who were not involved.

“The steps I have taken to come here was not easy. However, I never had to rely on anyone to get my movie deals. Ask anyone who has collaborated with me before – I just improve with time. There was no gangway. As for my hard work and career, time will prove everything. Finally, after speaking this, I will not respond to any questions regarding my private life, and I hope that the media will not ask further questions. I will only concentrate on filming. Thank you!”

Source: Apple Daily

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    1. Ikr she will do anything to get fame and money. Makes me feel sicken in her after so many guys did her.

  1. I respect her for her honesty, I dislike her for her uncertainty. The entire statement implies she cheated on him with someone. Because you don’t call yourself a bad woman by simply being unreasonable. So who she cheated him on? Back to square one. And note how she never clearly said do not implicate ABC? Vague, too vague. But hey, she admitted something which means it must be true.

    1. i doubt about her honesty,sometimes is keeping silence the most honest way.

    2. I actually agree with Funn that I respect her for being so honest. I really wonder if she is indirectly admitting to cheating?? It sure sounds like it and I would not be surprised if she did.Of course she will not directly and openly admit it if she did.

    3. agree. i wish she would just be clear about her bad woman thing and at the same time can clarify the wallace rumour from her side but she didn’t!

      1. I wish that she would clarify about the Wallace rumour too. Maybe she will soon?? Who knows?? If not, then honestly Wallace can sue her for using his name and making up fake news…

      2. agree. ron really encounter bad luck to meet viann and used by her. glad that ron is away from viann for good. but sad that kelly fu who can’t act also wants to use ron to get attention and create fake rumours! ron should stay away from women like viann and kelly fu, and the wild wife toby leung. what a coincidence that all these women can’t act for nuts.

    4. Eh, I don’t get where she imply/state she cheated?!

      Frankly, if she had then she would never admit or imply to it considering she would get publicly lynched faster than you can say ‘plastic surgery’!

      Maybe she was emotional/unreasonable but more specially, she’s been overly melodramatic as hell in her initial Weibo post and statement to get attention/sympathy/people off her back/she’s a dramequeen etc. So I totally believe she would exaggerate and call herself a ‘bad woman’ for minor issues.

      1. funn was concluding viann implying she was cheating based on her statement that she’s a bad woman. why would a girlfriend called herself a bad woman all of a sudden if she did nothing wrong?

  2. Someone needs to tell me if she can actually act?? How is she so popular?

    1. She is popular by dating famous actors like Ron and the other mainland actors.

    2. gets popular by using ron’s name. glad that ron is far away from this woman now!

      1. Yea, and it is good that Ron has matured and has learned from that past relationship with her. But she seems to be the same old bad person as she has always been… I wonder if she will change for the better?

      2. agree. ron has matured to be a great and handsome heavenly guy just like issac but viann is still seem to be the same manipulative girlfriend who made ron’s life living hell back then.

  3. I think one of the real intention behind this press statement is too tell the whole world that “She dumped Him”.

    1. It sure feels like it is the other way around, “he dumped her” and she is embarrassed by it.

  4. She is cheap. I don’t admire so lady. Very cheap and low standard.

  5. she loves high profile attention like this! and how sad that she doesn’t help clearing wallace’s name at all in her statement! the poor guy innocently gets linked to her out of nowhere!

    1. Yea, she really craves attention and it is sad how she seemed to be using Ron, then Li Chen and now even Wallace out of the blue. When was Wallace ever associated with her??? Don’t tell me that after all of her PS operations that she thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world and can get any guy she likes. She is starting to remind me of Lin Xian Er in some ways. I wonder if she is getting all of these roles in series now because she uses many actors’ names just to promote herself??? How sad…

      1. agree. i bet wallace isn’t even among her friend or colleagues! they never work together! her pr team indeed powerful, linking wallace to her out of the blue and now as if she already got guys from hk, taiwan and mainland!

      2. Well artists do not need to work together in order to know or become friends with each other. I used to think that artists that worked together or often worked together are all good friends. However, I was wrong since there are many that work together but are not friends in real life. But then there are others who have never worked together but are the best of friends so you never know.

        But yea, I wonder why she can’t get known for her hard work and efforts but must use other artists to promote herself??

      3. agreed – she’s had a ridiculous amount of PS work done. i guess some guys can’t tell and date her.

      4. but as funn said, viann is far from a women that wallace would want to be with. so don’t blame people for assuming that everything must have been fakely written to promote viann by using wallace who is the most handsome mainland artiste

      5. besides wallace’s manager has denied and aaid ‘of course not’

  6. “Please, only scold me. Do not implicate those who were not involved…”

    She doesnt even need to state this-everyone would do exactly that even without her pleading really.

    1. agree. went to viann’s weibo and most of the comments there are backlashes against her! this kind of promotional tactics surely backfired.

      1. and now ron’s fans, li chen’s fans, and wallace’s fans are all wacking her without need of her issuing that so called self blaming statement.

      2. not to say it wasn’t deserved based her reputation as the manipulative girlfriend and attention seeking person.

      3. “and now ron’s fans, li chen’s fans, and wallace’s fans are all wacking her ”

        Ron’s fan because of the past, Li Chen’s fans because of the present and Wallace’s fans because of the WHERE THE HECK THAT CAME FROM moment.

        And guess what? Bad publicity is still good publicity, at least for her. Now everyone knows who is Viann even if you can’t tell her apart from all those Chinese actresses.

  7. That plastic doll must cause some cheap sensational news just to get the attention of some rich and married men available.

    Her acting is bad and her face is stiff with an extra pointed chin. For sure she is doomed when she reached her forties.

  8. Her again? Hasn’t she vanished from the entertainment circle since the Ron Ng thing? He picked up his pieces, what’s she doing besides going through another fling? Man, this is boring.

    1. viann’s existence in this industry is only to have flings with poor victims such as ron, li chen and who lnow how many others in her way to get attention. not a surprise that she can’t act for nuts but still manage to be well known for dating men such as ron to get to the top!

  9. While I’m not surprised at the outcome of her currently relationship, i do find some of the comments funny…

    Everyone seems to be attacking her for her relationships in the past, and calling all the others victims of her.

    What this implies to me is that many on this site believe that men are incapable of thought when near Viann… that they can’t reason her past, can’t see the risk, and are like moths to a flame. They are “victims” because they are blinded to her nature and innocent to the risks of the relationship.

    Hogwash I say…

    It takes two to tango imho… and I’m pretty sure these men knew what they were getting into when they started dating her… and if they didn’t, they should have been able to learn fairly quickly the type of person Viann is (clingy? demanding? jealous? flirtatious?).

    If they are not capable of seeing the person behind the face… then aren’t they just as guilty as falling for and believing in the surface only?

    I think there is plenty of blame to go around all over the place 🙂

    1. “What this implies to me is that many on this site believe that men are incapable of thought when near Viann… that they can’t reason her past, can’t see the risk, and are like moths to a flame. They are “victims” because they are blinded to her nature and innocent to the risks of the relationship.”

      Yes to all.

      Yes it takes 2 to tango but she does give the impression that she is leading where the dance go and she goes off for a bit of disco dance in the middle of tango and the man will be waiting for her to come back and finish the tango. Point is my feeling is she is a smart girl and she knows what she is doing and getting herself into. The guys maybe as well but then in the face of force of “beautiful” (debatable) nature, how can any heterosexual man resist?

      And she did emphasise blame her so that’s it. Like classic Stephen Chow comedy, if the villain keeps saying “beat me! beat me if you dare! Come on! Beat meeee!!’ and then hero proceeds to beat the villain and the villain asks “Why did you beat me?!” and the punch line is “Because you asked me to!”.

      Viann should stop posting weibo messages until she calms down with her emotions and just write “Love… ends..” and the end.

      1. She is posting to weibo because she wants the attention. And she succeeded

    2. Haha A+ comment!

      I do love how she makes these guys’ fans run around like headless chickens trying to defend their precious idol from her evil claws!

      IF those guys are truly involved with her and not just being used for PR, then they most definitely know what they were getting into.

      That said, I do think Viann is an attention-seeker. Either intentionally to create publicity for herself or because she’s the very melodramatic type. But so what? Lots of celebrities are like that and the amount of vitriol directed at Viann for dating a guy is ridiculous. Personally, I hope she’s doing it intentionally because you gotta admire that kind of hustle! 😀

  10. Why doesn’t she just pursue a career in escorting and prostitution? That area will help her cultivate her strength and an actual CAREER. All she does is go out to seek attention and who knows maybe she’ll come out with a sex tape next.

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