Vincent Wong Hopes Yoyo Chen Can Win an Award

Vincent Wong (王浩信) has won multiple acting accolades and found success in his career these past years, but his wife Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) seemed to fall in his shadows. However, her big win in voice talent competition Dub of War <好聲好戲> has proved her ability, and Vincent believes she can win an award this year. 

In the industry for 21 years, Yoyo is cast in a leading role for a drama revolving around beauty pageants. When Vincent heard the news, he felt very happy for her accomplishments. “My daughter and I are very happy for her. Congratulations on her success. Voiceovers are so difficult to execute, and to do it in one take would be impossible for me. I definitely need to learn voiceover tricks from her. I hope that she will continue to grow and even win an award because she deserves it.” 

With Murder Diary <刑偵日記> airing on Monday on TVB, Vincent shared the difficulties of filming for the psychological suspense drama, in which he plays a character with a dissociative identity disorder with multiple personalities.

There are different different contrasts in the drama, which makes Vincent fear that viewers will not be able to digest all the content. “We put a lot of content into this drama. We hope that viewers can feel our sincerity. I feel pressured and stressed, but I hope the audience will be enticed.”

One of his personalities is someone who is very fond of his muscles, which required the most physical preparation. “I had to train hard to bulk up during this time. I would even do push ups right on set, and then go to the gym after work. Of course, I also ate a lot of eggs. That’s what I have been doing these past few years–I am sometimes frustrated by it too.” 

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  1. about his body…has he really gained muscle? he kept showing it off in his new show. can’t tell….

    1. @m0m0 Compared to him in his previous dramas, his muscles in Murder Diary are definitely more toned and shapely. You can really tell the difference, especially his biceps and abs.

  2. Not related to this article, but since there aren’t any articles on Murder Diary, I want to profess my love for the show here, it’s the best TVB drama I have watched in a long time! Still in the middle of it watching with my family, but I find it fast-paced and actually interesting unlike other TVB dramas. All the MAIN actors actually act well inside, and I especially love Benjamin Yuen’s character! Also especially like the fact that TVB has portrayed people with DID as normal regular people in this drama & Threesome, totally unlike Hollywood always showing them as perverted killers… …

    1. @linda Yes the plot is very intricate and some episodes have to watch a second time to fully appreciate the details. And some elements are unorthodox for a TVB show, which is great. The filming/editing is better than usual, has vibes of American/Korean dramas. Ben’s acting/character was unexpectedly good, I think this is his most outstanding performance to date. He even outshines Vincent sometimes. Kara’s portrayal is amazing, her character is so multi faceted. A lot better than her performance in Defected I feel. Vincent does the portrayal of his different characters really well, not sure if there’s many or any other current TVB actor who can perform to that level. The weakest link is definitely Mandy’s character, nothing exciting at all and the show could do without.

  3. I saw the interview… It was actually really awkward the way he talked about her… He talked about her like an associate or co worker. No smile no nothing. You can see the clip on youtube.

    1. @abcd
      Maybe they have been divorced or at least separated already but just don’t want to announce it. I bet it is an open secret among their friends and colleagues.

      1. @hetieshou I actually think it’s an open secret too… Especially Priscilla and Edwin taking her home without the husband, they must know.

    2. @abcd Yeah, even when we think about exes we have some sort of reaction but it seems so calm and just not much of an expression at all. lol haha….Pretty depressing really!

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