Vincent Wong: “Jacqueline Wong is Too Heavy!”

Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華), Joey Meng (萬綺雯), Vincent Wong (黃心穎), and Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) earlier attended a press conference in Tseung Kwan O for their new series With or Without You <東坡家事>, which premieres on Monday, October 26. The cast was organized into pairs according to their drama characters, which brought much humour to the press.

Bobby and Joey’s mutual teasing once again resulted in fits of laughter. Portraying a couple onstage, Bobby rushed over to pick up his new bride and forced a kiss on her face. Joey was so startled that she dropped the fruits she held in her hands.

When asked if Bobby is afraid of Joey’s husband becoming upset, he laughed and exclaimed, “Even if he doesn’t trust anyone else, he should trust me! Trust that I’m too scared to do anything!” Joey then quickly interrupted, “But your hand seems to be covering my mouth! As if you don’t want me to talk!”

On the other hand, Vincent and Jacqueline also portray a pair in the series. Vincent was asked to hug Jacqueline and lift her off the ground, but he shook his head and refused. Vincent joked, “She’s too heavy! There was a scene in which I had to carry her after she got poisoned, and her body weight was such a surprise! I always work out, but she was still really heavy for me!” He laughed and added that Jacqueline’s figure is becoming like Bobby’s.

Speaking of the drama’s predicted viewership ratings, Jacqueline expressed that she is certain the series will be well-received by the audience. Vincent shared that he would consider a nude swim in the ocean if viewership ratings surpass 33 points. Bobby agreed with the plan and said he would follow along. He also has confidence that his chemistry with Joey will grab viewers’ attention, and claimed ratings will likely surpass at least 20 points.


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  1. Swim nude, bikini, etc but never materialise because ratings never reach that much. So pls don’t jinx it by giving useless promises and be modest with promises and maybe, just maybe that might come true.

    Bobby’s series always have good ratings so I am hopeful for this as well.

  2. Bobby has chem with ANYBODY, LOL. He’s like a ball of fun. Have always been a fan of his.

    Wow, I hope Jaq & Vincent are rly goos friends. What he claimed about her weight os funny, but rude if they’re not feiends outside of filming drama. Also, she doesn’t look flattering in ancient getup in that pic.

    1. @jjwong yeahhhhh

      I too don’t think it’s okay to talk about a woman’s body in public like Vincent did…and then to compare it to Bobby’s…as though there is only one type of body that should be celebrated (skinny). Just because people do it all the time…doesn’t mean it’s forgivable.

      1. @iampheng most Asian guys still haven’t learned to respect females and consider their female friends feeling yet even it’s almost 2016 now. I’m not saying all but most. Even celebrities. It’s in their blood. I cut loose with people like that for sure.

      2. @kaykay408

        I think the females friends are too sensitive if they can’t take a joke and need their feelings to be cared for all the time. Guys friends rip each other all the time.

        “yet even it’s almost 2016”

        People always use the year as argument for society to move forward and be more open-minded and care less for man-made decorum. This is the first time I see it use backward.

        I think asian guys (and guys from all other region) in the past show more respect toward women and more care for their feeling due to society decorum.

        Check this out. The difference between female and male friendship.

  3. Big fan of Bobby! And he has good chemistry with all his costars! like Joey too so I’m looking forward to this drama!

  4. Maybe just me though, I don’t like the pairing of Bobby and Joey. It’s weird and feel forced. Is it because they’re the only veterans left in TVB? Imagine if Esther Kwan was still in TVB, Joey wouldn’t have a chance. Esther is the best pairing for Bobby. Next is Jessica Hsuan. And the other pair I just don’t care about. Idk about this drama. I love Bobby but the rest of the cast just doesn’t look promising.

  5. @iampheng Either he is feeling guilty because he did have something going on with her, or he is scared that his wife will get angry if he carried her. But whatever the reason, it is stupid and not a gentleman of him to make of her weight and sizes!!!!

    It is not about what era we are living in. Its about as a human being and being human, we need to stop stereotyping ladies on weight issues. He can dont like big size, but he should not disrespect them too.

    1. @dramadrama

      “She’s heavy when I carried her” is translated as he don’t like big size? How did you come up with that?
      If he says ‘the bag I carry is heavy’ or ‘the cabinet I carry is heavy’ does that mean he dislike heavy bag/cabinet?

      If Vincent were asked to kiss Jacqueline, I’m sure he wouldn’t say “she’s fat, so I don’t want to kiss her”. But, he was asked to a carry her. The act of ‘carrying’ is always related to weight. So, he joke about the weight. He didn’t even say she’s fat. He just said she’s heavy. And heavy != fat.

      I think sometimes, it’s the ladies themselves that is too sensitive about the weight thing. If the lady herself doesn’t think so much about weight, she won’t be offended with the weight joke. Only when the lady herself dislike big size or feel big size in unattractive will she think it’s a disrespect when people call her heavy/big.

      1. @kidd Excuse me, did you not read the article and jump straight to the comments????!!! He said her size was becoming like bobby’s.
        And he said it to the reporters. This could demoralised a person, regardless of her figure. Its similar to public shaming.

      2. @dramadrama Yes, I read the article. Anyone who have eyes can see that what Vincent said about her size becoming like Bobby is not true. So, anyone with half a brain will know it is an absurd joke. If the intelligent Jacqueline can be so easily demoralised, she must have a very fragile self-image. But, from the way she carried herself in the pageant, she isn’t so.

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