Wallace Chung Spotted with Wife and Daughter in Thailand

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Wallace Chung Spotted with Wife and Daughter in Thailand

Wallace Chung (鐘漢良) was recently captured on camera with his rumored wife Rita Tse (謝易樺), and accompanied by a cute little long-haired girl who is allegedly the couple’s daughter.

Wallace has been filming Bounty Hunter <賞金獵人> in Thailand. Last month, Wallace was spotted sharing the same hotel room as Rita and the little girl in Bangkok. The family allegedly celebrated Wallace’s 41st birthday together on November 30.

Regarding the sighting in Thailand, Wallace’s manager Miss Zhu said that she cannot represent him to respond on the matter. Asked if Wallace is indeed married, she said, “I haven’t heard of this.”

Wallace Chung wife 2Wallace has been suspected to be married to designer Rita Tse for years. However, he consistently maintains that the rumors are false. Below is a recap of how Wallace has denied his alleged marriage on several occasions.

January 2014

When promoting the drama, The Demi Gods and Semi Devils <天龍八部>, Wallace was asked specifically if the rumors of his hidden marriage were true. The question put to him was, “Most stars who approach the age of 40 and are involved in few romantic rumors tend to eventually make either of two revelations: that they have been secretly married or that they are homosexual. Which of the two camps do you belong to?”

Wallace responded, “Uh…I don’t really identify with either of the two possibilities. Perhaps because of my personality, I tend to keep things more low-profile.”

Wallace was then asked specifically if the rumors of his marriage were false. He said, “You can’t trust those rumors too easily.”  On whether Wallace wanted to have a child, he expressed, “This is a natural desire…a rite of passage that every person goes through.”

May 2014

At the time, Wallace was in the middle of filming Bodyguards and Assassins <十月圍城>, while the rumors that he was secretly married were raging. Wallace had rejected all personal interviews and only accepted group interviews.

At a press event for Bodyguards and Assassins, with the rumors in mind, the media aimed a series of questions at Wallace, “Are you married?” “Why won’t you answer that question?”, “When will you make it public?”, etc. Wallace had no response apart from an awkward, “Thank you for your concern!”

The moment the press event ended, Wallace immediately left.

January 2015

When promoting the film, My Sunshine < 何以笙簫默>, Wallace was once again asked about his marital status. Predictably, Wallace politely refused to address the subject and merely expressed that there was a goddess in his heart, but he did not feel comfortable sharing too many details about her.

July 2015

When participating in the variety television program, Go to School <我們上學吧>, Wallace was asked by an audience member, “I heard you are someone who is married with a child.” All the celebrities present, Selina (from SHE), Kaili Zhang(张凱麗), and Sean Sun (孫藝洲) responded with shocked expressions. Wallace was at a loss for words and he initially waved his hands rigorously before saying, “Don’t believe those little rumors.”

Another audience member asked what if he could never find his other half in this world. Wallace responded, “It’s already the 21st century. You can be happy living by yourself. You don’t necessarily need a partner.” Wallace added, “Love yourself so that you can be prepared when love hits you.”

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Sources: QQ.com; On.cc

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

17 comments to Wallace Chung Spotted with Wife and Daughter in Thailand

  1. happybi says:

    The issue with being a celebrity in Asia….. In the US, fans don’t care if you are married (well the normal fans that is)!

    I just feel bad for the kid if it’s true.

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    • aiya replied:

      @happybi In the US, marriage registry is a part of the public records which everyone is entitled and able to find out who is married and who is not.

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      • happybi replied:

        @aiya That is true but then even if fans does find out, it’s not as a big of a deal like it is in Asia. Celebrity over there like to keep thing hidden so I feel bad for their kids. The wife doesn’t matter as they choose to be in that type of relationship but as their kids.. it’s awful.

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  2. dramas4me says:

    The secret is out now. Life goes on for everyone. He should feel relief now and they can live their lives as a normal family. Congrats to the family. I would like to see whose the daughter looks like.

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  3. coralie says:

    Mmm he should’ve announced it earlier. Now he got caught red handed…even worse for his image than him coming clean right from the start

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  4. isay says:

    Reminds me of the other guy….forgot his name. ….Wu something.

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  5. riceball120 says:

    honestly dont blame wallace for keeping his personal life a secret. like him, i rather just not announce to the whole world about everything we do or what not. at least he didnt do the Wu Chun move of saying he was going to get legal for people accusing him of things “he did not do” or whatever he actually said. while people are going to say that he should just come out clean about it, i rather he not until him and his family are ready to either face (1) public scrutiny or (2) support. either ways, i will still remain a fan of him.

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  6. akinu says:

    if wallace chung is really married, congrats to him and his family. now people, do him a favor and leave him alone, there’s obviously a reason why he wants his personal life to be personal. i mean, it’s called “personal life” for a reason lol.

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  7. funnlim says:

    I wonder what’s the issue. Why deny of true? Why hide? What’s the real deal?

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    • dramas4me replied:

      @funnlim I think it’s because he is getting older (age wise). Perhaps he was afraid that his popularity will go down with his female fans.

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  8. elizabeth says:

    That’s great news. I am glad that wallace has found his other half and gotten a cute daughter too. Just been to his fan forum and they are over the moon, but many had suspected it a while ago. Hope him and his family have a quiet Christmas together.

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  9. hetieshou says:

    Glad that this is finally out. Wallace is now 40-41 so what more is there to hide? Congrats if this is true. Hopefully from now on, his family can live a normal life and do not need to hide from the public anymore.

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    • minyveg replied:


      One word, privacy. Living as the other half of a celebrity is not easy. Your every move, picture, word, etc. is under extreme scrutiny.

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  10. msxie0714 says:

    Andy Lau, Wu Chun and now Wallace. Wonder if Takeshi Kaneshiro also has a secret marriage.

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    • replied:

      @msxie0714 His secret is not a wife. There a few more things to come out. There is a certain artist who is married, very good looking too, with a little wife at home. PROBLEM is, wifey is an insurance policy if you all get my drift. This young, tall slim eye candy recently showed his support for same sex couples by declaring love is love

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      • msxie0714 replied:

        If you are implying this ‘tall slim eye candy’ is gay because he supports same sex couples, you may as well blindly label all heterosexuals who are pro-same sex marriage in western countries as such.

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      • replied:

        @msxie0714 No , that is not what I am saying. I know I am ignorant, hahaha, but I haven’t lost all of my marbles yet, lol. I am just saying the young wife is there in case his lifestyle is ever brought up publicly, the wife will suddenly come out of the woodworks.
        Again, I would not say tha just t because someone supports the gay community, that person is gay. Maybe in a year or two when I loose all my marbles., lol.

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