Wallace Huo Unaffected by Li Chen-Viann Zhang Debacle

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Wallace Huo Unaffected by Li Chen-Viann Zhang Debacle

After Li Chen (李晨) accused ex-girlfriend Viann Zhang (张馨予) of cheating on him with a “Mr. Huo”, the person was speculated to be Wallace Huo (霍建华). Viann and Wallace were rumored to have dated in late 2013. Many of Wallace’s fans came to their idol’s defense, exclaiming that Wallace had always been low-profile about his private life.

At a press conference for The Journey of Flower <花千骨> last week, Wallace appeared unfazed about the current rumors. He was in a good mood throughout the conference and answered questions about the drama humorously. When asked how he managed to maintain such a low profile in his personal life, Wallace said, “I just want to do what I want to do and film the series I want to film.”

He then implied that he was still single and said he is waiting for fate. Age is not a concern when it comes to true love.

After promoting the series, Wallace was asked to comment on the rumors claiming that he was the third person in Li Chen and Viann’s relationship. The actor responded safely, “My studio has already made a response to that. I will not respond further. I am in a good mood today and [the rumor] has not affected me.” Wallace said over 20 “thank you’s” in the short 10-minute interview.

The Journey of Flower is adapted from the fantasy short story of the same name. It stars Zanilia Zhao (赵丽颖) in the titular role. The 54-episode series premiered on Hunan TV on June 9.

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Wallace Huo Unaffected by Li Chen-Viann Zhang Debacle

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  • 11 comments to Wallace Huo Unaffected by Li Chen-Viann Zhang Debacle

    1. funnlim says:

      Thank you for Wallace news. To add;

      “Many of Wallace’s fans came to their idol’s defense, exclaiming that Wallace had always been low-profile about his private life.”

      Correction. No defense needed. Nor nothing about low profile. But his fans generally agrees that that relationship is pure imagination, never happened, Wallace was dragged into this simply because he was speculated as Mr Huo where fans have posted his whereabouts during those alleged times and essentially came to the conclusion he couldn’t have been at 2 different places at same time. Further I think Viann denied.

      Also he only needs to reiterate what his PR said because his PR and himself have denied when this was first rumoured, again and again and again.

      I wish there were translated articles of how he sued the publishers about his rumoured liasons with prostitutes (young actresses forced to sleep with whomever they’re forced to) where he won the libel suit. Also Ruby Lin posting a statement to him encouraging him to stop staying quiet and reply because this is something he has to address rather than being his usual quiet self willing the rumours to just go away.

      Anyway WallVia? Never ever happened.

      As for his singlehood, I believe him. He is most probably single if he says so. If he didn’t I will say he is dating someone outside entertainment circle, like hairstylist and such. And yes he is very low profile quite simply because he makes no profile of his personal life.

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    2. funnlim says:

      Wait! Premiered ALREADY? ohhhhhh must check out!

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      • lidge replied:

        @funnlim The drama is being subbed at lighting speed at viki http://www.viki.com/tv/25474c-the-journey-of-flower

        I love Wallace as BZH and Zhao LiYing as HQG. They’re literally the characters stepping out the the pages of the book for me!!! I think this will be one the the few dramas I will rewatch from time to time.

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        • funnlim replied:

          @lidge So far I am enjoying it but finding out how incredibly suffocatingly cruelly tragic it is, I am beginning to wonder if I should continue. Anyway was fine with it until the special effects which is to me not good at all. The sound is too loud that it drowns the dialogue and when the worm/caterpiller appeared with varying sizes, I feel maybe certain characters should be cut.

          Other than that, I am actually liking the 2 main leads and the other pretty guy. But I don’t like the dubbing at all.

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        • lidge replied:

          @funnlim This is a tragic story. It’s about an immortal (BZH) who achieved the highest level in cultivation and destroyed by his fated calamity, which in his case is a young girl named HQG. It’s also about a young girl (HQG) whose life is filled with suffering because she is the reincarnation of the last god.

          I read they filmed the epilogues of the novel so I’m leaning towards happy ending.

          Can cut anybody except for the worm, and you’ll see why later on. Tang Bao is a very important character because no one can break the hold BZH has on HQG except for TB later on. TB is amazingly adorable in the book, perhaps this hasn’t been captured well in the drama. The mother-child relationship between HQG and TB is truly touching.

          I love the book and only became a fan of Wallace after seeing the stills of him as BZH. There are fans of the book who are not happy with Wallace and Zhao LiYing, but I think they’re perfect!!! There are changes in the drama that are not in the book , but the author of the book is on the scriptwriting team for the drama so I’m OK with the changes. So all in all, I’m very happy with this adaption.

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        • funnlim replied:

          @lidge Can explain a bit on the reincarnation of last god part? Seems more like a demon so if she is god like how come her blood destroys life aka plants? Why she has to suffer?

          And if she is his calamity and only affect him, well solution is for him to kill himself and so save mankind.

          Anyway read about the various endings. The author is understandably reluctant to let go of her characters but seriously, one ending will do.

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    3. lidge says:

      I saw an old interview Wallace did where he talked about his ideal partner. Needless to say if he still has those impossible high requirements, I’m not surprised he’s still single.

      He sounds lonely in interviews so hopefully he can find someone who can make him happy. The female lead in the drama he’s currently filming, Close Your Eyes, is quite cute. Unfortunately, before his fans like me could root for them, news came out that she’s involved with someone already.

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      • funnlim replied:

        @lidge He does sound lonely but I suspect he enjoys being alone or rather left alone. So maybe he is not lonely, he is just fed up with people’s expectations and demands when he couldn’t understand. To him acting is his job, nothing more but he tries to cater. He doesn’t want to play the fame game which is why he is not suited to be a singer. He is unwilling to let his real self show, and that makes him an ideal actor. The mask he wants to wear but in Chinese entertainment, he can’t, he has to strip it off which I believe pisses him off but he can’t say much. In recent interviews where he sounded serious enough for me to believe he was really upset but didn’t want to say much. However I do feel at times he is too defensive.

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    4. cuckoo says:

      The correct person to be asked is the accuser, Mr. Li Chen, why don’t go to ask him, all detailed information is come from him and his friends. Ask him why he didn’t name the full name of the accused this time, why last time he named then deleted? Be a smart reporter then you can get all information that you want!

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      • funnlim replied:

        @cuckoo Because if he named a name without proof meaning pictures, hotel bills, etc he is open to slander/defamation suit and he is not that insane to do that. He implies and Wallace is the sort of prefers to sit out a scandal until he has to respond and since his reputation is worth quite some money, Li Chen wouldn’t want to pay that amount or to publicly apologise.

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        • cuckoo replied:

          @funnlim I remember Li Chen said “No one can find happiness by hurting other people”. This phrase is also applied to himself, truth will have its own way to reveal itself, hope it will come soon

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