Wang Yibo Avoids Having Dinner With Xiao Zhan?

Despite the global popularity of The Untamed <陳情令> and their onscreen chemistry, Wang Yibo (王一博) and Xiao Zhan (肖戰) are not as close in real life as fans desire. To make things more awkward, Wang Yibo was recently absent during a reunion dinner with the director and the crew from The Untamed.

After the drama finished airing three years ago, some netizens suggested that Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan are still friends. However, the two actors have been actively avoiding public events together following the Archive of Our Own controversy which resulted in a temporary boycott again Xiao Zhan in 2020.

Fortunately, Xiao Zhan’s career has rebounded nicely, but his agency is cautious to avoid further controversies. Working in Hengdian recently, the actor met up with the director and the rest of cast and crew from The Untamed for dinner.

Also working in Hendian at that time, Wang Yibo was visibly absent, angering a particular group of fans who felt he should have been part of the gathering. Some commented on social media, “I feel bad for Wang Yibo! He’s being treated as a tool! He’s been stepped on since the airing of The Untamed.

However, some reasonable fans argued that the director probably had separate dinners with Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan to avoid having both stars in the same room. Since Boys’ Love dramas are flagged as sensitive content by Chinese authorities, it is probably best for the actors to not be seen together.


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  1. I think they purposely try not to be seen together in public or else the internet is gonna explode lol

  2. I am also thinking the same thing that both of them intentionally avoided each other in public. On the other hand, both of them looks real good in the photo posing together in TU costume

  3. It is very wise for them not to meet in public…They can still be friends without being in Public eyes. Both their careers are in critical stage, the last thing they want is to create ridiculous online scandals created by their Fans/Antis… And the Chinese Gov Body comes down heavy on them again due to fans stirs.
    Such situations are unfortunately caused by obsessive fans of these 2 young men… Xiao Zhan took a couple of years to rebound of his lowest moments. Just leave this guy alone.

  4. The boys are not even close pals offscreen. Geesh, not even dating, never dated and living together. I guess they are just roommates, lol, lol, LOL. Seriously, these “fan” need to get into the real world and stop being so bat crap delusional. These boys went through so much nonsense, they don’t need these so called fans dictating their lives. I will never understand why people can be so crazy to delude themselves that these onscreen couples should be together because they have great onscreen chemistry. This has gotten out of control, as it is grown women, and men who live in this muddled, delusional fsntasy world. Leave the men alone to live their Seperate lives. They are not, and never were into each other in a romantic way.

    1. The delusional CP fans’ imagination have no limit. Every single breath their CP took were spun and weaved to fit into their imaginary love story. Every single WYB’s and XZ’s female co stars received bashing as a 小三. XZ will usually put his foot down and says something to defended his co stars unlike WYB who never breathe out a word.

      1. #NiangNiang. Good for XZ for putting his foot down about certain things and standing up for his costars. I admire honest, no nonsense people. I get a lot of backlash for being a straight shooter, but I don’t care. I can handle whatever is thrown my way. I lije and appreciate your comment.
        Yes, the BL actors have the most deludional fans ever, only matched by the fans of Ariel Lin/Joe Cheng, Mike He/Raine Yang, and and Aaron Yan and Puff Gou. The fans of these mentioned TV couples are beyond delulu. They are so out to lunch.Most of the BL actors are straight, 99%, the fee that are bi or gay do not usually date their BL CP costars. Only the isolated few couples. Aaron Yang was gay announced he is gay to his parents at a young age, Joe Cheng had a partner for many years, and Mike He was with his wife for many years. Yet these delulus believe these men and women were dating. Good to see a sensible member here who sees the truth and calls out the web of delusion. Very, very well said comment.

  5. I am not a fan of either parties but why wouldn’t there be a possibility that WYB was busy and couldn’t make it for the dinner? Or he went but didn’t want to have the pic taken? There are so many possibilities and the fans are really overestimating his importance for commenting about being a “tool” in this context.

    These fans need to get on with their own lives, especially BL CP fans. They are actors participating in a drama, not doing a documentary of their real love life. If they do turn out to be a real life couple, good for them but if they are not, move on.

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