Wang Yibo Dropped From Zhao Liying’s “Wild Bloom”

Wang Yibo (王一博) and Zanilia Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) were rumored to be collaborating again in new Chinese office drama Wild Bloom <野蠻生長>. Due to fervent fan protests, the production crew decided it is best to avoid controversy and cast a different actor for the male lead instead.

Wild Bloom would have been Yibo and Liying’s second collaboration after wuxia drama Legend of Fei <有翡>. Their fans were very upset at the news and got into heated arguments, with Liying’s fans accusing Wang Yibo of being a poor actor and of bad character, spreading toxicity and cyberbullying across the Internet. This caused China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) to intervene, suspending thousands of fan accounts including Zhao Liying’s official fanclub on Weibo.

After the controversy, Wang Yibo was removed from the cast of Wild Bloom. Yesterday, it was officially announced that the male lead would be Ou Hao (歐豪), who was a part of The Battle of Lake Changjin <長津湖> and My Country, My Parents <我和我的父輩>. Liying will continue to be the female lead.

In addition, Wang Yibo’s image has been under attack recently with a rumor circulating that he was being sued for fraud. His workshop immediately clarified that the rumored defendant of the case was someone that had the same name. They also asked netizens to be rational and to not carelessly create rumors.

Ou Hao (right) snagged the male lead role in “Wild Bloom”.


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  1. I like Ou Hao as the replacement, he is a good actor. Wang Yibo on the other hand just isn’t there yet as an actor, he always has the same “stern” looking face, not very versatile

    1. @HBC1 I agree… I enjoy Wang Yibo is the China Streetdance program but as a actor, I dont feel he can carry a male lead role well enough…

      1. @msxie0714 That is because he has Wei Wuxian’s positive energy that bounces off each other.. On his own…he is just not good enough as yet…

  2. Liying & Yb looked good together. If it convinced the fans that they r an item than I think the drama is a success. If it is true that they r together , who is to say yes or no? They r the ones who have direct involvement in a relationship whether it is with each other or someone else. They r both very talented artist.

  3. I haven’t watched Yibo’s works but, from the roasts of his previous show with Liying, his acting doesn’t seem to be very good. I like Ou Hao. Not a fan of any of these 3, nor do I dislike them but OH MY GOD fans can be RIDICULOUS.

  4. Also, celebrities need to keep their fans in line. My opinion of them lowers when they just keep quiet and let their fans run amok.

  5. Hi,
    I’m not sure where this rumor come from, but currently even before this Wild Bloom production start this week, Wang Yibo is already in another production.
    As noted in Street Dance of China’s Hot pot episode, which is shot around mid/end of august and aired this month, He has noted he will be entering a production soon. So as of right now, he is currently filming a movie in Shanghai.
    While I’m not clear about Wild bloom’s production schedule, I hope people will keep a rational mind and not start another fan war that happens because of an unfounded rumor.
    Thank you and I wish both production went well.

  6. Why did they give in to the fans’ demands? I would love to see the production crew ignoring the fans and go ahead with the original plan haha…

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