Wang Yibo Gets in a Motorcycle Accident

While Wang Yibo (王一博) survived the accident unscathed, the motorcycle incident itself has sparked quite a controversy.

Earlier this week, the 23-year-old attended a motorcycle race—the Zhuhai ZIC—in Zhuhai, Guangdong and was on track to win the trophy. During the final lap, his opponent Hu Tongming (胡通明)  sped up quickly and attempted to pass Yibo while they were making a turn. Hu’s motorcycle brushed against Yibo’s, sending him flying off the course. There were sparks on the road at one point.

Fortunately, Yibo was not injured. He attempted to get back in the race, but his motorcycle broke down. He angrily left the arena.

Yibo’s fans were visibly upset after the failed race. Many claimed that Hu had intentionally tried to knock Yibo down. Others stated that they saw Hu’s supporters cheering and applauding after Yibo fell.

The fans went as far as bringing Yibo’s accident up to trending on Weibo. The actor and singer later issued a statement to calm the fans.

“Falling down is unfortunate, but every athlete need to accept the mindset [of failure]. It is wrong to lose the spirit of sportsmanship.”

According to fans, they noticed that Hu has had a history of falling during races, and they were mistakes that he was proud of, as a video that featured him falling trended online.

On Thursday, the race’s official announced that there didn’t seem to be foul play during the accident, and that all scores would remain in effect.


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