Wang Yibo to Lead Historical Palace Drama

Talented in many areas, Wang Yibo (王一博) continues to gain love and support for his immense potential and hard-working attitude. Having completed upcoming film Formed Police Unit <维和防暴队>, Yibo is said to lead Mango TV’s upcoming Qing palace drama The Longest River <天下长安> alongside a group of capable veterans.

Choosing to play quality scripts and interesting characters rather than lead roles exclusively, Yibo’s dedication to acting and courage to challenge himself with various genres is admirable. Particularly, Yibo’s decision to play a Qing character is commendable, as it can be difficult to carry the semi-bald hairstyle and many idols prefer not to sacrifice their appearance.

Either way, The Longest River is moderately budgeted and is believed to be a good choice for Yibo’s career as he continues polish up his acting skills and performing abilities in a solid production.

Plot details have yet to be revealed, but filming is believed to start in August and last for four months.

Source: QQ

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  1. I sincerely feel Wang Yibo is really dedicated in perfecting his craft. He is not bothered about be a idol for the sake of it. One can see how dedicated he is doing the things he enjoys. I believe he will go a very long way in this industry. And he does so all within his control.

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