Wang Yibo’s “Born to Fly” Withdrawn From Theatrical Release

Chinese actor Wang Yibo  (王一博) is in a string of bad luck with his recent works failing to gain a following. To make matters worse, the actor’s film Born to Fly <長空之王> was withdrawn 3 days before theatrical release.

This year, Wang Yibo’s drama Being a Hero <冰雨火failed to impress the audience and resulted in the actor’s popularity rating dropping to 24th place. Wang Yibo then turned his attention to his film project Born to Fly which had many critics comparing it to Hollywood’s blockbuster Top Gun.

The film’s initial reception was positive with pre-release office sales exceeding 100 million yuan. However, three days before release, the film was pulled from the box office without warning. Some netizens speculated Wang Yibo’s fans collectively bought tickets had led to the film’s withdrawal given the Chinese Government tightening control over the entertainment industry.  Other netizens speculated that the film was withdrawn due to issues with Wang Yibo’s sponsors.

Source: HK on CC

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