“War of In-Laws 3” Cancelled Due to “Boscolie” Breakup

War of In-Laws <野蠻奶奶> is a classic 2005 TVB drama that created the golden trio of Liza Wang (汪明荃), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤). While filming this drama, Myolie and Bosco fell in love, in which their chemistry only strengthened in the 2008 sequel, War of In-Laws 2 <野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶>. TVB originally planned to film War of In-Laws 3 in early 2013; however Boscolie’s breakup appeared to shake up TVB’s plans.

The first and second installments of War of In-Laws garnered high ratings, while carving Liza Wang’s new career in comedy dramas. War of In-Laws has always been a project that TVB wished to pursue. With its monopoly over free local television broadcasting rights in Hong Kong broken, TVB was eager to follow up classic dramas with sequels to guarantee ratings. This year alone, TVB will feature Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭2>, Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄2>, Beauty at War <金枝慾孽(貳)>, A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼II>, and The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時>.

Due to the busy schedules of Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, and Bosco Wong, TVB had postponed production on its planned sequel, War of In-Laws 3. It was understood that TVB intended to film the drama after Myolie completed Triumph in the Skies 2 and Bosco finished It All Starts From the Heart <一切從心開始>.

Due to Bosco and Myolie’s breakup, Myolie allegedly did not wish to costar nor appear in a performance show alongside Bosco in the short-term. As a result, War of In-Laws 3 will likely not be filmed next year.

Regarding Boscolie’s breakup, Liza Wang surprisingly has not spoken to the ex-couple yet. Liza said, “I have no time to ask them. Both of them are adults. I feel that both of them handled the breakup very well.”

Source: Sing Tao, On.cc

This article was updated on July 31, 2012 at 3:05 PM with Liza Wang’s comment on Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu’s breakup.

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  1. since when was Wars of In Laws 3 even in plan? I remember it appeared in the Sales Presentation for 2009 or 2010, but wasn’t it scrapped? No offense, but I really don’t know what else they’d be able to do to milk the plot anyway.

    1. and now that they can actually milk it they decide to scrap it, LOL

      1. how could they have milked it? First one was ancient, second was modern, do they pick up from the ancient or the modern? Both already had a “happily ever after ending”… what’s next? Periodic times? Or time traveling where both Tin Lik and Mao Chun meet Kyle and Ah Mun?

      2. Hey Jackie,
        good idea about the time travel! 😀
        more like the media is milking the boscolie breakup story

      3. Or some kind of reincarnation or parallel universe?

        What I meant is that their fans must be dying to see them together and others may want to see if it will get ackward.


      5. I didn’t realize that the time travel thing could actually be pretty hilarious. Liza’s characters fighting with each other.
        Modern one: SHUT UP.I don’t know and don’t care who you are, but I know I am O Jeh, and you are in desperate need of some facial cream and push up bra.

      6. oh right. That Twilight wannabe stuff! How ironic considering Robert Pattinson and the girl who played Bella were in a relationship too and fell apart because of her infidelity.

      7. i personally found the sequel to be terrible. if they made war 3 into another modern series – or even worse, a direct follow up to the second part, i would totally skip it. a pre-modern time setting would be nice. or even further back in history, like the tang dynasty.

      8. Jackie,
        I love the Liza dialogue! Please go write for TVB, you’d be so much better!

      9. @Jackie,

        Dunno why I’ve seen “that” coming all along LoL.. I meant that dude Robert P and Kirsten Stewart who played Bella in Twilight.. I’ve always thought Robert will be the one who will cheat on his half but it turned out to be Kirsten. I wonder have they broke up yet?

      10. Kristen officially caught dating the director, Kristen-Robert must’ve broken up.

      11. dating or showing illicit affair publicly? I thought she was caught having “sex” with the Snow White and the huntmen’s director in a car sort of?

      12. Latest I heard was that there were moving trucks parked outside Rob and Kristen’s place so definitely one or both is moving out. She kept on saying afterwards to the media how much she loves him but if she did, why cheat?

    2. its just so…. creepy tat all of these break-ups happened to b almost da same time….. u noe…. tomkat……den robstew…now..boscolie…….

  2. wow, never knew they were thinking of war-of-in-laws 3. maybe by then they would have reconciled and boscolie can appear happily before us again. fingers-crossed*

  3. In my opinion , even if Bosco and Myolie are broken up, they make an awesome onscreen couple and are an awesome trio with Liza. Hopefully the idea of a series with the three of them will be postponed until things settle down and not cancelled. I do however dislike the idea of a third wars of in laws. Second one was already not as good as the first. Its plot lacked meaning and depended too heavily on Boscolie’s onscreen chemistry to carry the series. Vivien Yeo came outta nowhere, and the third person thing and reconciling that easily just made the series rushed and unrealistic. Liza and Benz also had a crappy storyline. She was the reason he was jailed, yet they end up in love suddenly. Random much?
    I can’t imagine what they’d do to kill my original WOIL with WOIL III. As much as I love the Trio, in the future i’d love to see them in a drama of intense problems and realistic troubles for Boscolie to face and overcome. The “my mom will only let me marry you if we live with her” thing is so stupid in modern times.

    1. Since Myolie wish to not collaborate with Bosco anymore and cut all ties, there won’t be LOL

      1. she never said that. The report said she doesnt’ want to collaborate with him in the short term.

      2. Yeah. I notice above it says she does not wish to collaborate with Bosco “in the short term,” but that’s mostly just her trying to be professional. If they ended on “bad” terms, it would be awkward seeing them together again…

      3. still interested on how that would turn out though! If they’re professional actors they should be able to overcome it. And besides, don’t TVB executives have the final say in who pairs up with who? Artistes can’t really say no….

      4. If they’re on contract then they take whatever roles TVB assigns them, right? That’s why Myolie had to take all those roles she didn’t like and considered annoying.

      5. Maybe… but the public seems to be taking Myolie’s side throughout this whole ordeal and she’s top fadan nowadays anyway. Even if she refuses, it’s not as if TVB will freeze her.

        On a random note: do TVB not hold any auditions?

      6. But yes, I’m sure they’d still try to stay on TVB’s good side and be a good kid. However, this may just be an exceptional case.

      7. Myolie is #1 Fadan, but Tavia Yeung isn’t far behind. I love her and want her to be super successful, but the truth is she still has a lot of criticisms and she’s not like Charmaine Sheh as the sole leader. If she plays diva and says no, they could replace her with Tavia. Of course, if she has a good relationship with executives she can get them to see her side, but it’s still their decision.

      8. In any other circumstances: true.

        In this particular case, TVB will simply come off as insensitive jerks, courting controversy in order to gain publicity.

        Whatever it is, I hope the pair of them feel comfortable enough to do so. Perhaps pitting them as romantic partners opposite each other would be a tad too much.

      9. If Myolie don’t want to collaborate with Bosco, we all should respect her decision.

      10. Yeah, skinnymocha. Hopefully with time they can become friends and we can see their chemistry on stage again. I wouldn’t want them to feel awkward, though. I’m surprised that Myolie has so much say in what she will and will not do in TVB now.

      11. its nt surprisiing tht myolie does nt wan act wth bosco… but i am stlll figuring why exactly she dump bosco… clearly its nt 3rd party… nt secure.. couldnt thy work on tht… unless its really she fpund someone better

  4. Shame things have come to this.

    But I could never stand Myolie’s characters in the first two anyway; always a misunderstanding, always her that exacerbates the situation and being too bull-headed to make sense of things. No point in re-hashing the same storyline, but I would’ve liked Myolie in a malicious, bi***y daughter-in-law role, with sly intents at first.

    1. yeah, the plot of Myolie vs Liza is fine. But the series shouldn’t be so lighthearted. Intense differences, like Liza has a dark past of being a mafia sister and is the person who killed Myolie’s parents and Myolie accidentally falls for her son and has to overcome the fact that he’s related to her parents’ killer or something. Liza not wanting them to get close and Myolie and Bosco secretly get married and hide it from Liza. Their relationship flourishes underground but is a forbidden romance that if Liza’s past group finds out about Myolie would be killed. Something like that would be more interesting. My imagination has run wild, ahhh sorry

  5. What the heck? They don’t say they ‘plan on filming’ until they breakup? And they had what, like 4 years in between the second installment and now?

    1. Triumph in the Skies have 10 years between the original and the sequel. It was in the plans, but didn’t work out due to the sponsorship with Cathay Pacific.
      Maybe they planned it, but they just haven’t found the time.

  6. I am a Boscolie fan but never heard that TVB will make the 3rd installment. Anyways i think is best for them not to work with each other for the moment been.

    1. Well, War of In Laws 2 did very well. TVB always had in mind to plan a third installment.

    2. loveee wars of inlaws 2 ! <33 it was awesome ! I really want to watch wars of inlaws 3 and see Myolie and Bosco work together because they are such a cute couple 🙂 I really hope they can be together again and get married and have babies ^_^ Heehehehe 🙂

  7. Why not just recast the stars? Does it have to by Bosco and Myolie?

      1. no offense, but WOIL recycles the same plot over and over. i don’t think it’d do as well if it were some other couple. The trio works well together and their chemistry is what people like to watch. Besides, Liza would not do WOIL installments without Boscolie (like WOIL II wasn’t supposed to be with Bosco, but she insisted that he be part of it) and without Liza and Boscolie WOIL is nothing.

    1. Well, can say that A chip off the old block 2 can be considered as WOIL 3 :P. It has Liza and the new sticking couple Him and Mandy. If after ACOTOB 2, Him Him changes and runs after Mandy, maybe I’ll start to call it WOIL 3.

  8. I doubt of a WOIL 3, even if Boscolie is still together.

  9. Soon the Media will make up stories that Bosco is actually cheating with a man and that Myolie wants to become a born again virgin!

  10. All TVB is doing is creating sequels… its nothing fresh.

  11. Never heard of any intention to make a third installment. If TVB wants ratings, now’s the perfect time for another sequel. People would probably want to see them act together.

    I doubt their relationship is that bad to claim Myolie doesn’t want to work with Bosco. Eight years of courtship doesn’t go away that easily.

  12. I wonder if TVB will ever make them work together on the same series again?? for work, they may have to do so even if it may be awkward…

  13. THANK YOU!! If there is another instalment I think I will scream!

  14. just change to other artist…l suggest TVB can invite Laex Fong & Stephy Tang coz they are really sweet couple on or behind the screen.

    1. and then cast Bernice as the mother-in-law?

    2. aimee as the outspoken confident wife opposite Liza Wang? Moses as the mama’s boy? HA! It doesn’t work.

      1. I think Moses could easily play the mama’s boy 🙂

      2. Moses and Aimee? You want me to puke blood? and Moses too old for this role!

      3. They need to cast some of the new blood into the roles.

  15. Oooooh I love the WOIL series! Such a pity that it wont happen… give me all the same plots I will still watch it Lol, because im a sucker for Boscolie and also Liza Wang!!!

    1. Same here the trio has become classic to me. Pity that Myolie refused to work with Bosco anymore.

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