Web Drama “Go Princess Go” to Spawn Sequel, Movie Adaptation

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Web Drama “Go Princess Go” to Spawn Sequel, Movie Adaptation

The surprisingly popular Internet drama, Go Princess Go <太子妃升職記 >, which tells the story of a playboy who accidentally travels back in time and becomes a princess, has become such a hit that a sequel and a movie adaptation are already in the works.

Go Princess Go started streaming episodes online on December 13 last year. Starring relative unknowns such as mainland Chinese actress Crystal Zhang (張天愛) and mainland Chinese actor Peter Sheng (盛一倫), Go Princess Go cost merely 900,000 RMB to produce.

To the surprise of many, Go Princess Go ended up turning an enormous profit for video website LeTV, bringing in 41 million RMB in revenue and attracting 2.2 million new subscribers. In spite of the drama’s low budget, viewers were enchanted by the comical storyline and the novel depiction of bisexuality.

Go Princess Go has proven so popular that LeTV even streamed two different endings, with plans to film yet another one to satisfy viewers. Moreover, LeTV recently announced that there are plans to film a drama sequel, as well as a film adaptation.

Unfortunately, the popularity of Go Princess Go also attracted the attention of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT), which pulled the drama from LeTV last week. An edited version of Go Princess Go has since been re-uploaded, though most of the racier and more sexual scenes have been removed.

The drama’s producer Gan Wei (甘薇) denies that Go Princess Go was taken down because of its “harmful public morals,” as was previously reported. “A relevant department gave us some suggestions,” said Gan Wei. “We took it offline this time so we could actively delete some parts of the storyline.”

Source: Chinayes.com

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  • 4 comments to Web Drama “Go Princess Go” to Spawn Sequel, Movie Adaptation

    1. funnlim says:

      I saw a bit and am confused with the ending. It is like a “fan pai” BBJX. I suppose in the end he is now a she within and meets the love of his life, a he?

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    2. ninasimone says:

      Last tried b4 I give up comment on this site, crazy censorship.

      Chinese novel and drama/director often try to force/hide homosexual acceptability into the “innocent” audience.

      Frequent repeating theme example: So a female dress up as a male to join a school, another male overcome the inhibition and decided to fall in love with the “male” student. Situation getting uncomfortable for the straight audiences at this point but always saved by the bell later when the male student finally find out that he is actually in love with a “male” student with a vulva and not with a phallus. So it make everything alright in the end.

      Back to Go Princess Go, 1st ending Zhang Peng mental state shift and accepted his Princess female body – does that make him a spiritual homo then?

      2nd ending with different dying aftermath, Zhang Peng return to his male physical body and he goes looking for his emperor husband, so open full bloke 2 bloke homo scenario now? Any wonder why the Commie Party decided to step a big foot in?

      So there is going to be a 3rd alternate ending? Let’s wait and see.

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