What Type of Man Attracts Joey Thye?

Joey Thye (戴祖儀) has been receiving a lot of attention lately after her role as Pakho Chau’s (周柏豪) girlfriend “Miss Lui” in Wonder Women <多功能老婆>, and as a host on Liza’s Online <娛樂大家> and Sidewalk Scientist <學是學非>. With her pure and lively image, she has successfully gained a large following of male fans.

Joey is nothing like her role as Miss Lui. She is actually very outgoing and humorous. “I have many friends in England who are more humorous, but they have influenced me. Now I’m usually the joker in a group of people, so I want to try filming comedies.”

What She is Looking For in a Man

Though rumored to be dating actor Joey Law (羅天宇), Joey maintains that she is currently single. Dating three times before, the relationships ended due to her boyfriend cheating, the toll of long distance, and passion dying out. She joked that she has experienced it all, but remains open to dating again as long as her partner is loyal, has high EQ, and is gentle.

Since she needs time to warm up to others and rarely replies to texts, Joey has likely missed some opportunities. “I really need someone to pursue me aggressively. He needs to try asking me out on a date before I will give a reaction. I need someone with perseverance. I also want him to be gentle with me because I can’t be yelled at! If I’m throwing a tantrum and he looks at me gently, I will find him very attractive. The good thing about me is that I don’t hold grudges.”

When asked about the physical traits she is seeking, Joey likes men that look cute when they smile and have a bit of a belly. “They don’t need to be tall and handsome, but my mother is hoping that I’ll find someone who is not Asian so we can have a mixed baby.”

Why She Left the Legal Industry

Joey had studied law at the University of Leicester and worked at a law office, but left her high paying job to become an artiste so she can pursue her passions in singing and performing. The 24-year-old actress said, “The environment at the law office was very negative. We mostly handled divorce or dividing of estate cases. My parents are worried about my future so we have set a deadline. If by 30 I have not achieved any success, I will have to finish my law exams and fulfill my parent’s expectations. My dad set a goal for me to buy a nice watch and house for him. It’s not just any watch; it has to be over five figures!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. um i hope her parents are just joking about how she must have a mixed baby & buy a over 5 figure watch wth

    1. @luye Lol..I have heard of such a parent. One of my former colleague’s mom and they are Korean said the exact same thing to her. That she’s very open and that having mixed raced babies are awesome/welcoming preferably whites . haha ..Well, guess what you can’t always get what you wished for. She ends up w/a Chinese guy instead. Lol haha

    2. @luye
      maybe to keep her sanity b/c chinese in-laws could be pretty unbearable from what i experience and heard. all they want is you to keep popping out a kid.

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