Nicky Wu Admits Dating Cecilia Liu

Amidst swirling rumors with Ma Su (馬蘇) and his long-time manager, Ren Yue (任玥), Nicky Wu’s (吳奇隆) true love may be Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩). Since filming three dramas together, Nicky and Cecilia’s feelings for each other blossomed into love. After Nicky was spotted lingering in Cecilia’s home for eight hours recently, he finally admitted to dating Cecilia in a Sina Weibo post today.

Close to Manager Ren Yue and Ma Su

Although Nicky claimed in various interviews that his current work schedule leaves him no time to date, he has been linked to his manager, Ren Yue, for two years. Although she had managed Nicky and his ex-wife, Maya Shu (馬雅舒), Ren Yue chose to solely manage Nicky after their divorce. Ren Yue is also a co-partner in Nicky’s production company. Asked about dating Ren Yue, Nicky flatly denied their relationship in the past.

On November 8, Nicky was spotted waiting for a flight at the Beijing Capital International Airport with his manager, Ren Yue. The two also met up with Nicky’s The Bride With White Hair <新 白发魔女传> co-star, Ma Su, whom Nicky touched her cheeks and greeted intimately.

Love Reignited

Despite his rumors with multiple ladies, Nicky’s true love turns out to be Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心> co-star, Cecilia Liu. After their incredible chemistry in the 2011 blockbuster, Nicky and Cecilia filmed sequel Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步惊情>, followed by Incisive Great Teacher <犀利仁师> this year. Filming series back to back, many hoped that Nicky and Cecilia would eventually fall in love in real life as well.

Nicky Wu Cecilia Liu 3Earlier this week, tabloids reported that Nicky stayed at Cecilia’s home for eight hours, seemingly indicating a relationship beyond friendship. Nicky and Cecilia remained silent for days, until Nicky finally admitted to the relationship in a Sina Weibo post today, “Thank you for your concern and blessing; we cherish these hard-won feelings. We sincerely hope that everyone will give us some time and space in our private lives. Thank you for understanding.”

Nicky attached a photo in which he and Cecilia hugged. He also tagged Cecilia in his post. Cecilia replied, “Thank you everyone for your concern. I believe that heaven will have the best arrangement.”


This article is written by Karen and Jayne for

Note: This article was revised on November 12, 2013 at 1:57 PM to reflect Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu’s dating announcement, as posted on their Sina Weibo blogs.

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  1. I highly doubt any of this is true since Nicky seems to be a dedicated bachelor… But I’m still rooting for LongShi!!!

  2. He denied about the manager. He may have liked Ma Su but doesn’t seem to have anything going on now. As for Cecilia, I don’t think so. I think Cecilia isn’t interested since he is much too old for him.

    1. Funn,
      I think Nicky may be dating Ren Shue, who has the most opportunity to see him. There must be someone he is dating.

      Nicky and Cecilia seemed quite distant to each other in their TV interviews; doesn’t come across as having much off-screen sparks.

      1. The manager? Highest probability. But the last time he flat out denied so I take his word for it. HE has no reason to hide or deny. He did marry and divorced.

      2. Funn,
        OMG! I have to bite my tongue. Nicky posted a message on his Weibo 30 minutes ago that appears to admit his relationship with Cecilia. Will revise this article to reflect the updated info.

      3. @ Jayne

        Is there anyway to NOT interpret it as confirmation that they are dating? It’s a little vague, I mean “hard-worn” feelings? Could it not just be friendship?

      4. Advo,
        But Nicky is asking for privacy and blessings on a “friendship” only? I guess he and Cecilia admitted their relationship after the news of their 8-hour date at Cecilia’s home emerged. Just felt the news came out of nowhere since Nicky even said he doesn’t know Cecilia that well in an earlier report.

      5. @ Jayne

        Well celebrities are always lying through their teeth if they don’t want you to know.

        I don’t think you can conclude anything but confirmation of a relationship since LSS also responded, and I read even TR’s Karen responded.

        It’s certainly an upgrade for Nicky, and Nicky is a good guy so it’s not a bad choice for LSS even if he’s significantly older. Then again, so is Hawick and his relationship with YM seems to work out okay. I wish them luck.

      6. @advo,
        Well, we always say that age is not a matter. However, in some cases, it really is. Big age gap between two persons, it’s like between two different generations. The ways they see things, philosophy of life, their perspectives are different. They are dating, that’s fine. But marriage, must put more consideration into it before they move toward to that stage.

      7. Yeah now is my time to bite MY tongue! Never ever knew! So the closer 2 stars are together the least likelihood of any dating. I mean Hu Ge, you lost!

      8. @Funn Lim: Now mind you answer my old question (you didn’t answer it) for scandal of love with big age gap? Do you blv in love with big age gap now?

      9. Fox, 17 years is big but Nicky has always come across as playful and young whilst cecilia is mature and pensive. And she is mid 20s. Hardly a big gap in that sense of thinking and way of life.

      10. @Funn Lim: So whoever come across as playful and young (man) whilst mature and pensive (woman) you will accept the love despite their big age gap? Good to know you are more open about it. Just last week, you seem still against big age gap :).

      11. I am not against big age gap. I am against Raymond Lam’s age with Karena’s age gap. If you don’t know the difference, then there is nothing more to say.

      12. @Funn Lim: Well, I do understand but I just wanna confirm that you are nitpicking :P. Nice to see you finally admit.

      13. I know everyone has probably heard this, but want to say again that age really is just a number! It truly comes down to a persons’ maturity level, character/personality, and life goals/expectations. So many different factors other than age alone goes into a relationship. (Though age probably does have a factor to play in it too).

        With all that said I hope that Nicky and Cecillia will be able to communicate and accommodate each others needs/wants and have a loving relationship!

      14. Fox, nitpicking? Or maybe to you everything Raymond Lam is 100% perfection and since someone else in a similar situation isn’t Raymond Lam but to say otherwise will show your Raymond Lam is not 100% perfection, so you are now forced to forever say anyone in similar situation is ok.

        Why you want to start a fight with me Fox? Haven’t you had enough lately?

      15. @Funn Lim: Nope, never in my life I think he is 100% perfection, however you have been double standard lately. That’s why I did wanna tease you a little.

        No again, I’m not forced to accept because I always accept those types of relationship or any similar things (such as sex before marriage, lone mother, lies, etc.). Wat is not so ok with thoes? Only you think it’s not ok and now you are having to force yourself to accept because it happens to your idols.

        Your last quote reminds of a movie title: “This mean war”. Honestly, I dun call it war because I dun regard you as enemy. And do I have any war in recent time, why I dun rmb?

    2. Congrats to the couple! Big age gap yes, but Cecilia is at least 26 years old and not a teenager.

      1. Yes exactly. Plus Shi Shi always seem quite mature, and Nicky is incredibly playful. I don’t necessary think it will last or make the marriage stage, but I didn’t think that with Hawick and YM either and today there’s new about them marrying lol.

  3. I just saw the mesg on weibo to, but it can have some other meaning, their drama is coming out, publicity?

  4. OMGOMGOMG!!! I JUST SAW THE POST ON NICKY WU’S WEIBO!!!!! “謝謝大家的關心及祝福,我們很珍惜這份得之不易的感情,真心的希望大家在我們僅有的私人生活裡,給予一些自由的時間與空間,謝謝體諒。@刘诗诗” !!!!!!! DOES THAT MEAN THEY’RE TOGETHER!!!???? IM HAVING A MINI HEARTATTACK HERE!!!!

    1. Heather,
      Either this is really happening or it’s a hacker’s post! 🙂 Congrats to Nicky and Cecilia! I’m in a bit of shock myself!

      1. Can you translate, does it say they thank for concern, and want some privacy?>

      2. ping0,
        Please read the last portion of the above article, which has been updated to reflect both Nicky and Cecilia’s Weibo posts regarding their love rumors. They’re thanking everyone and asking for privacy.

      3. EH for some reason, I think it’s publicity stunt, like how Yang Mi and FSF did for Gong. I am happy for them if it were true!! Poor Shige fanss 🙁

      4. ping0, I would be very disappointed if it turns out to be a publicity stunt. Nicky and Cecilia headlining a series together is enough to promote the drama, no need for fake dating announcement.

      5. I really hope that it is not s publicity stunt but I doubt it since there are many other ways of promoting a series rather than pretending to date. I would be really disappointed if it were fake. Too bad I am not Yue Lao’s assistant or else I am in control and will bind them together. Ha… Ha..

      6. @Heather,
        Oh my gosh, that is hilarious… Thanks for reminding me of that line.

    2. I am actually not that shocked because to me, I always had the feeling that they had much more than just on screen chemistry. Here is another on screen and real life relationship which are a but rare but not impossible since we have seen a few of them in real life. Glad that Nicky admitted it that the media can give them some space so their relationship can blossom and hopefully lead to a successful marriage in the future.

  5. Does anyone know if it’s possible to use weibo in English? Is weibo the equivalent of Facebook in China?

      1. Can I create an account in English? Like can the features be in English?

      2. Weibo is China’s twitter. (:
        And yes, you can change the language settings to english 🙂

      3. can you send me the link to start an account in English?

        Do the stars ever reply to the fans?


  6. I knew this news is coming. Nicky is getting old but shi shi can wait. I know nicky likes shi shi when they were in the happy camp show together in 2011

    Nicky asked shi shi:

    Would you give up your career or put your careerin halt if you get married?

    1. really? he asked her that? i don’t remember that.

      omg, i’m soooo excited with this news.
      i’ve been Longshi fans
      aaahhh, i just can’t stop smiling now

      1. It was towards the end of the program when they were playing the fake dating game 🙂 haha, cute because in the end they did “end up” together!!!


    I never thought they were each others’ type. Plus, Nicky was always rumoured with his manager and LSS with Yuan Hong.

    Could it be publicity stunt? Possibly, but neither have ever done something like that before. Then I’d believe hacked first.

    1. hehee, isn’t it like 2 am in china right now, Nicky Wu must be thinking about LSS or very bored to update his Weibo at this time keke

  8. aww im happy for both of them! they look really cute together, on and off stage.

  9. Ohhh!! Would love for it to be true! Their chemistry was amazing on BBJX!!!! They look so cute together! ^_^

  10. OMG OMG OMG!! Is this 100 PERCENT TRUE!! Im speechless!!!! They make a good couple eventhough their age is a bit far apart.. but Nicky has kid like personality and Cecilia is more rigid kind of person, so think I think they are suited for each other.

    1. And also Nicky looks young for his age and Cecilia looks more kinda balance it out the age matter…Yin & Yang

      1. Yup and usually people are more accepting when the guy is older since women tend to age faster and look older than guys do. Therefore, it does balance out.

  11. I hope this news is true and not a mistake!!!

    I’m so happy for them!!!

  12. Hahahaha omggg this totally brightens up my morning! I hope it’s really true they are so compatible together. Though I am aware of their age gap but love has no boundaries right? lol and besides, Nicky is one of those guys who age like fine wine.

  13. In Bu Bu Jing Xin Nicky and Cecilia had a bad ending. In real life things seem to look differnt. Hope their wishes have a happy end.

  14. Awww I’m happy for them. Even though I still prefer her and hu ge.

  15. I heard Tangren Karen (shi shi manager) responded.

    What did she say? I can’t read chinese

    Did any of nicky and shi shi friends responded? Like other stars?

    1. Ye Zu Xin (10th prince), Guo Zhao Ting (MinMin in BBJX), and Yan Yi Di all reported with congratulations I believe 🙂

      I’m quite happy to hear this news!! Hope Nicky finally gets the love and happiness he deserves! The bet to this couple!!

      1. Really? I am new to weibo. Where does it say “congrats”? Then the news is mostly likely true?

      2. From what I saw each of those three just reposted what Liu ShiShi wrote om their own pages and then responded with happy comments. Lol, I’m not chinese so actually just googled translated what was said. Maybe others can be more of help 🙂

    2. yesss, there have been so many re-posts of congratulations for both of them. MaShu, GanTingTing, RenYue, Alec Su, LuWu from BBJX, and many more

  16. OMG! This is so unexpected! I ship Liu Shi Shi and Yuan Hong because they had the best chemistry in LOCH and BBJX and they’re so cute! But I’m still so happy for her and Nicky Wu (I love him!) Wow!

  17. Happy for both! I really hope this news is true (: I can’t wait to watch the sequel to BBJX 😀

  18. I’m quite shocked because they don’t even seem that close. LSS looks closer to other artistes such as Hu Ge. I wish them happiness.

  19. WATTTTTTT OMGOSHHHHH! Surprise Surprise! Isnt he too old her her anways =o

    1. he’s 43, she’s 26..a diff of 17 years..yea..that’s kind of old for her…but who m i to judge? i’m 11 years older than my gf..

      1. 11 years is still NOT the same as 17? haha… ppl are saying he does NOT look that old but i feel he is. His wrinkles do show most of the time. Hawick Lau n that Yang Mi is ok since HL does look boyishly young still….. oh well, if the woman does NOT care, who are are v to judge indeed.

    1. So what is going on? Why have all of China’s top FaDan’s hooking up with geezers?

      It must be something in the water. LOL!

      Just finished reading the article on how the old geezers are dominating the movie industry, and now they have moved onto the field of love too….

      1. Age is but a number if you really love someone.

        One day you, too, will be old.

  20. Does anyone know when the sequel will be out in 2014?

    Regarding the news, it can be interpreted either way. Nicky is known to joke around.

    Nicky has approached the age where it is normal for him to announce dating. But shi shi’s career is just in the rise. If this news is true, then she must really like him to risk this step.

    During shi shi bday this year, nicky was the only one that stood right next to her and the cake.

    1. Maybe LSS is following the current trend where fans are more forgiving for idols who come out clean admitting everything vs those who denied and caught lying.

      1. They were caught. The news headline all over weibo yesterday, that was why Nicky admit to it today.

      2. Of course, if they were not caught, wat would be the guts for them to admit?

      3. Only caught dating and straight away admitted, this way they will get blessings, unlike Sire where caught dating, denied and later caught lying when press issued better evidences.

      4. Sassi,
        When news emerged that Nicky was spotted spending 8 hours at Cecilia’s home, I thought the news was fake. And then his dating announcement came today!

        Makes me wonder what happened to the news between Wallace Huo and Viann Zhang?? Are they are couple too?

      5. If Wallace and Viann announces today, it’ll be such a confession day :P. I bet many will cry out loud.

      6. Jayne,

        I would not be surprised with anything nowadays, and definitely knew his fans would cause havoc!!! LOL

      7. “Makes me wonder what happened to the news between Wallace Huo and Viann Zhang?? Are they are couple too?”

        This one I highly doubt it. Viann is too quiet. If she has been posting love poems about special someone, perhaps. Maybe Wallace is with Tiffany?

      8. Funn,
        Judging by Tiffany’s current comment about Yang Mi trying to introduce guys to Tiffany, she is likely still single now. I hope she dates Wallace though.

      9. Viann dun post anything about love much during her time with Li Chen.

        However, it dun seem tat Viann’s type is Wallace. Li Chen and Ron are different to Wallace miles.

      10. It would be nice if Wallace dated Tiffany but I also would love it if he reconciled with Joe. Wallace did leave that open so hope that Joe and Wallace still have feelings for each other. Many loved her and Wallace together in the XAJH remake.

  21. Does nicky wu live in Beijing? His weibo say Beijing but I thought he was Taiwanese?

    1. he has been staying at Beijing and working in mainland for along time. He is Taiwanese of course

  22. Where is the news that they are caught? Please share I can’t read chinese

    1. Jesse,
      The reports that surfaced over the last two days regarding Nicky spending 8 hours at Cecilia’s house was very brief. They simply stated that he spent time at her house, and that made their relationship surface. There were not many details reported, which made it difficult to gauge the credibility until Nicky responded with dating announcement today.

      1. I thought LSS lives in Beijing? So her home is in Shanghai?

        Did nicky spend the night at LSS home or something? It seems to be a big deal!

      2. It’s sweet that he admitted it considering there wasn’t even any evidence. Or perhaps they were ready to go public, so they decided to just go ahead since they had been “caught”.

      3. It is a smart move for Nicky to admit it before more and more rumours are created.

      1. Wow, imagine this, when LSS was born, Nicky Wu was going into military service.

        I bet there will be a bunch of guys hovering over the maternity wards checking out their prospective girlfriends….

  23. Today is confession day. Nicky Wu+Liu Shi Shi, Hawick+Yang Mi, Jiang Xin. Who’s next?

      1. With lots of hope :P. Dun mind (or better) if they married in LA as said by tabloids.

      2. Jayne,
        A bit off topic but Vanness and his wife are married on paper but will have their banquet in LA too. His ex and Nicky’s ex, Vivian Hsu will also get married to a Singaporean soon. Doesn’t it seem like such a coincidence that they used to all date and are now getting married or are dating again at around the same time?? I find some hidden meaning behind there. Yue Lao and his assistant are at work!

      3. HeTieShou,
        Yes I came across news on Vanness and Vivian’s upcoming weddings. They are in their 30s and time to settle down. I am surprised by Vivian’s upcoming wedding though; didn’t know she has a steady boyfriend.

      4. Jayne ,
        I heard that Vivian and her boyfriend have dated for only about 6 months so many were surprised that she is getting married so quickly. However, after Barbie’s 20 day romance 6 months us reasonable. My 3rd brother’s best friend married a girl he knew in 6 months and they are happily married. I guess that shows that the length of time that you date does not guarantee that you will end up together or not.

      1. Yang Mi and Hawick announced their marriage.

        Jiang Xin announced her dating status

    1. Did Jiang Xin confess too?? I did not hear about that. Who is she dating/marrying???

      1. Thanks for the info HotNcold! Jiang Xin and YeZuXin would make a good couple. I wonder Kevin will find his other half?

      2. I know Jiang Xin from Detective Dee (not the movie) and then she acts in Huo xi jan – the female warrior Song Yung.

      3. @HTS: welcome, i saw it on tenth prince weibo. idk Jiang Xin, but when i searched her on google, she played The Legend of Zhen Huan and got the Best Supporting Actress for her role in that drama

      4. @HTS: hahaha, there have been so many netizens comment on Kevin’s weibo saying “她终究还是跟了老四” LOL

      5. @HotNcold,
        Who did Jiang Xin play in the Legend of Zhen Huan?? I just saw that recently but do not remember seeing her.

        Oh yes, that quote is hilarious when I think of BBJX. BBJX is becoming reality now…

      6. Oh wait, I just looked it up. She played Hua Fei. Hm…It did not look like her.

      7. idk, i don’t watch that series :D, but you eventually found out too

  24. I am happy for Liu Shi Shi & Nicky Wu. They look really cute together, on and off stage. I think they have great chemistry. Love them.

  25. I’m confuse, so the tittle said he admits dating Cecilia Liu. So are they dating or not?

    1. Oh, so they dating. Okay, good for them. I’m glad he found his happiness.

  26. I’m in shock! I mean, seriously, I didn’t even see any sparks flying between the two while they were filming. Cecilia was always quiet and reserved…pft…are they really dating??! Nicky!! Really??! Is this to promote BBJQ?? If it is I’ll be sooo mad! If it isn’t, I’ll be soooo sad. Now I won’t be able to sleep!

  27. gyaaa… is it true?

    Congrats longshi! Wish both of you the best in this relationship

  28. Just because I have people who agrees with me, I am considered rude. What about those outright rude? If I am offensive, I find your comment more offensive for dragging my name into your so called comment about me for no good reason other than having people agree with me. Perhaps you don’t have anyone agreeing with you before.

  29. Oh lord almighty. I’m a bit disappointed to be honest. I thought Nicky would be more traditional. Cecelia is just too young. 17 yrs?? She could be his daughter! In terms of their physical appearance and personality, yeah, they don’t look that far apart and Cecilia is quite mature for her age, but still.

    I’ve noticed that when a guy reaches his late 30’s and early 40’s and hasn’t gotten married yet, he’s bound to get together with a MUCH younger lady. Is that a trend?

    Well, I do hope that if this is all true Cecilia won’t leave Nicky for someone her age later on in life.

  30. Should they break up after their two series airs. The excuse would be:

    Both are too busy and they had no time for each other because of their hectic schedules (mind you, they had all the time together because they were filming two series back to back). Different story when they won’t be filming with each other and he has to run his company, filming dramas, etc. Nicky did say he had no time for relationships because he was so busy. He also said he won’t be filming any more series with Cecilia.

    Or, they have different goals in life. He wants to settle down and she’s just starting her career and not ready to settle down.

    Then you know this is definitely a publicity stunt.

    1. Another couple, perhaps. This couple does not need such publicity stunt which will not benefit either. They may end up breaking up since both are extremely busy but I believe for now this is genuine.

    2. I highly doubt this is a publicity stunt. I don’t think they would go so far as doing something like this just to promote a series. There are numerous other more successful ways of promoting a series.

  31. I think he probably confessed, because a few days ago he saw her and Huge holding hand, he thought to himself, Man I wish I can hold my girls hand, why do I have to hide this anymore? Also there was a post by Eddie Peng on her Wiebo, he probably got jealous,and said BACK off my woman! Must let the world know that ShiShi belongs to me. Let’s face it the guy is not getting any younger, if he doesn’t WOoooo her now and make everyone know, he might not win her hand in marriage! Got to do while he still got it! Good luck to them!

  32. I don’t think they wanted to admit it. Unfortunately for them, he got caught visiting her house late at night. It’s not like he could give another bright excuse of “There are only these number of flights to Hengdian….”

    I suspect they are still in the exploratory stage and hence wanted to keep things quiet earlier. So that in the event things don’t work out, nothing ever happened. But well….blame him for getting caught!

    So whether you’re a ShiGe or HongShi fan, LongShi seems quite real and unlikely to be a publicity stunt.

  33. Did anyone watch the Patriot Yue Fei? Is Shi shi only in ONE EPISODE?

  34. Nicky is a very traditional man and he had said it before in many interviews…..if he’s not interested in any other party (be it co-stars or whatever), he will not lead the other person on and will also NOT give the wrong ‘signals’.

    As one netizen mentioned above, during Happy Camp (post promo for BBJX) he candidly asked LSS during one of the games if she ‘would give up her career for love/marriage’. Her reply was ‘yes’, she will be happy to play ‘house’ but also will not waste whatever talent she has (i.e. she could probably do something which she’s interested in just to keep busy or supports her husband in whatever he does).

    As a ‘Scorpion’, it’s Nicky’s nature in observation before commitment (of course he was deceived by his ex back then thinking she was a faithful wife). I think he has finally gotten over all the hurt and is in a good place. He’s popular enough and do not need this sort of antics to promote any of his series.

    I wish him love and happiness with LSS.

  35. “Nicky attached a photo in which he and Cecilia hugged. He also tagged Cecilia in his post.”

    That photo on the boat is the photo Nicky posted on Weibo. Err, you call that hugging? His hands ain’t even on her shoulder! Hugging….. righttt

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