Wong Hei Willing to Protect Stephen Chan Against All Odds, Even If It Meant a Calamity

Wong Hei (王喜) who had entered the entertainment industry for 19 years now,  does not have many friends and the only friend that he would go all out for, was none other than TVB’s Broadcasting Affairs General Manager, Stephen Chan (陳志雲). For Stephen, Wong Hei placed everything he had on the frontline and walked with him through a grueling period of 540 days of court hearings. For Stephen, Wong Hei also became an umbrella-bearer and accompanied him to court, absolutely proving the theory of “sticking through thick and thin” through his actions.

It was no wonder then that Wong Hei was the first person Stephen had thanked upon his acquittal last Friday. This “relationship” of helping each other out through those turbulent times had already elevated as both parties regarded each other as their family member and had seen the other party’s parents. Thus, since they treated one another as family, if their family member was in trouble, it was akin to them themselves being in trouble. Seeing Stephen being prosecuted and getting “bullied” by the prosecuting attorney during those court hearings, Wong Hei felt heart-wrenching and even sadly teared up at the mere recollection of those scenes. This article is a part one of five segments of an interview with Wong Hei and his inner world.

It’s normal to hold up an umbrella during a rain

Wong Hei revealed, “On 11 March 2010, which was the day of Stephen Chan’s earlier arrest on suspicion of corruption, my life and Stephen’s life seen some changes, our relations underwent a change, our feelings were really building up. It’s also due to this tough period that we shared the same experience, had the same exemplification thus having the scene of me carrying an umbrella for Stephen. It’s not something worth commending about, I had already expected that people would make gibberish comments about it.

However, as Mr Chan’s (Stephen) friend, opening and holding the umbrella for him when it rains is a normal act. Trying your best to protect the things that you know he treasured is also a normal act too. On that fateful day, he went to do his hair early in the morning but it started to rain unexpectedly, I didn’t want a few drops of rain to ruin his hairstyle and furthermore, Mr Chan is a man who cares a lot about his exterior appearance…(The reporter then asked Wong Hei who is more vain, him or Stephen) As compared to me? Of course he is more vain lahs!

Actually many friends are behind Mr Chan and were extremely concerned about him. However, due to sensitivity issues, they were unable to express their support for Mr Chan through their actions. Since that was the case, the responsibility should fall upon a person who was convenient to show his support, so let me be the one who shall showcase it then!

During the court trial, a huge bunch of Mr Chan’s friends and even some professionals showed up in support of him. During the prosecution, Mr Chan used his strongest will and EQ (emotional quotient) to face those three weeks of hearings. In court, Mr Chan was extremely strong but after the hearing ended, Mr Chan showed a moment of fragility as he professed that he felt like he was being “bullied”. At that moment, I felt so awful. Hearing those words coming out from a exceedingly strong man, I felt even more horrid. (Wong Hei’s eyes start to grow red) Did I cry at that time? I’m not going to tell you.

I was a policeman in the past thus it came as no surprise that I felt like I had a righteous sense of responsibility to uphold justice for him. A bunch of people who fought relentlessly for Mr Chan, were also working round the clock to seek justice for him. Because I experienced all these with Mr Chan and although the process was excruciating but our relations have “upgraded” from good friends to family members as a result. I had even “applied” to my mother for approval (on acknowledging Stephen Chan as a family member) and she has given me her consent.”

Meet the parents session was hilarious

Wong Hei then continued, “From young, I was brought up in a family with strict discipline. I was taught not to anyhow acknowledge outsiders as a family member. When
I was still a kid, I accidentally mistook another man for my father, which caused me to be smacked by my mother. Forwarded back to today, I already see Mr Chan as my family member and that was enough for me to bring Mr Chan to meet my mother. The day of the “meet the parents session” was also the day which I had helped Mr Chan to “release lives” (Buddhism practice of purchasing animals that are due to be slaughtered and letting them go. It is regarded as a kind and compassionate act, which will be duly rewarded).

Actually the arrest had already happened at that time but I was still anxious to help Mr Chan to “release lives”. Thus, on that day, I brought my mother along with me while Mr Chan had already reached the venue. I introduced Mr Chan to my mother and she was extremely courteous upon meeting him, totally not seeing him as “half a son” but instead still viewing him as a senior management staff. The scenario was indeed amusing and very hilarious. ”

Satisfied to be a small-time actor

Wong Hei professed, “Making friends with one another is an interesting but strange thing. When you make friends with someone, it inevitably means you would have to accept his past history. It’s as good as saying that when I join the Wudang Sect., I must be on bad terms with the Emei Sect and because of the long-standing “gratitude and vendetta”  that Mr Chan was involved in, I was forced into taking it up! In terms of work, Mr Chan has never ever helped me, I will not let such a thing happen, if people want to label me as being under the “Stephen Chan camp”, I can’t control it. It is like a form of discrepancy in terms of taste however there’s no such thing as a superior taste or low taste but rather it’s either good or bad. I don’t have any way to change people’s sense of taste. In any case, Mr Chan will be his General Manager while I will be my small-time actor. Well, we have yet to receive any preferential treatment. Just because we are the so-called “Stephen Chan camp”?  Is it a calamity or a blessing in disguise? Let me be the one to endure it all! So what even if it means a a calamity!”

For 19 years, Wong Hei didn’t dare to say “Hi” to Stephen Chan

Wong Hei remarked, “My first job was a policeman. After work, I wouldn’t tell anyone or let them know that I was actually moonlighting and doing another job on the sideline. This was to avoid any trouble. After which, I switched jobs and went to work as a deejay at a radio station, clocking in 18 hours a day. Everyday, I would holed up in the station and write my radio scripts. Actually, I didn’t had much friends. All the way until the year 1992 when I met Mr Chan (Stephen) at the radio station. Mr Chan was already a high-ranking executive at that time hence I didn’t dare to wave and say “Hi!” to him.

It wasn’t until the radio station moved to Ho Man Tin that we became on familiar terms with each other. I still remember that when Mr Chan drove a MR2 (Japan’s Toyota Sports Car), it was very funny seeing the then plump and fat him trying to squeeze into the car.

In June 1995, Mr Chan entered TVB. At that time, I had already quit the radio deejay job and was jobless for nine months until Catherina Tsang (曾勵珍) came to find me to film dramas in TVB, thus marking my venture into the television industry in 1996. Mr Chan often invited me to his house for meals. His home was 1,600 square feet wide, it was huge. I would boil some soups for him to drink however we never ever flaunt our friendship. Mr Chan and I would also evade in front of people as we were afraid that our colleagues in TVB might gossip about it.

Mr Chan’s self-discipline is something that I admire most about him as a self-discipline person would usually succeed in whatever they do. Mr Chan is much more plain in appearance than me but he is a powerful man who can make a person let down his guard and make you face him in your true self. This could be seen in his interview show with celebrities, Be My Guest《志雲飯局》. That hit show was also the attributing reason why Mr Chan is so successful now. However, I rejected his offer to go on “Be My Guest” back then as I would surely speak the truth and spill the beans in front of him!”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. @Jayne:

    One word, “SOS!” lol!

    Sent you an email!

    And Good Morning! 😀

  2. Since Stephen is gay….I wonder if there’s any romance in between them both. If not I think Wong Hei is just flat out dumb. To me it’s obviously that Stephen has steal and took adventage of many artist so he deserve the consequence. Seeing Wong Hei acting like a dog to protect Stephen who totally doesn’t deserve it makes me feel a little sick. I highly doubt Wong Hei’s judgement towards this matter.

      1. Yes, but just a part. He still can be seduced by girls. Maybe girls look like guy will attract him more?

      2. He’s bisexual!?!? For some reason I always thought he was gay, footstop. I’m probably not the only one.

  3. Just because he was aquitted does not mean he’s innocent & did no harm to others. OJ Simpson was aquitted as well and we all know he killed her.

  4. “This article is a part one of five segments of an interview with Wong Hei and his inner world.”

    Good luck with translating, Ah K! Looking forward to the next articles already.

    1. @Lizzy

      Oops, sorry to burst your bubble and disappoint you but that sentence was written by the reporter of that article, lol!

      I’m not too sure whether I will be translating all the remaining segments as I will be busy with school soon! But I will try my best k! 😀

  5. even if they were gay, there’s nothing wrong with that. He should be there for his partner of it is.. like husband and wife.

    if they are good friends, it shows how deep they trust in each other.
    Be honest when sometime im upset or bullied who can you call?? you get prob 5 fingers out and how many can you really trust?? be honest.. i have prob one. as for this guy he has found a truly good friend! so im happy for them!!


  7. I still believe there’s strong friendship in this world. Not every same sex strong friendship has to be gay/lesbian relationship.

    1. I agree. I admire their friendship and I honestly believe there’s nothing more than just friendship.

      1. You don’t need to be an expert to see that they are homosexuals.

      2. I agree as well and I don’t understand why it is ok for girls to be really close friends and not have anything romantic going on, but why is it when guys are closer than usual and people think that they are gay?? I believe that there are close same sex friendships in this world that are not a gay/lesbian relationship. I guess people also have problems believing that opposite sex friendships that are too close must have some romance as well. However, that is not always the case.

      3. I don’t care if they are gay or just good friends, nor am I even a tiny bit curious; I am just so envious of Stephen that he has such a good friend in Wong Hei. Wish I have such a friend like WH in my time of need.

      4. “I agree as well and I don’t understand why it is ok for girls to be really close friends and not have anything romantic going on”

        Actually nowadays most assume these girls are lesbians. Unfair i know, why desecrate pure friendship with the notion of sex but that’s the way it is.

      5. @Funn,
        Oh yea, that is true but I think it is tougher for the guys…

    2. Strong friendship yes. I also believe Wong Hei helped Stephen was part of his religious belief too. Like what the article says WongHei believes in rescuing life aka releasing animals who will be slaughtered is consider a good deal.

      1. Although it’s funny if Wong Hei looks at Stephen as an animal LOL!

    3. I’m with Kidd. With males it’s tougher to believe but if you watch Korean entertainment, you’ll be amazed at how physical affection and outward declarations of love are just commonplace among straight men as ways to show strong friendship and brotherhood. It’s quite refreshing, actually.

  8. After reading this article, I find Wong Hei to be a very religious who hold strict disciplines in life. Stephen is lucky to have known WongHei, he’s really someone ppl can dependant on when you’re in trouble..

    I don’t think Wong Hei cares about any job opportunities when he decided to help Stephen, to Wong hei, friendship and religious in helping Stephen are more important.

  9. This could be an epic love story.

    Anyway, I am happy to read how faithful he is but in the end I do think sacrificing his career out of empty loyalty is rather…dumb. Why? Is he rewarded for his loyalty right now when the guy he supports is back in power? No. SC is like using WH to air out his own grievances, when SC himself is saying nothing except with that Mona Lisa smile. So SC can depend on WH when he is in trouble but when WH was booted out of TVB which WH is still clearly very upset about with his rants about 620, where was SC then?

    Why do I keep seeing extreme loyalty by one and nonchalant attitude by the other?

    1. well said Funn. I also find it quite odd for him to sacrifice that much for a “GOOD Friend”.

      I don’t even think I will do that for any friends and jeopardize my career. In the end, you need to put a roof over your head and food to eat.

      I find it a little queer for WH to bring SC home to meet his mom in a formal acceptance way. I mean, If you considered that guy your best friend etc., no need for the formal ” meet he parent(s)” tradition and WH had to seek for his mother’s approvals? My husband considers this guy his good friend and calls him his “Bro”, they hang out on occasions and often come over our house to eat, but not the way WH describes above.

      Nonetheless, I do like WH as an actor and will support him 🙂

      1. Maybe WH is a traditional sort of man; you know needs proper introduction and all. I don’t find it odd about him bringing him home to visit mom. The translation itself may not reflect the actual words said so need to hear actual words to see the way he puts that sentence.

  10. I can’t help but to think that they are *ahem* “comrades” after reading this article, who brings their friend to see their mother? For me, I won’t ever bring my best friend to meet my mom, that’s just too weird! Or maybe my mind is corrupted, I don’t know!

    But anyway, one really has to hand it to Wong Hei to be so self-less and sacrifice everything for Stephen. I know that I wouldn’t cause I’m a selfish person and it’s too huge a risk to take for a good friend or even a best friend.

    1. It isn’t a big deal if they are truly in love.

      See WH’s 100% support to SC make me think of a sweet love story.

    2. Exactly, I agreed on the “meeting the parents” part. It just sounds so out of place and weird. I mean are they really nothing more than family/good friends?

      If they are “lover”, then it is understandable that he sacrificed this much for SC. But then Wong Hei is too good for SC then. It hurts for me to watch Wong Hei like this because I don’t see the same attitude from SC.

    3. “For me, I won’t ever bring my best friend to meet my mom, that’s just too weird!”

      Lol, Ah K. Not really. I think I wouldn’t purposely introduce my mom to my best friend, but the chances are my mom will be curious who I hang out with and she would want to know. Also, sometimes my friends come over to my house, so they will meet incidentally. The chances of my mom, me, and best friend interacting and hanging out is rare, but there’s nothing wrong with introducing and meeting them. They will come across each other sooner or later. 🙂

      1. If she or he is your best friend, no sleepovers? of course your parents would know them. My entire family knows my best friend, my best friend’s mom knows me, I went to her graduation, I even went to her friend’s wedding when I didn’t know her friend and at one time her mom only trusts me enough to let her go shopping with me and she even spent nights at my place. So natural for parents to meet best friends.

    4. Ditto the others. My parents know my best friends and I’ve met their parents too. In fact, my parents and my best friends’ parents have dimsum and get together occasionally. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

      It’s just somehow the way it’s portrayed in the SC/Wong Hei thing, it makes it seem as if there’s something more there. Wong Hei strikes me as a pretty private guy and the way he has so ‘publicly’ supported SC makes me think of some epic love story, LOL.

  11. I don’t think Wong Hei and Stephen Chan are romantically involved. When the corruption scandal broke out last year, Mr. Chan was living with alleged boyfriend, Edthancy Cong, who owns the Public Relations firm that arranged the events and had the preferential artist appearance fees.

    Wong Hei and Mr. Chan seem to be the type of people who value friendship very deeply. Mr. Chan took care of Steven Ma and arranged to have him film “Apprentice Chef” when he was not given any work assignments last year after contract negotiations hit a rough point with Ms. Lok.

    Criticisms rise against Mr. Chan for favoritism. Perhaps Mr. Chan is a loyal friend and only wants to lend a helping hand to assist his friends in need.

    Wong Hei is a very outspoken individual who tends to be very emphatic and likes to make his opinions well known, especially if he feels that the situation was unjust. I believe he acted and spoke especially bluntly last year during Mr. Chan’s investigation because Mr. Chan lacked supporters who were willing to take such a public stance. This only prompted Wong Hei to “do his part” more by supporting his friend more vocally.

    Meeting the parents is not a big deal if their friendship has lasted for 19 years. I think Wong Hei’s mother also wanted to support a very good friend of his son in need, where mental and emotional support is very important in a long, tedious trial.

  12. ” Mr Chan showed a moment of fragility as he professed that he felt like he was being “bullied” by someone.”

    I read the chinese article yesterday. I remember he said he felt like being ‘bullied’, but, I don’t remember he said by someone. The above sentence made it seems like Stephen is pointing finger at a specific someone, but, when I read the chinese article, I didn’t get this impression.

    This is the chinese article I read.


    The exact sentence:

    1. @Kidd:

      Thanks for pointing that out! I will make the amendments later! 😀 I translated it as being “bullied by someone” cause there’s the mention of “人” in “畀人蝦” so I thought 人 = someone so should write as being bullied by someone lol! Sorry for the error lahs, I admit that my Chinese/Cantonese isn’t that good! 😛

    2. if he was bullied it has to be “someone” unless he bullied himself LOL

      1. You are trying to play semantics like Fox? 😛

        ‘Being bullied by someone’ sound like pointing the finger at a particular person.

        ‘Being bullied’ is a more general statement. It could be by one person or by a lot of people.

        It conveys a different feeling and impression.

    3. WH always made me confused :(. Mr Chan and Mrs Chan. Make SC and 620 look like a couple.

  13. Maybe that’s the reason Stephen seems like never helping Wong Hei.

    “In terms of work, Mr Chan has never ever helped me, I will not let such a thing happen, “

    Wong Hei won’t allow it.

    Here’s about this issue Wong Hei said in his weibo (while dissing Virginia Lok).


    Media friends don’t force Mrs Chan (aka Virginia Lok) to lie, I simply don’t have any chance to renew contract. After this, everyone knows that I am Mr Chan’s friend. In the future, if I have good development at TVB, then Mr Chan will be accused of favourtism, public and personal use; conversely, if I continue to be unsuccessful, then Mr Chan will also be accused of neglecting and being ungrateful.

    1. Mr Chan in the name of loyalty should resign to protest WH’s banishment. But of course everyone is denying he has been banished.

    2. My above reply is for this one. Wrong post :P.

      WH always made me confused 🙁 . Mr Chan and Mrs Chan. Make SC and 620 look like a couple.

  14. I also think that Wong Hei and Stephen Chan are just very good friends. Some of the comments above are also exactly how I feel; like I am so very envious that he has such a good loyal friend as Wong Hei to stand by him like that. Myself, I have one or two fairly good friends but thats where it ends. In my hour of need I was alone with no one. So Stephen Chan is really a very lucky guy indeed. True friendship does not grow on trees and should be valued.

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