Wong Hei and Linda Chung Promote “Twilight Investigation”

Wong Hei, Raymond Wong Ho Yin, and Linda Chung promoted their new TVB series, Twilight Investigation <囧探查過界>. Numerous pedestrians participated in games with the cast, resulting in mass chaos. The game had to be terminated early.

Although satisfied with the series’ ratings, Wong Hei joked that his pair-up with Linda did not attract much attention. No advertisers requested the onscreen couple for endorsements, reporters did not write about them and no one followed them! When asked whether Linda and Raymond Lam Fung’s onscreen couple image was too popular, Wong Hei said, “TVB really knows how to promote people. Your work will overflow like spilled mercury (水銀瀉地) and seep into every opening (無孔不入). Their asset is that they know how to pervasively use their resources!”

Linda indicated that she was satisfied with the ratings results for Twilight Investigation. The filming was one of the most enjoyable in her career. The role was a breakthrough and full of challenges for Linda. Responding to public criticism that she over-acted in the series, Linda said it was necessary for the interpretation of the role. Her voice was at a comfortable pitch and was not overly pompous!

Linda noted it was a great loss to turn down the series Men and Women’s Dwelling Choice <抉宅男女>.

Source: the Sun

Jayne: There were no further details on why Linda Chung had to turn down Men and Women’s Dwelling Choice, which has started filming much earlier. What happened?

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  1. What happened with Linda filming dwellings?? I’m pretty sure she has filmed more than half the series already with Michael Miu, Ron and Michael Tse… Hmmmm I wonder who would replace her?!?

  2. Is the news accurate? I recall having seen many news and pictures of Linda filming Men and Women’s Dwelling Choices.

  3. Or is Linda saying that she has to turn down many jobs to film that series?

  4. omggg, linda is not in Men and Women’s Dwelling Choices anymore?! 🙁 why! I was looking forward to it.

  5. that’s so weird!! I’ve already seen quite a lot of scenes of Linda and Ron in Dwelling.

    It is also quite random how that info just appeared at the end. Wasn’t Twilight filmed awhile ago last year?? and the filming of Dwelling was never proposed at that tim…this is so confusing…

  6. In my opinion, Linda’s acting was over dramatic, it is like a grown woman acting like a naïveté child.

  7. Linda way over promoted.. can’t sing, can’t act, not even that pretty either. Ugh@her nose

  8. No it’s not over at all. It’s a comedy, i think she’s perfect in it. So cute. Not all actresses can bring out that kind of cute face without irritates ppl. Making everyone watching this movie felt sooo happy.

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