Wong Hei to Quit Acting and Become a Feng Shui Master

Since TVB executive, Stephen Chan Chi Wan returned to TVB, many people speculated that Mr. Chan’s good friend, Wong Hei, would have a promising TVB career. Rumored to not get along with Virginia Lok Yi Ling, Wong Hei would at least have a strong ally. With less than one year left in Wong Hei’s contract, Mr. Chan asked Catherine Tsang to discuss a contract renewal with Wong Hei. Despite a promised raise over the next three years, Wong Hei turned down Mr. Chan’s good intentions.

Money was not the issue; Wong Hei was no longer interested in filming series. Wong Hei is currently drafting his own movie script and looking for an investor to fund his project. This film would act as a closure to his acting career. Afterwards, he will pursue a career in feng shui and assess others’ fortunes through bazi (八字) readings.

In an interview on The Green Room <今日VIP>, Wong Hei expressed his frustration in filming series.”I have reached a bottleneck in my acting career. I do not want to continue onwards. I have tried to grasp my roles and put in my best efforts, but I have been scolded for changing the dialogue in the script. Anyway, why not forge into new territory?” Wong Hei boldly expressed his discontent with TVB. “When I filmed Burning Flame 3 <烈火雄心3> in 2008, it was very strenuous and tiring.  I was very happy filming Twilight Investigation <囧探查過界>. It turns out  that I received the same amount of money for both series. I ask edmyself why I should suffer? That is the truth.” Wong Hei said,“With my free time, I want to help people assess their fortunes through bazi and feng shui readings. This is starting something fresh and allows me to develop a new skill.”

An inside source said, “In recent years, Wong Hei has loved metaphysics. Each time he saw Mak Ling Ling and So Man Fung, he will ask them for advice. He practiced feng shui principles on himself and friends. During filming, he will sometimes give fortune readings. We do not know if his readings are accurate. We thought he was only joking!”

Wong Hei admitted that he did not study with other feng shui masters. Self-taught, he experimented on himself. Earlier, Wong Hei was spotted purchasing flowers to increase his luck in getting along with other people. Outside his Mongkok apartment building on December 13th, Wong Hei admitted to the press that he was interested in becoming a feng shui master.  He bought a lot of snacks and diagram books to enjoy at home. “I am studying feng shui books and researching the internet, absorbing wisdom from all sources. I intend to help others with their feng shui readings. This is still the early stage and I will not be able to pursue it full-fledgedly until later.”

Asked whether Wong Hei will renew his contract with TVB, he grew evasive and asked the press not to implicate Stephen Chan in the matter. When reporters asked Mr. Chan about Wong Hei’s new career intention as a feng shui master, Mr. Chan was cool in response, “I don’t know about his affairs.”

Source: Tom.com

Jayne: Wong Hei is a fine actor. It is a loss for the audience if he were to discontinue acting. But I can see his passion for filming series dwindling, due to the complicated politics at TVB. He does seem happier these days, likely due to his newfound passion in feng shui, which is very helpful in helping one direct positive energy.

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  1. Acting is a fun but really tiring job. I believe that you have to have the passion to act if you want to pursue it as a career. Many actors/actresses in the past have taken a break from acting or retire and come back. Therefore, I will not give up hope that Wong Hei will come back if he does quit acting for the time being. I think it is normal to take a break from your career and do something else. I believe that it is never to late to come back.. Good luck to Wong Hei!!

  2. WHAT?!

    If he can’t change his luck for the better how then will anyone hire him as a feng shui consultant? Wong Hei, come back to acting! Don’t quit! If not TVB will suck even more!!

  3. Wow

    Police -> actor -> fengshui master

    So vastly different careers.

  4. He’s not my most favorite actor in the world..but he can act! better then the newbies we have now a days!! hope he has a break and come back to acting!!

  5. HeTieShou, in Wong Hei’s case, it doesn’t sound like he has acting burnout. He mentioned that he has hit a bottleneck in his acting career. Hei is not the type to be complacent, he sounds like he is restless and wants to try something new. Personally, I think he is tired of the politics at TVB, etc.

    Funn, TVB still has many veteran acting talents such as Bowie, Bobby, Wayne, Jessica, etc. But acting talent can only carry a series so far. Look at “Born Rich” it had a stellar cast, but same old contrived plots, lack of creativity, and increasing politics at TVB is driving talent away. Not only onscreen talent, but also renown scriptwriters like Cheung Wah Biu.

    In Ming Pao Weekly issue # 2197, Mr. Cheung said that tv script writing is an underpaid and underappreciated profession. He said that TVB producers get all the credit while script writers do not get any acknowledgement. Sometimes they request unreasonable changes in the script just to throw their power around. He pulled many late nights and it seems like he paid cab fees out of his own pocket for the junior writers when they worked over time. Mr. Cheung said that he was lucky that he worked with Lee Tim Sing, a rare good producer who actually drove everyone home on those late nights. But Mr. Cheung shuddered to think of which producer he would work with again if he stayed at TVB.

    Mr. Cheung said that tv scripting is an underpaid profession that requires many late nights and demanding deadlines and stressful last minute changes. Among the ensemble of junior scriptwriters that worked with him on “Moonlight Resonance,” only one person is still working at TVB. He said that junior script writers usually last 1 to 2 years on the job since the rewards are so low. Mr. Cheung spoke boldly in the interview, to expose the underappreciation and demand more respect for scriptwriters.

    Mr. Cheung’s interview is a very powerful and reveals some of the core problems at TVB. His insight makes it clear that the decline in TVB is a result of increasing politics and failure to recognize certain individuals whose efforts are core to the future quality of their series. It’s a very long interview, if I have time, I would like to translate and share with everyone. 🙂

    Funn, I do think Wong Hei is a master of his own destiny. I don’t think he is down on his luck if you are referring to his lack of prominent roles. He just chose not to play along with the politics at TVB and kiss favor with certain management. Like many veterans such as Jessica Hsuan, he has simply found more important things in his life other than acting.

    Kidd, Wong Hei is a highly intelligent and passionate individual. He is able to excel at all these vastly differ careers because of his intellect and strong drive. However due to his strong principles, I really don’t think he is happy working at a big organization like TVB. Starting a small business and being in charge sounds like the right fit for him.

    At first, I thought it was quite odd that Wong Hei is turning towars feng shui, but now it makes perfect sense. As a well read and philosophical individual, he probably found some parallels between Buddhism and feng shui, which is a bout balancing the forces of nature and channeling positive energy.

    As you can see, I greatly admire Wong Hei. I wish all the best in his pursuits. If his acting bug ever comes back, I think he will probably be happier working in a small theater production. He left behind an admirable body of work, old series that can be rewatched by fans.

    Jooky, Wong Hei was photographed with his friend, Ming. The tabloid pointed out that he shared the same haircut and wore the same clothes.

    1. It was sad reading that article ..

      i really wish there’s less politics in TVB. they truly had amazing series in the past …

    2. Jayne,
      Thanks for the info!! I thought that he was tired or burned out from acting since acting is a tiring job. I must say that I don’t remember TVB being that political back then. TVB politics can really drive anyone away. BUt I do wonder if Wong Hei can really make a living as a Feng Shui master???

      1. HeTieShou, being a feng shui master and fortune teller can be very profitable. Many Chinese people in Asia believe in this type of stuff. In HK, it’s very popular. Top CEOs in HK have their offices designed especially to promote feng shui.

        The wealthy can go to extremes to preserve their wealth, as loving moms can for their kids. My mom has seen a fortune teller for 10 years. She continues to see her 4 times a year and the fees add up. The fortune teller made a good fortune for herself. She started reading palms at the park for $5 and built up her client list. She now works out of her own home that she bought. She bought a second 3 family house with her son. This is no easy feat as houses cost upwards of $600,000 in the New York City metro area. This fortune teller is a quiet millionaire.

        There are many jobs out there that are not glamorous on the surface, but make a lot of money. Many lunch cart vendors in New York City make over $100,000 USD. Many entrepeneurs make a lot of money.

        Feng shui masters/ fortune tellers could have very prestigious clients. Mak Ling Ling is no doubt a millionaire with her annual fortune books on the best sellers list and frequent tv appearances.

        At the end of the day, everyone needs to comforted and offered a guiding hand in times of trouble. When family or friends can’t help, a fortune teller can be the next best thing.

      2. “BUt I do wonder if Wong Hei can really make a living as a Feng Shui master???”

        Ask Mak Ling Ling, So Man Fung and Lilian Too. 🙂

    1. Clamine, thanks for pointing out that the article has been translated already.

  6. I support Wong Hei. I’m all for changing careers and believing that it’s never too late to pursue whatever makes you happy. Of course, I’m thinking he will also be pragmatic in beginning his new profession.

    The interview with Cheung Wah Biu was very profound and I’d like to see it here too because I’m interested in what people here have to say about Cheung’s thoughts and experiences.

    1. Iampheng, since the article has been translated already, I will not be posting it on my site. But everyone is certainly welcome on discussing it here.

  7. Althought not the best looking guy, I do admire and like WH for his good acting. I am glad that he does have the opportunity to quit when he can and pursue his interest, unlike some newbies who are stuck in acting and can not leave whether they like it or not. The life of an actor is not as glamarous as it use to be, too controversial.

    Off topic – Happy New Year everyone!

  8. As much as I will miss Wong He’s performances onscreen, I can understand why he is making this decision to move on. I’m sure it’s no secret to everyone now that TVB plays politics, and that is what’s driving most of the talent away. I read the interview with Cheung Wah Biu as well, and I applaud his honesty in revealing how it feels like to work for TVB. Really, if you are not promoted as an actor, or if you work behind the scenes as a non-producer position, you are not going to get the recognition and pay you deserve even with all the work you put in. At some point, people will want to move on. It’s understandable. I noticed that the cast and producer of Rosy Business and No Regrets, especially Wayne and Sheren, made it a point to thank each and every scriptwriter both years that they won. They didn’t just “thank the scriptwriters,” but mentioned each person’s name so they can each get some recognition. I remember one of the guys has the same Chinese name as Francis Ng. If they didn’t read out the names, I wouldn’t have even known. I think that is why the entire crew of NR and RB, whether onscreen or offscreen, was so happy; because everyone’s efforts were recognized in order to make a good production.

    Wong He has gotten lead roles all these years, but has a lot less exposure than some of the most popular actors because he doesn’t want to deal with the politics. His personality does not fit in with the company’s culture, and he doesn’t have the right connections and support of most of management except for Stephen Chan who is also in an awkward stage right now as he is still undergoing investigation.

  9. I think Wong Hei is very under-rated. Always enjoyed watching his tv series but he never made it big.

    1. Samantha, he was huge! He was very very famous with his breakout role as Ok Tak the chef, just can’t remember the title. Then came Burning Flame. Then after a while he became too difficult to work with and his acting suffered. Went away, came back more quiet and steadily growing again as an actor. To say Wong Hei was never big is inaccurate. He was in the A-List.

  10. Didn’t he go around spouting buddhist philosophy to his co-workers? If anything, i thought he would be a monk than a feng shui master!

  11. TVB’s scaring all the good actors away. 8( First the 80s idols, then the 90s idols, and now Wong Hei. >_<

  12. Nooooooo! TVB is letting all the good actors go =(
    It’s nice to see a variation to the lead cast of the series so that it’s not always the same people who dominate – whilst they are great and good actors/actresses, we musn’t forget those who act just as well and are just unfortunately less famous

  13. For some odd reason, I have a very good feeling that Wong Hei will come back acting sooner or later if he really did have the passion for it. He does not necessarily have to come back to TVB though. He can go to CHina or join any other company to continue his career. However, I will really miss seeing him in TVB series since TVB is already going downhill. With him leaving as well just makes TVB more “empty”…

  14. HeTieShou, btw I once had my fortune read for $100 USD per hour. The fortune teller had some overhead like rent for his office, but how many jobs out there make $100 per hour? And it’s all cash and a comfortable job too!

    Of course getting in the door is difficult, since you need to have the knowledge and know the feng shui jargon. Most people in this line of business have a long family history of this practice.

    1. Jayne,
      WOW, you spent that much on having your fortune told?? How much did you spend all together(in case you don’t mind reviewing it)? Were they accurate at all?? A lot of them are scams and I have been scammed before and lost about $100 which I really regret now.I can say that only about 10% of what they said about me was true. A lot of them claimed to be psychics not really feng shui masters though.

      I also went to this one fortune teller that my friend recommended to me and he only charged $20 for an hour so it wasn’t bad. I think only about 30% of what he said about me was true though. I don’t really believe in them much since I believe that your destiny is partly in your own hands too. Also, I remember from watching series that they said that fortune tellers and psychics cannot live long because they are reviewing the truth about the future which is supposedly forbidden. Therefore, they must pay the price for that… I wonder how true that is??

      Basically I think as you said, that you need to get your foot in the door and establish a good reputation for yourself if you want to survive. I think that goes for any career but is more difficult for Feng Shui masters and fortune tellers.

  15. Jayne,
    Thanks for the info and I almost forgot that a lot of Asians believe in that stuff. My mom sort of does too. My dad did too and it drove me crazy… I think that is more of the older generation though. The younger generation doesn’t really believe it as much. I sort of believe it, but not to the point that I will let it control me.

    I think it will be hard for Wong Hei to start out, but then again it is hard in any career to start out. But I feel that it is harder for fortune tellers and feng shui masters if their family have not practiced it and has already earned a reputation for it.

    I am not sure if a fortune teller/feng shui master is actually always a good thing. A lot of them are scams and they just want your money only. I am not sure if they care about your well being and about helping you or not.

  16. Wong Hei was once a police officer?? I did not know that… What a big change in careers for him…

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