Worst Best Actress Nominees

The 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony will take place on December 16. The list of nominees was recently released and netizens are furiously debating who they think the winners should be. This year, there are a total of 18 nominees for the Best Actress award. The following three actresses were harshly criticized by netizens for being included on the list.

The first is Niki Chow (周勵淇) who is nominated for her performance in Another Era <再創世紀> as Ella a rich second generation who takes over her father’s company due to his illness. Netizens praised her for being able to maintain her youthful look at 39 years old. However, her acting skills leave much to be desired. In the drama, when her two brothers passed away in a car accident, her crying scenes were devoid of emotion. When her father had a heart attack, she could not even squeeze out a tear!

The second is Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) in Stealing Seconds <棟仁的時光> as Kris, a woman looking for her missing fiancé. Ever since Natalie won Best Actress last year, she has been receiving criticism from netizens deeming her unworthy of the award. They critiqued that she had the same expression throughout the drama and her dialogue was very monotonous.

The third is Louisa Mak (麥明詩) in OMG, Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下> as Helen; a new lawyer. Seemingly it was the perfect role for her given her background as a lawyer. However, netizens found her facial expressions odd and her delivery of dialogue was like reading from a textbook. Louisa admitted that she has a long way to go and feels that she is unworthy of her nomination this year.

Source: Yahoo 

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. there’s really nobody else left in tvb. not a fan of any of these except Alice Chan.

  2. Louisa Mak is a surprise. Shouldn’t she be in a new category like breakout star of tomorrow? Why jinx her so soon TVB?

    Never thought natalie as best actress material. Niki Chow same.

    Why not ridicule the men’s list? Roger’s in it right? That would be his worst performance. Ever.

  3. I was watching some old TVB award ceremonies in the 90s and early 2000s… they had top 15, top 10… and all of them were deserving. Now they can’t even find enough competent actors to squeeze in the top 5 slot. I miss the old TVB.

    1. @iciel The nominations this year are a joke….but then again, it’s been that way for awhile already so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. The TV Queen category especially has been weak for years…for me, the last deserving winner was Sheren Tang back in 2009 and 2010….it went downhill after that with barely any decent nominees, let alone actual winners.

    2. @iciel more competition, ease of piracy access, and bad old school cheap management. Everywhere Else improve while tvb decline.big china collab budgets, but very terrible rehash safe script. Tvb award is always a biological game and joke. Even the actors know its unfair, but just play along chessily to please the naive viewers. I don’t think winning award grant huge outside DVD gig beside a few event and commercial for a few months. Some actors and actresses are handsome and former pageant top 10 end up wasting their lives waiting on set everyday to speak a few lines and get typecast as prosititute or gambling drug addict woman abusing jerk. It’s a cruel dream. Not everyone can earn favor in the first year or have a rich family to let them live in mansions instead of crappy 300 square feet apartments . Some of them are in it for girls, but same could be said for girls joining in consent hoping to marry some rich old or young guy to support their family or materialism. It’s easier to get bigger roles nowadays that everyone is leaving, so there’s more space and spots to take. Back then s4 and a few other siusang fadan occupy the leading spot meanwhile the current leads are stuck at second tier. Tvb are very fixated in typecast, clique, and class styles that is ridiculous. Once a kelefe, you’ll always be in audience mind because of the roles they typecast you in. Some need to take side jobs and invest in stocks to survive.

  4. The top 3 best actress will be

    Alice Chan
    Mandy Wong
    Ali Lee

    Mandy will win.

    And If they choose someone else instead of one of them.

    Then This whole ceremony award is a big laugh

  5. Niki and Natalie are just pretty faces. Louisa is not a good actor nor a pretty face… so, I’m not quite sure what TVB is trying to do here.
    Ali has improved a lot. Alice has always been a steady actress, she is good. Mandy has improved tremendously!

  6. Niki WAS a disappointment in . Her character made no sense, little progress and her idealistic views are not true to the world. It’s a little ridiculous how the the drama itself was pretty horrible. The finances were messed up, the actresses were not in professional gear even though the setting of the drama was in the extremely formal finance world. I get it, it’s a DRAMA- make believe, but Niki’s stoic acting also made it unbelievable

    Louisa’s character was meant to be friendly, smart, but also someone who stood her ground. Louisa made the character awkward and childish. Her character clearly understood that Woody and Lai Solicitors needed a huge wake up call and that’s why she laid out the ground work for change when she returned. But Louisa always made it seem like she was sheepishly-almost gratefully-returning instead of returning in confident, but considerate sail. Maybe Grace Chan would have done a better job? But the person who brings back the most believable lawyer impersonation with similar characteristics is Tavia in Friendly Fire.

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