Wu Chun Admits to Marriage and Fatherhood

In a shocking announcement made today, Wu Chun (吳尊) finally admits to being married and blissfully confesses his status as a proud father. He met his wife when he was 16 years old and they have been together for 18 years, supporting each other during life’s roughest moments.

After his debut in 2005 as a member of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit (飛輪海), Wu Chun quickly gained a massive following for his boyish good looks and fit physique. Despite high media exposure, Wu Chun managed to keep much of his life private, saying little about his relationship status other than the fact that he had experienced his first love during his teenage years.

Married to Teenage Sweetheart

Determined to break the mystery, the media traced Wu Chun’s career back to his native Brunei. There they discovered what was considered an open secret. In 2011, Taiwanese media published reports alleging that Wu Chun already filed for marriage in 2009, and that his wife had given birth to a daughter two years later. At that time, Wu Chun firmly denied the rumors. When reporters presented photo evidence at the time, Wu Chun’s manager stated that the woman was Wu Chun’s sister-in-law, and the child belonged to his elder sister.

Spending the past two years back home in Brunei, Wu Chun spent his free time writing a book, Ignite Courage <決定勇敢>, about his life and business ventures. On the eve of its release, Wu Chun decided to make his big confession via his official fan site. He began with his view on romance, speaking freely about his stubborn dedication to love. “No matter how others try to interfere, or how life differs, my persistence towards that love never changes. Once I’ve set my sights on it, I will chase after it till the end. I am working hard for love, for our future.”

The love that Wu Chun has been fighting hard to protect will certainly be cherished forever. “That’s right. I am now playing a role that cannot be bought with money — a blissful super dad!” Wu Chun added that it has been difficult for him to conceal this fact, saying that he is someone who wants to spread happiness, and that becoming a father was a great thing that had changed his life.

He then spoke further about his wife, revealing that she is his first love, Lin Li Ying (林麗瑩). “She has been by my side since I was 16, it has been more than 18 years. She is also my first love. Throughout the years, she helped me pull through all the ups and downs of life. From the time I studied abroad in Australia, to the time my mother passed away, through my best friend’s death, and managing my business in Brunei. All the way until now. She has always been there to give support and encouragement.”

Marriage Was an Open Secret

Wu Chun shared that he had introduced Li Ying to others when he first entered the entertainment industry. After he exploded in popularity, Li Ying requested to stay in the shadows, away from media gossips. Wu Chun said, ” I understand and I respect this decision. Because of her complete support, I was able to bravely face the challenges in my life and career. She always reminds me that I am a very lucky person because I have so many supportive and loving fans throughout the years. ‘Today’s Wu Chun would not exist if it wasn’t because of them’ — that is something she had said countless times.”

Lin Li Ying’s Background

Although information is sparse, the press discovered that Li Ying’s family is rather well-known in Brunei. Her father is the appointed masseur and nutritionist for the fourth brother of Brunei’s current Sultan. Also, while Wu Chun did not speak about his daughter in detail, some estimated that the girl is around two and a half years old as Wu Chun had remained in Brunei during that time.

To wrap up his blog post, Wu Chun apologized to his fans for the sudden revelation, and thanked them for their support. At this content stage of his life, Wu Chun concludes that to live and to love simply is the greatest achievement of all. Thanking his parents, he reflects, “Here, I want to thank my parents for their love and support. They are always encouraging us, becoming my most powerful backing. This unconditional love allows me to realize that, being able to maintain a simple life and love is truly the utmost bliss.”

Video News Coverage

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Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Ella’s fans in Weibo are in rage because her name is being dragged again to Chun due to book publicity purposes. Seriously, he needs to leave her alone. And oh, he should really watch himself really closely otherwise media might leak out about him being unfaithful in case.

    Also, I understood now why he had to leave FRH so suddenly. If the word “idol” is still tied to him, I bet this could be one huge scandal.

    We’re one of the delusional CE fans yet on the other hand, after all the research my friends did, we had a hunch that he’s actually married. We didn’t expect him to blow the bomb suddenly. Too bad my friend paid for the book already although I lost my interest about it.

    What Chun is actually doing right now is making it a win-win situation for himself. Of course, he kept on saying that “oh I won’t stay in E-circle for that long” but why isn’t he leaving yet? It has something to do with his gym business.

    My friend said no any rich handsome man would want to enter into showbiz (unless others did that too). He badly needs that publicity.

    I honestly think that he has his own timing. Adding to that, my friend told me that he really planned everything he had to say in due time in showbiz, and also with what he did. Who knows he could have researched other artists as well with regards to hiding their marriage secrets.

    1. Too bad for us in the Philippines the open secret didn’t reached to us fully. We had a glimpse of it starting late last year. Even though we were delusional in the past, we were able to tie the pieces of the puzzle together.

      1. I didn’t know there were other fans from the Philippines on this site. Hello! =)

    2. hmm make sense..and i’m really surprised!after his confession about his status, a lot of information and the fact that I have not known before, in the end appears..so slowly, begin to understand the exactly who he is..thanks to “his bomb” and ppl who carrying out so many informations.

      1. Exactly! That’s what happened to our minds yesterday. So many realizations. 🙂

    3. How was ella dragged again? What did ella’s fan ps say? Oh btw I’m also frin the philippines. I belive that Chun had been unfaithful to his wife because of some proofs of Ella and him dating but for god’s sake Ella’s married now leave her alone!! Ugh idk why Wu Chun deceived his supporters… Ugh

      1. A fan of Ella told me about it maybe because articles came out again. She has access to Weibo that’s why she found out about the rage.

        Yes, I agree with you. A CE fan said, “We exist as proofs of Chun’s unfaithfulness to his wife.” :))

    4. “I honestly think that he has his own timing. Adding to that, my friend told me that he really planned everything he had to say in due time in showbiz, and also with what he did.”

      Haha, I know this is not meant to be a positive comment. But, this statement makes me admire the man more for his planning. It takes intelligence and far-sightedness to do that. No wonder his business is successful.

      Note: I’m not a blind Wu Chun fan making excuses for him. I’m more of a fan of his ex-bandmate Calvin Chen.

  2. I FEEL BAD FOR HER DAUGHTER 🙁 poor baby being kept as a secret to the public.. How would your daughter feel when she knew about this in the near future?!?! Her own PAPA was denying his own daughter’s existence.

    Wu Chun is a liar…he didn’t even stay faithful and loyal to her wife lol. Ella and him actually dated and Ella was heartbroken when she found out that she was a third party. Come on Wu Chun

    1. Did they really dated or some publicity stunt or she assumed he was available and had a huge crush on him?

      1. I know right, ELLA? Awww, well we don’t really know his taste since we didn’t really see a pic of his wife.
        I am assuming Ella has a crush on most cute guys but wasnt really reciprocated….lol…

      2. They could have been dated but not for a long time. Let’s just say he took advantage of Ella because of the rumors. Remember what Felicity said? Anyway, yeah I feel so sorry for her daughter too. Because what if she finds out that her dad has been hiding her all along….good thing he spoke up though. Hahaha too much injustice to everyone involved.

    2. “How would your daughter feel when she knew about this in the near future?!?! Her own PAPA was denying his own daughter’s existence. “

      By that time she will also know that her PAPA is a celebrity and why her PAPA hid her.

      It depends on how Wu Chun handles it. If outside he denied his marriage and fatherhood, but, when he’s with his daughter, he’s giving her lots of love and care, the girl will know that her Papa loves her.

      Seeing that Wu Chun quit FRH to spend more time in Brunei, it meant that he’s not an absentee father.

      1. And Wu Chun already came clean with it and acknowledged her existence before she’s old enough to understand what happen. So, it impact won’t be big.

      2. Good for her the dad acknowledged it. And of course, he can’t hide her forever because of sneaky media people. 🙂

    3. good job wu chun! pretty smart guy like Kidd said.. sorry for keep bashing you LOL

    1. Is that really his daughter? Cute, but what a waste she didn’t have daddy’s eyes…

      1. Sorry, that is not his child. Funny is that people are trying to find what is his daughter look like =)))

      2. I can only say for myself. I’m truly curious what his daughter looks like (just like I’d be curious whether my child would look like me, my partner or his/her grandparents).
        But there are psychos out there who’d like to know for other reasons unknown to us.
        P/s Too much of watching Criminal Minds puts one in a state of paranoia 🙂

  3. “Wu Chun also took the opportunity to dispel rumors linking him to former co-stars Angela Chang (張韶涵) and Ella Chen (陳嘉樺), saying that they are only colleagues and that he had never spent time with either alone.” Is he lying or what 🙁 he spent time with Ella alone…that’s for sure.

    1. after he lied something big like that,,i even don’t want to and can’t believe whatever he says and really high probability that ella and chun were dating..lying and cheating LOL
      i can’t wait for another surprise to come

      1. exactly…Ella was even nice to him and sent him a bouquet of red flowers for being a ‘brave father’ hmmm wonder what’s the truth behind them before but for sure Ella had moved on 🙂

  4. His wife looks like Ella I swear and she has some tomboy-ish features too

    1. yeah they’re quite similiar 🙂
      fortunately, ella’ve found the right guy
      I can’t imagine if wu chun ella hold together till this day..
      could be wu chun will deny and hid her and their kids

      1. This is going to be too complicated in this case. Ella may be vindicated or bashed so much. She is well-off marrying someone not from showbiz.

  5. So CHUN said that Ella was just his “colleague” in an interview…so that means they are not friends in real life? Just workers? That’s just not true..I think. I was also shocked that FLH didn’t know anything about this from the start. I thought they were brothers but I think Wu Chun also considered them as colleagues…oh this man.

    1. It is sad that we all assume that they are all close brothers,friends,etc… but in the end, they seem to be at most colleagues which I find sad. Hey, that shows that just because they act like they are close does not mean that they truly are. I always hear stories of them competing with each other, not getting along, pretending to be close,etc… Now you really wonder how true it all is??? It also shows what great actors they are. I just find it so sad that all of the hopes that fans and the public have towards them seem to all be shattered… That truly shows that celebs can just show one image in front of you, but are totally different behind the scenes.

      1. absolutely right!
        i saw his most updated facebook which running by his fans..because of many articles wrote about his marriage, more ppl like him..i don’t understand, how can his fans still loving an actor told lies..

        If I were him, I would disappear and life without media exposure, because of feeling embarrassed already lied to the world .. and not going to write a book about courage(?). he was supposed to write about how to be ‘great actor’ LOL

  6. What’s wrong if an actor admits to the public that he has a wife and daughter…? There’s nothing really bad about it some actors have kids but their entertainment business is still okay. I really don’t get why he kept it secret

    1. i think so..it shouldn’t be a problem, many actors in my country and others also admitted they married. They even preferred because of their truly personality, not a matter of physical and status.
      maybe people looking for an idol figure that could be a role model. And I think at first wu chun has it all.
      Wu chun totally wrong took steps ..fans were like him because besides handsome man but also a good personality.
      now he’s causing quite a lot of people lost respect.

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