Wu Chun Celebrates 32nd Birthday With “Valiant Legend” Cast

October 10th was Wu Chun’s (吴尊) 32nd birthday. Wu Chun was currently filming Ronny Yu’s (于仁泰) new movie, Valiant Legend <忠烈杨家将> in the outskirts of Beijing. Since his presence was required in many scenes, Wu Chun was unable to take time off to celebrate his birthday with his family and remained in the Beijing area to work instead.

On Wu Chun’s birthday, he filmed scenes where the Yang family of warriors were besieged by their enemies. On the set were Adam Cheung (郑少秋), who played the Yang patriarch, Ekin Cheng (郑伊健) as the elder Yang son, Yu Bo (于波) as the second son, Vic Zhou (周渝民) as the third son, Liny Li (李晨) as the fourth son, Raymond Lam (林峰) as the fifth son, and Fu Xinbo (付辛博) as the seventh son. 

The cast and crew of Valiant Legend planned a surprise party for Wu Chun and everyone was forbidden to wish him a happy birthday earlier in the day. A birthday cake was ordered in advance and the crew hoped to give Wu Chun a memorable birthday. The day’s filming took place at a remote desert location, which required several hours back and forth driving from the center of Beijing. In early dawn, a crew member picked up the birthday cake to deliver to the filming location by noon time for the celebration.

The plans for the surprise birthday celebration were implmented very successfully. Prior to lunch time, Wu Chun stayed on the set to film a close-up shot. Contrary to their normal routine, Adam Cheng and the other six “Yang sons”  abruptly left to go eat lunch without Wu Chun, who was left alone with crew members. In fact, everyone waited by the studio door for Wu Chun to finish filming so they can surprise him with the birthday cake. When Wu Chun saw Adam Cheng and his other “brothers” gathered together singing a happy birthday song, he was surprised and very moved.

Wu Chun said happily, “My past birthdays were normally celebrated with my father at home. This year, I had to stay in Beijing to fim as recent scenes required the presence of all the cast members; I cannot have everyone wait for me to come back. Although my birthday was spent in the studio, I never expected everyone to celebrate with me. When I saw my father and brothers from the movie singing a birthday song, that moment felt really warm and touching!  It was the first time I celebrated my birthday with so many brothers and crew members. Fortunately the size of the birthday cake was large enough to share with everyone!”

Normally loving to play the most, Ekin Cheng and Raymond Lam said, “Since we have filmed together for more than a month, we got along like real brothers. It was very difficult to hold back and not wish Wu Chun a happy birthday earlier in the morning. When it was lunch time, we had to pretend to leave without him. Normally, we would always eat lunch with him.  When we saw Wu Chun’s expression upon holding the birthday cake, we knew that our plan was a big success!”

Source: Sohu.com

Jayne: The hunky Yang men are hard to resist. Sounds like Valiant Legend may be centered around Wu Chun’s character, who will play the sixth son?

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  1. I think its Eng name is determinate as Saving General Yang. From the name, the content is about how the sons save the father.

  2. i love the yang saga but way too many movies, series have been made already. can’t they make something original?

    1. I agree but I think they are running low on ideas so they have to do this.

    2. 3 series about the sons and no movie. There is a movie but it’s for the Yang woman. Still nothing compare to the female queen :p.

      But it is a nice question. Still has a lot of history sory to invest, wonder why they only want to focus on the too famous ones.

      1. Yea, there are still many other good stories and novels that have not been adapted yet, but they still keep on remaking the same old stories over and over again..

      2. Curious mode: hts, which are the novels you think is the best?

      3. @Fox,
        You are just asking what I think right?? I like most of JY’s novels besides a few of them. I like Xiao Li Fei Dao, Chu Liu Xiang(Some of the books but not all),Lu Xiao Feng(some not all of the books),and some others by Gu Long.
        I also like Feng Shen Bang, Hong Lau Meng and Zai Sheng Yuan. Those are really nice stories… Those are ones that my mom likes as well and I am influenced by her.

      4. But these novels are all adapted in TV more than one time. I meant the novels you mentioned as good and have not been adapted yet :).

        Lol, your reading fave is quite range. Feng Shen Bang, Hong Lau Meng and Zai Sheng Yuan are older writing type. Gu Long’s are another type of wuxia novels and Jin Yong’s are different. But I find Jin Yong’s some novels, the ones he wrote in the beginning of his career, are boring. Same to Gu Long.

        Maybe you will like Wen Rui An’s as WRA and Gu Long have similar writing type, but Gu Long’s chac are deeper than WRA.

        Why don’t try newer novels? My suggestion: Read Cang Hai by Feng Ge, it’s good. Or Sheung Yuet’s novels are beautiful, if you like something can take your tears (although I found her novels are too…uhm… similar). Actally all 5 new wuxia authours have some good ones to read. Other than them, Ming Xiaoxi’s novel are same same in all, but can read if you like the teen story.

      5. Well I actually become interested in reading those novels in the first place because they were adapted.The TV adaptions were what motivated me to read them in the first place. I don’t think I have read anything that has not been adapted yet. Also, I was influenced by my mom who was an avid reader as well. She would tell me which ones that she thought were good and I would read them to see for myself.

        Yea, I do have a wide range of reading. I also love Journey to the West, The Story of the Water Margin and other stories. I had to read a number of those for school back then as well.

      6. Still old novels :P. To expand your reading range, read more newer ones :). I finished the ones you mention during my primary and second school time so you know how old they were. The new ones are quite good, that’s why if they can make series based on it, would be nice. However, ppl often read the famous ones more, that’s why the producers recycled the old famous stories time after time. I can understand for them and put hope in the future.

        Because you mentioned of “there are still many other good stories and novels that have not been adapted yet” so I ask for which novels you think good and not being adapted.

  3. Can’t wait to watch this drama or movie. Lots of good looking men in it…that already got all the girls attention I bet!

    1. Guys just look much more handsome and appealing in pre-Qing Dynasty garments.
      But Manchu clothes and pigtails can make the most handsome hunk look goofy.

  4. Jayne, The director said that this movie will be more focus on family love, brothers love, will not like the original story, so I believe will not focus on 6th brother. He also said 7 brothers have equal screen time, but Ekin’s character will be the heart of the movie.

    1. I find that hard to do in a movie since even the TV series did not have equal screen time for all 7 brothers.

      1. Just focus on one matter that can gather all of them and not the whole story and they can do it since everyone will be there for this matter, no exception. Then film each one’ s rndimg and yeah, they have equal time. Movie is short so it’s eadier to do such thing

      2. OH yea, I was thinking about screentime for each of them which of course is not possible. But if it were for all of them together then that is possible…

    2. Anya,
      Thanks for the additional details of “Valiant Legend”! Ekin looks very tanned in the above photo. I look forward to the themes of filial piety and brotherly love.

  5. Personal opinion: I think Wu Chun is the best looker of the lot!

    I started watching BuBuJingXin last night. Only till episodes 6 or 7. I like 14th prince the best. He’s a China actor.

    The actresses playing Ruoxin and Ruolan, both are very pretty. Are they famous now in China?

    1. @Canto,
      I think so too. Wu Chun is known for being good looking, but I think his looks are not the best that I have seen. But yea out of them, he is one of the best looking.
      I hope you are enjoying BBJX. Yea, I know that he is a China actor. I have seen him before but in more minor roles.
      I don’t know the actresses that play Ruoxin and Ruolan so I guess they are not that famous or popular yet. Plus, there are way too many celebs in China that it is hard to stand out.

      1. @ HeTieShou

        I was neutral towards Kelvin before but he was manly and charismatic “jun zi” in BBJX beginning part now.
        His eyes and smile and frame is charming.

        And of course 4th prince. Nicky Wu.

        But I agree with Funn. Ruoxi seems to flirt too much with the princes. I think she led 10th prince on by being overly friendly with him. And I don’t think she should treat 13th prince as her drinking bosom buddy too.

      2. @Canto,
        I have always like Kevin so this time is no exception. I still think he was a great Jiang Yu Lan in Jue Da Shuang Jiao even though I hated that series. I think he is a great fit for Ba Ah Ge. He sort of looks like this one actor that played him in the past. Too bad that character is sort of bad and has a bad ending in history.
        Nicky is also a good choice for Si ah Ge. I agree that Ruoxi flirts a bit too much with them which I don’t think is always appropriate. I don’t think that she meant to lead the 10th prince on. I guess that is just her personality. I think it is the 10th prince that misunderstood her. I also agree that her drinking with the 13th prince(played by Yuan Hong one of my favorites from China) is not the best thing either…

      3. @Canto,
        You said RuoXin instead of RuoXi so I thought you were referring to someone else. If it is RuoXi, then that is Cecilia Liu Shi Shi and yes she is popular in China. I have seen her quite a few times already. She was in Chinese Paladin 3, LOCH 2008, Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang, and others… She is one of my favorites from China.

    2. Ruolan is played by Annie Liu. Her first foray into acting is in the HK movie ‘Ah Sou’ as the lead actress. I remember the producer said she was a friend’s relative and they cast her because they need a actress who give a fresh feeling.

      I don’t know where she is based now. She has filmed in 3 shores, HK, Taiwan and Mainland China. From her wiki entry, Bu Bu Jing Xin seems to be her first Mainland series.

      Ruoxi is played by Liu Shi Shi. I first saw her Chilam’s version of Lu Xiao Feng. She became popular through acting in the Chinese Paladin series. Of course, BBJX brought her fame and popularity to new heights.

  6. Oh yea, I am so happy to see Yu Bo too. He is one of my favorites from China. Haven’t seen him in a series in a long time so am really glad to see him in this movie.

  7. ” The hunky Yang men are hard to resist. Sounds like Valiant Legend may be centered around Wu Chun’s character”

    In the news that report Louis Koo’s injury, I remember Raymond Wong said the first son is the central character.

      1. actually, the director/Ronny Yu said he wanted Ekin for that role in the first place because he like Ekin as a leader in “Young and dangerous”, but when he talk about this to Raymond Won, Raymond said he already signed the contract to Louis Koo… And Raymond is the boss so Ronny couldn’t do anything about it… however,just a few days before shooting , Louis had to leave the project, so Ronny đin’t think twice to ask Ekin to play the role, he said it’s fate that the role belong to Ekin…

  8. wun jun is nice looking. lol.

    yep that’ll sell the series for sure – for the ladies.

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