Wu Chun Responds to Rumors of Aaron Yan Crushing on Jiro Wang

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Wu Chun Responds to Rumors of Aaron Yan Crushing on Jiro Wang

Busy with filming in Mainland China in recent years, Wu Chun (吳尊) recently visited Taiwan to attend an event. A previous member of Taiwan’s hottest boy band Fahrenheit (飛輪海) and currently a popular star in China, his presence attracted a large crowd of fans. Wu Chun was also asked questions regarding Aaron Yan‘s (炎亞綸) cheating scandal and rumors of him crushing on fellow Fahrenheit member, Jiro Wang (汪東城), for six years.

Apparently, it was rumored that Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) wrote his song, “Wasteful” <浪費> in dedication to Aaron’s unrequited love story towards Jiro. Hearing this, Wu Chun slightly widened his eyes and smiled, “No way, everyone is just overthinking it. Yoga will definitely say no if you ask him if he actually wrote about them.”

Used to hearing such absurd rumors, Wu Chun used himself as an example by saying, “Honestly, whenever I see this kind of news, I just think that it’s better to listen directly to the person, because anyone can rewrite this news to their own version. Our members will never ask each other about any gossips. Like my wife and I, they didn’t ask me, ‘Hey, Wu Chun, do you have a wife and a kid?’. All of us would just focus on making sure that we are doing well in our jobs.”

When asked if he kept in contact with Aaron, especially during the time of his scandal, Wu Chun said, “Yeah, I messaged him and he’s okay. He’s still releasing albums and focusing on work, so that’s good. I think it’s just the best for him to focus on doing well in work.” Asked if he’ll meet up with Aaron in Taiwan, he said they didn’t get to meet because Aaron currently isn’t in Taipei, but he did see ex-Fahrenheit member, Calvin Chen (辰亦儒).

As fans have been seeing more interactions between past Fahrenheit members in events and social media lately, many are also curious if they’ll reunite someday. Wu Chun didn’t deny the possibility and said, “I think there’s a possibility. Our relationship with each other is getting better and better, so it might happen one day.”

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Wu Chun Responds to Rumors of Aaron Yan Crushing on Jiro Wang

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