Xiao Zhan’s “The Longest Promise” Releases Teaser Trailer

Starring Xiao Zhan (肖战) and Ren Min (任敏), Chinese historical fantasy romance The Longest Promise <玉骨遥> is one of the most anticipated dramas. With the official trailer released on Tencent, many fans can not be more pumped to finally get a sneak peek at the drama and its visuals.

Previously known as Jade Bone Ballad, The Longest Promise is adapted from popular novel Mirror: Zhu Yan <朱颜>, a prequel to Mirror: Twin Cities <镜·双城>. In a master-disciple relationship, royal prince Shi Ying (Xiao Zhan) and princess of the Chi tribe Zhu Yan (Ren Min) struggle over hiding their true feelings for each other while standing on opposite political grounds. Such star-crossed lovers trope suggests inevitable pain and angst as they repress their growing feelings amid conflicting loyalties….

Within one day of its release, the teaser trailer for The Longest Promise already reached over 10 million views. Excitedly devouring the trailer, many are fawning over Xiao Zhan’s suitability with his role as he presents a gentle and fairy-like temperament. Ren Min also looks sweetly adorable with her bangs and innocent charm. The two are praised to be a stunning couple and there are high expectations for their chemistry.

While principal photography for The Longest Promise commenced on March 29, and filming is still underway for the drama in Hengdian, Xiao Zhan and Ren Min appeared together to introduce The Longest Promise at the press conference Tencent Video Line Up. Xiao Zhan particularly dominated the stage as there were never-ending squeals over his handsomeness and excitement for the new drama.

“The Longest Promise” Trailer

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I long to watch all of Xiao Zhan’s drama. Still there are many dramas that he has acted in but has not been released. I hope that they are not going to hold on this one too.

    1. @judy
      I know what you mean. I don’t understand why they are not releasing his dramas. He is so popular and well like by so many people. He is such a good, singer and a great guy. Most likely that they will do well. I hope that things will always go well for him from now on.

      1. @dramas4me If he does not have a suitable, powerful and supportive management company…his projects will be affected. I hope his projects will be released too and when his contract ends, he will move to a better Company..

      2. @hohliu When his contract ends, I am sure tons of company would like to sign him. His current company is being a fool for not appreciating him

  2. Ren Min is a very good and down to earth actress and person…I am so excited to watch this drama. I hope their chemistry will sizzle…otherwise this drama would not do so well.
    Theme is similar to Hua Qian Gu… ZLY and Wallance charcter is still fresh in many viewers mind. There will definitely be comparsion.

  3. Waited for his doctor drama for kinda long but still no where to be seen, also his military drama. Not sure was he trained professionally in acting, but he is very skilled in it. Also his singing and his voice is awesome.

    1. @hayden
      1. Yes. They are so foolish that they are not treating him nice. He is like a gold mine.
      2. I think those haters are just jealous of him or they worry for their idols. Which is terrible.
      3. From what I read before he didn’t have any acting training before “The Untamed”. He didn’t come from performance art school.

      1. @jayne I read somewhere that the korean company bought that show which I don’t know what they meant. Maybe they have the rights to whether to release or not.??

      2. @judy I came across various Chinese sources that claim “The Oath of Love” will release at the end of June. The drama was supposed to be released in summer 2020, but it was pulled back because of the AO3 controversy. After “Douluo Continent” was such a ratings winner, Xiao Zhan has been dominating popularity polls again. It would make sense for Chinese streaming platforms to air “The Oath of Love” this summer, when most romance dramas tend to get higher views because students are on break.

        The drama is said to release around the same time as “You Are My Glory” on 6/27. Both dramas have a different flavor; it will be interesting to see how they perform.

        The summer will have a packed schedule with many high profile dramas to be released too, such as “Immortality” and “Being a Hero”.

  4. I enjoyed Duluo continent but this kind of star crossed love story storyline definitely not my thing so I will have to give it a miss.

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