Yan Yikuan Writes Loving Letter to Wife Before Daughter’s Birth

Mainland artistes, Yan Yikuan (严屹宽) and Sunny Du (杜若溪), welcomed the arrival of their daughter today. Yikuan shared the good news on Weibo this morning and posted a picture of the family of three inside the delivery room. However, he blocked the face of his daughter to preserve privacy. He wrote, “Eight pounds, seven ounces–fat baby girl is here! Mother and daughter are safe.”

The night before Sunny went into labor, Yikuan wrote a heartfelt letter expressing his love and gratitude for his wife. Sharing this letter openly with fans, Yikuan wanted others to understand the journey the couple made after Sunny became pregnant, as well as the sacrifices a mother makes.

The Grief of Two Miscarriages

Yikuan revealed the grief the couple faced when Sunny had two miscarriages in their four-year marriage. “I don’t know whether the right moment hasn’t arrived or we were unlucky; your previous pregnancies didn’t work out. Our happiness on both occasions turned to grief. We didn’t have confidence [that we’ll be able to have a baby together]; we’ll accept it as it. We looked at each other with tears in our eyes.”

After Sunny finally got pregnant again, she decided to turn down all work offers to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Completing his filming project in January, Yikuan decided he will also take a break to ensure he can spend every moment with Sunny. “I said to you: This time, I won’t allow you to face it by yourself. Pregnancy isn’t only a woman’s concern. I decided I won’t film any dramas [for now] so we can both experience pregnancy together.”

A Husband’s Love

In Sunny’s sixth month of pregnancy, she started gaining weight rapidly and the doctor urged her to exercise daily. Yikuan wrote, “We had a plan to walk 10,000 steps. This was also our happiest time together. We walked in many parks, big and small. We went to many places we didn’t care about before.

“The longest time we walked together was three hours. We supported each other, leaving behind beautiful memories with each step and the photos we took. We truly were very happy. When we were tired, we’ll rest in a garden. When we were hungry, we’ll eat food from a highly rated shop. This type of lifestyle slowly made me forget about the spotlight in the entertainment industry. Real happiness doesn’t require lavish packaging.”

Although Sunny gained weight and her complexion worsened during pregnancy, Yikuan said, “No matter how you become, you’ll always be the most beautiful in my heart. Please don’t worry.”

At 37 weeks, it was time for Sunny to undergo Cesarean section to deliver their daughter, otherwise the baby would gain too much weight. Wishing for a safe delivery, Yikuan wrote, “I’ve written this much, but nothing can compare to your goodness. You have to be brave; I’ll be inside the delivery room with you and we’ll face the difficulties together.

Yikuan wished all couples cherish their love, and maintain a clear heart similar to the first time they met. “In the long path of life, what can be more meaningful than slowly growing old together?”

Filled with sincerity, Yikuan’s letter to his wife moved many fans. They commented, “There’s so much love! I cried after reading the letter. Wish you both happiness forever!”

Sources: Weibo

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Awww so sweet. The difficult journey appears to make them appreciate each other more. All the best to his family.

  2. What a heartfelt letter and lucky wife! I think it’s so sweet when expectant dads choose to be more involved with their wife’s pregnancy. Doesn’t seem too common.

    But 2 miscarriages… must have been an incredibly trying period for them.

    Glad that the delivery went well and both mommy and baby are healthy!

  3. I am so happy for this sweet couple. I wonder if Sunny Du knows how loved and blessed she is…..
    That letter will touch anyone’s heart, whether you are male or female. You actually felt their pain, then their joy and love while reading Yikuan’s touching letter. So heartbreaking they had two miscarriages. Words cannot describe the pain a couple go through when they experience a miscarriage. Finally they have a fat baby. I am happy for Sunny and Yan Yikuan. I paray for happiness, love and health for them and their daughter. What a loving gem of a husband.

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  4. The journey of pregnancy is very magical! His love for his wife, his child, his family means more than fame to him, it is nice they found each other. She is lucky to have him and he much also be lucky to have her, she must be an amazing partner as well!

    1. @shishi “The journey of pregnancy is very magical! His love for his wife, his child, his family means more than fame to him, it is nice they found each other.”

      I was very moved by Yan Yikuan’s love letter to his wife. Not many actors will put aside work for half a year, so he can experience pregnancy together with Sunny. He seems to be a very emotive and appreciative person. Hope to hear more about their love journey as they experience parenthood.

      1. @jayne Indeed Jayne. I have always admired Yan YiKuan as an actor, he has always stayed out of scandal (that I know of anyway) and seems to be a very genuine person. It always good to hear positive news from celebs couple.

  5. 2 miscarriages are really heart-breaking.
    congrats on having a healthy baby girl.

  6. I love this! Especially, “pregnancy isn’t only a woman’s concern”! I think more fathers need to be involved in the pregnancy and child rearing process. I know too many men who think being present is the same thing as being engaged, it’s not. I love this guy so much!

    1. @iampheng well said. It is great when when fathers get involved in a pregnancy as the father helped to create that baby. The mother is the one who has the burden of swollen ankles, morning sickness, bloating from extra weight mood swings, and exposing herself to a lot of health risks during pregnancy. Some women even go through a life or death toss up during very high risk pregnancies. Yes, I agree with you when you said pregnancy isn’t only a woman’s concern. Yan Yukuan is a gem of a man and husband.

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