Yang Mi Criticized for Livestream Behavior

(Above) Screengrabs and videos compiled by netizens were shared on the internet and popular apps such as Xiaohongshu. 

Well-known as the “Queen of driving sales”, popular Chinese star Yang Mi (楊冪) was recently criticized for her diva-like and unprofessional behaviors during a recent livestream!

Uncooperative on Livestream
Maintaining high popularity for over a decade, the actress is known one of China’s most bankable stars, and triggered apparel trends simply with what she was spotted wearing. However, the 36-year-old was recently criticized for unwieldy livestream behaviors – as footage of a boxing day livestream on December 26 suddenly trended around January 6. In it, Yang Mi asked the host to remove her screengrabs before showing netizens the footage, with her unhappiness and impatience evident throughout. When the host tried to get her to model a hair accessory later, Yang Mi expressed her displeasure, “Don’t try to control my life, can’t I do it myself”.

When asked about her wishes for the new year, the actress then read out all the prompts provided to her, before making an unexpected rebuttal that it was not at all what she wanted to say, causing the mood to turn awkward.

Reposts an Appreciative Message
On January 8, Yang Mi reposted an old Weibo post from December 31 which she captioned “Happy New Year, sending early Chinese New Year greetings to everyone”. Seen as her response to the livestream-related backlash, the old post itself was an expression of gratitude for everyone whom she met, and all she’s experienced in the past year, which she is “sincerely grateful for”. Calling her encounters in life “more precious than any other riches”, she also mentioned that she would “take it all in”, whether good or bad and “await her chance to start again”.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. I would love to watch that video!! Anyone has a link? I love to see this side of her… Must be interesting to see bits of the real her..
    Live streaming selling is not for everyone… some do well, some finds it awkward…
    To be honest, I doubt it will dent her popularity… her status amongst her fans is solid.

    1. i watched it. it’s on youtube. right from the start, you can tell she was not happy and didn’t want to be there.

      1. Live streaming is definitely not for everyone… Maybe Yangmi had a bad day. I will look for video on YT… It is rare to see YM uncomfortable in public… She rare shows her emotions in public…always conducts herself very well… I would love to watch moments she relax and let go abit. I still remember how she cleverly deals with Zheng Shuang in a variety program as Zheng Shuang went slightly out of line.. Yangmi is like the Da Jie (Big sister) in the industry.. She is well known to take care of those that matters to her.

    2. It entertains me so much the people who always talk nicely about ZLY are always the one cannot wait to see YM fall. By this time everyone already knows YM has no control over the media while ZLY has full control of it. Funny thing is it’s already so many years, this type of low tactic doesn’t bring down YM. Why not try something new? She is already glue to a diva personality, and it doesn’t affect her at all. There are as many as dozens of fake things like this written about Yang Mi PER DAY. For over a decade and a half! Funny how ZLY publishes dozens of fake nice things about herself all these years, but she never manages to surpass YM although all her news always say she is better. She often compares herself to Sun Li and say she will surpass Sun Li every year but never did. Last time, YM was being called a diva for ignoring the country bumpkin ZLY, when the truth is ZLY never greeted YM in the first place, but she still sent her team to edit video clips and published tons of fake stuff, then also hired tons of fake fans to comment rude things. This time, isn’t just the same loser playing her old tactics again? About time to try something new. Someone cannot handle a single honest truth about herself, while someone else can handle fake malicious things about her this long. Shows a lot who’s real and fake.


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