Yang Yang Denies Sleeping With His Fan

A comic strip posted on Weibo went viral for claiming that a popular Chinese star had an intimate relationship with one of his fans. Although the identity of the artiste was not revealed, You Are My Glory <你是我的荣耀> actor, Yang Yang (楊洋), was dragged into the rumor mill for matching the description of the character in the comic.

A gossip columnist by the name of “A Girl Who Eats Melon Zhang Xiaohan” (吃瓜少女张小寒) published a comic strip, after receiving a tip from a netizen claiming to have dated a popular star.

The netizen revealed they began their relationship after the celebrity ended his relationship with another rich actress.  He and ex-girlfriend had travelled to Dubai together, but he was frustrated that his ex-girlfriend posted their pictures online and exposed their relationship.

Hoping to date outside the entertainment circle, the celebrity grew close to one of his fans and they started dating. At the start of the relationship, the fan gifted him many expensive gifts and in return, he impressed the fan by playing her favorite song on the piano at his birthday fan meet.

The two had an intimate relationship, and their WeChat conversation revealed that he asked the fan to take birth control pills whenever they had sex. Their two-year relationship continued until the star suddenly stopped responding and disappeared in July 2021.

Is Yang Yang the Male Celebrity in Question?

Many netizens speculate that Yang Yang is the male celebrity, as he was linked with rich starlet Bridgette Qiao Xin (喬欣). He had also travelled to Dubai in 2019.

However, some netizens disputed the credibility of the comic by insisting that Yang Yang played the piano at his birthday fan meet in 2018, which was before he started the rumored relationship with the fan.

Yang Yang’s management agency quickly responded to the rumor, “Just got off the plane, and I read the unfounded Internet rumors. They used an ‘anonymous’ source to write nonsense. We have enlisted a lawyer to collect evidence. Yang Mao [Yang Yang’s fan club] and the audience can sit tight and watch the show unfold.”

Source: World Journal

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Even if this was done in secret, looks like whoever this celeb may be, it does sound like a normal relationship to me… Both are willing parties… and two years is not a case of sleeping and dumping after a one night stand. Sounds like this relationship has run its course.

    As for her being ghosted..that is between them. I do hope the celeb did break down properly… and she need to let the past go and move on… It does not sound like her ex-BF treated her badly. And she was a willing party in this relationship.

    I would not jump to any conclusion. As for Yang Yang, he is always so private about his personal life. And he never acknowledge any dating rumours, well some would say he is gutless, some can just say he is just not ready.

    I suspect someone is throwing Yang Yang under the bus to divert public from Kris Wu and his Gang’s activities. I bet we will read more surprising new coming weeks…

    1. Like I said, your comments are sensible and on point. This does not sound likd a case of an underaged, drugged out rape victim. This is a grown young woman in a consensual relagionship sith a man and like you said, the relationship ran its course. If it was indeed Yang Yang involved, we all know thst he values his pfivacy and I must admit, I eould be disaopointed in rhe young lady cause she should be well aware, after two years of dating that YY is an uber private individual. It looks like zhe wants her fifteen minutes of fame, or she was instructed to make this public to divert attention from the Kris Wu situation.
      I see no wrongdoing on YY’s part if he is the lover involved. However, if he is the celebrity the fan is referring to, it will be so wrong and unjustified for his people to take legal actjon, or try to make the young woman look like a liar. That would be the part I have a problem with.
      Again, very well stressed points.

      1. So many mistakes because I typed so fast and posted without doing a spell check. No edit button, no delete button lol.

      2. Yes, at this point we don’t know if the relationship actually exists or it’s only baseless smear. If they did have a relationship then his team’s statement on suing seems more like an attempt to keep his popularity.. If there wasn’t such a relationship then they have the rights to take legal action.

  2. If this is true, then he reminds me of the hk tvb actor Hugo Wong who after slept with his fan then ghosted her. Whether the woman is consensual and is an adult, no woman is able to accept any man that ghosted them after sex. Well just hope the celebrity they meant is not YY.

  3. If this is true, then he reminds me of the hk tvb actor Hugo Wong that ghosted his fan after slept with her. Whether the woman is consensual and adult, no woman can accept a man that ghosted them after slept with them, unless the guy already made it clear before that. Well for this case, just hope it’s not YY

    1. It’s 2years, it’s not a one night stand. After 2years, you have a pretty good understanding of whether a relationship works or not. We don’t know the whole story, what if he has been trying to break up and the girl just don’t get it? No matter who this celebrity is, it’s none of our business

  4. If a guy dumps a girl after a 2 yr relationship without rhyme or reason and ghosts, it’s a d!ck move. Not enough to warrant a witch-hunt and cancel a dude’s entire career, but definitely enough to impact his reputation. Only in Western countries would ppl think this is fine.

    1. This dude is so popular esp with that new Glory drama airing now so doubt these kind of little hiccups will ruin his image that much esp c/fans are insanely stubborn and trustful of their idols. I don’t think it’s shocking at all w these kind of news as look at that KW he doesn’t have the look either. I think it was known that he did date this rich actress even thou I have no idea who she is since never watched anything of her or him for that matter. lol..The Glory series 2 episodes was enough. It was also reported he had another actress ex Li Qian I think was it as his first love so this one was reported after I think so it could be a possibility. These fans are like diligent investigators when it comes to their super idols. haha lol….

      1. Li Qian? The one in Twin of Brothers? She is a great actress and super cute but older than him by 8 years. Anything is possible, but this seems unlikely.

      2. @PotatoChip – Its’ Li Qin 李沁. She’s 30. It was reported she was his first love and this rich one is after and another ex too but I forgot her name but he only admitted to these 2 I think or so I’ve heard.

      3. This is not a little hiccup. These fans are so desperate and pathetic. The government should cut back on them sfalking these celebs a long time ago. As for trying to curb the fanatics’ insane spending habits on these idols, the government officials should suggest these rabid fanatics use that money on good shrinks, cause they sure as hell need good therapists, lol.

    2. All relationships, even when it has run its course needs an exercise responsible break up…. Regardless how long it last. Otherwise it is really a Sh*t move….But what are the reasons for the relationship to run its course is the truth between the two parties involved.
      But whatever the truth is, if Yang Yang is not the celeb, he will not be affected by this at all…but if he is, then he will likely pay to keep this news from going further.. Since Yang Yang never reply to any relationship rumours…

  5. what is wrong even if it is true? both are adults and so normal for an ordinary guy to do.

    1. so if both parties are investing in a stock together and then suddenly one shareholder decided to sell all the stocks without notifying the other shareholder, is that still fine? just because it happens a lot in reality (which is really unfortunate), doesn’t mean it’s fine – it’s just common.

      1. Hardly the same. When lots of money involved, you will always think I could be super rich, blah blah. But for relationships, no matter how bitter you feel, after a while, you will make peace with it like lucky I’m not with that a$$h0l dude, etc.

        And again, we don’t know what really going on. What if she was clingy, insecure, super jealous? What if he tried to break up but she won’t take a hint?

        It’s a 2yrs relationship, it ran its course, and it’s none of our business, we don’t have the right information to judge. We don’t even know if it’s him, so why give these kind of news any attention. It’s trying to distract us from the huge melon which is KW lol

    2. True, like the saying goes…2 people need to say YES on being together but only 1 person to say yes when saying goodbye/breaking up. Cruel but true. lol

  6. A fan is a person too and a celebrity is a person too. People can date.
    Legally, nothing was violated.
    Morally, nothing was violated.
    If one party was ghosted, the party that did the ghosting is the coward.

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